How Many Chapters Per Day?

I was going to start posting 2 per day for 5 days and then had 2 days where I only post 1.  Unfortunately, I can’t keep up with that pace.  I’ve managed to hang on for a while now on very little sleep, while struggling to write 2 chapters a day, but it’s finally caught up with me lol.

Anyway, I can definitely write ‘at least’ 1 chapter a day, though I’m going to try for 2 chapters every day.  Basically, for now, I’ll just keep posting 1 chapter per day, but on the days where I can write 2 chapters, I’ll post 2.

I’m so tired, I literally just stared at my speaker for like 5 minutes, trying to think of what else to say in this post… Really not the best state of mind to try to force myself to write a chapter in, so I’m going to go to sleep now and start working on chapter 268 tomorrow.

Nope, can’t think of anything else to write, except… “Nyah~, Mikey~, my brainbox feels all tingly inside~!” Yep, I’m starting to channel my inner JJ, which is never a good sign lol.


20 thoughts on “How Many Chapters Per Day?

  1. Well, it’s like wuxia/xanxia stuff, when you’re hooked you just can’t stop reading. No matter how the story goes haywire you keep on reading because deep inside you feel you need to finish what you started. Say, coiling dragon, it’s about to end, I actually got bored after book 10, but hey I’m still reading it. Haha, but well, just keep it up go write and write, we will always read, as long as there’s no month long hiatus, lmao royalroad stories 😛

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    • Rofl, it’s because most people get discouraged from all the negativity on RoyalRoad, at least that’s how I felt. It’s hard for people to write stories for free, while most of their reviews are overly harsh and all it takes is a few bigots to drop your rating from 2nd or 3rd place, down to 7th or 10th etcetera. If it’s too complex, people will hate it, if it’s too simple, people will hate it, if it’s funny, people will hate it, and all that hate will fuck up an author’s mojo. lol

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      • It’s the reason why I stopped posting on RRl though. All that negativity is bad for creativity :(. I mean, look at how much I’ve written in the past four and a half months, compared to what it took me a year to write for ‘Immortal Soul’. Sure, IS was a lot more serious and complicated, but still… It’s nice not constantly being insulted and destructively criticized by dozens of people every single time you post a new chapter lol.

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  2. I know you’re trying to maintain a buffer, so what about 1 per day, and at the end of each week every chapter completed over the buffer gets posted as well.

    For example if you wanted the buffer to be 30, and on Friday you had 33 chapters written but unposted, then you’d post three that day.

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  3. Just go with a pace where you can get enough rest and get enough time for real life. You know, it’s fine if we don’t get two chapters a day or a chapter in one or two days as long as you continue your story. I don’t want to see a story I really liked to just be abandoned because the author got tired or couldn’t keep up with his pace. Just do it in moderation, as long as you keep on writing, a great story will always have readers. Anyways, hoping for the best! 🙂

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      • Of course. But considering all the goddamn great stories abandoned that I’ve read just go with a pace that you can. Seeing authors post things like getting tired makes me nervous, hahaha, you know. But well if you’re tired go take some breather, maybe a vacation? You’ll come back refreshed or something. Haha, anyways are there chapters today? hahaha 😛

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      • Yeah, 1 chapter in 2 hours and 20 minutes lol. I know how you feel :(, but my idea of a ‘breather’ or ‘break’ was when I stopped writing ‘Immortal Soul’ and started working on ‘Hardcore OP-ness’ roflmao. I’ve seriously been writing every day for the past 16 months. Sometimes I’ll slow down my pace, but I never really ‘stop’, because I just can’t lol. Anyway, I think this is happening because the first book is wrapping up. I have a feeling that when I start writing Book 2 of HCOP, I’ll be able to get back my absurd 4-6 chapter a day pace for a while rofl. I just hope that people will still like the story lol.

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