Chapter 287: A ‘Peaceful’ Family Lunch

Michael, Elina, Jasmine, Laura, Sarah and Maria were each sitting around the huge crystalline dinner table, as Talia was dicing some leeks, carrots, celery and demonic hell-peppers at the kitchen counter. The surprisingly chipper High-Elf was humming quietly, as she dexterously prepared a host of ingredients for the upcoming family lunch. Rachael was playing with a tiny, adorable, bright-green vixen on the middle of the table.

As the little cat-girl to the Nephilim’s left, struggled to ‘sit’ upon her terrifying tentacle-monster chair, he asked “So~, tomorrow’s the big day, huh? The ominous and mysterious day when something really important is supposed to happen… How’s everyone feeling about that?”

“Oh~, oh~! Mikey~! Lookie~, look how awesome I am now~! Hehehe~, Ally gave me these yummy gummy-bears and, and umm~, she let me drink this super-tasty wine! Nyah~, I went all gooey for a while, but then, then I got super~ OP~! Muhuahaha~, lookie~!” Jasmine quickly hopped up onto Michael’s lap and showed him her status-screen.

[Companion Information

Name: Jasmine Jade
Titles: The Heretic, Kingslayer, Of the Infinite Chaos, The Alcoholic Loli
Level: 33
Experience: 41/1320
Age: Adult
Race: Chaotic Slimy Feline Succubus
Rank: D
Class: Gunslinger
Specialization: Ranged Damage Dealer, Hexer
Profession: Gunsmith Level 4]


Health: 180/180
Mana: 145/145
Stamina: 90/90
Mana Regen per minute: 290
Health Regen per hour: 180

Strength: 10(+5)
Vitality: 10(+8)
Endurance: 10(+8)
Dexterity: 31(+43)
Agility: 51(+53)
Intelligence: 20(+9)
Wisdom: 20(+9)
Perception: 14(+6)
Charisma: 25(+14)

Willpower: 37(+3)
Luck: 34(+8)
Aura: 75

Attack Power: 75(+360/420/270)
Defense Rating: 9(+24)]


Michael snickered, letting the little girl curl-up on his lap and casually petting her head gently. Jasmine purred quietly, while closing her eyes and smiling gleefully. However, the beautiful woman who was sitting across the table from him was giving a disapproving glare.

Maria complained “Hija, how can you allow your husband to cheat on you with so many of these putas?”

Talia turned around and shouted “Mama, my romantic involvements are none of your business! Perhaps we should discuss your relationship with your ‘foster son’ Roberto? Do not feign ignorance! I witnessed you and that Snow Elf boy-”

“Silence! Do not test my patience Bruja! You may be seventy-four years old, but I can still spank you like a spoiled child!” The blonde-haired Jungle Fairy’s tattoos started to appear, as she stood up and glared at her daughter.

Sarah started laughing hysterically, which caused Maria to turn towards her and unhesitantly release a blast of intense air-pressure. Even without a weapon, she was still able to fire off a ‘Wind Blade’ with enough power to instantly kill the little girl.

Of course, that was under the condition that she didn’t immediately ‘Shadow Step’ out of the way. The Death Elf had been wearing her corset, skirt and boots, but the majority of her gear wasn’t equipped. Thus, her overall stats were fairly low and it was incredibly difficult for her to dodge the follow-up attack.

Maria’s right leather boot, just barely missed the little girl’s face, as Sarah swiftly ducked and rolled. She then hopped up and the obsidian fork in her hand, was stabbed twice, into the two-meter tall woman’s left leg.

Then she latched onto the back of that floral white and pink t-shirt, wrapping her slimy tail around the Jungle Fairy’s neck. “You stupid shitty tattooed cunt-whore-bitch! Ya think yer so fucking special, huh?! I don’t give a damn if you’re her mama; don’t talk to ‘my’ dumbass mistress that way!” As she squeezed tighter, a potent paralytic poison was injected directly into Maria’s carotid arteries and jugular veins. Even if she was far higher level than the little girl, her immune system still wasn’t strong enough to resist against such potent venom. In fact, if there wasn’t such a huge level difference, then she probably would have died.

After a few seconds, Sarah let out a long sigh and returned to her seat. Talia glared at her unconscious mother for a moment, before shrugging and returning to food preparation. Michael snickered, asking “Have you two actually ever had sex with each other?”

Elina giggled, leaning over and whispering in his ear, “They spent last night together, in the basement… Sarah was bragging about it while you were fooling around with Alice earlier.”

Jasmine was still sitting on the Nephilim’s lap, as she complained “Nyah~, what’s taking so~ long~! Tali~, cook faster~! I want ice cream~ and cookies~!”

Talia shouted “You know that I can easily hear you Elina! Also, I did not have any sort of sexual intercourse with Sarah, so please stop speaking such nonsense!”

Laura chuckled, muttering “There’s nothing shameful about a relationship built upon love and friendship… Even if it’s with a group of shapeshifting fox-men, in a public bathhouse, in front of a crowd of people… As long as you wear a mask, everything is fine; no one will ever know.”

Michael smirked, “Ummm~, okay~ then… So anyway, Sarah, did you and Talia sleep in the bed or the torture chamber?”

The High-Elven woman turned around, while blushing and murmured “I, I had merely received some ‘physical therapy’. There was nothing sensual or sexual at all.”

“Yeah, we didn’t actually fuck. She just gets off on whipping and beating bitches, hahahahaha~!” Sarah unhesitantly confirmed the Nephilim’s suspicions, but he wasn’t very surprised.

In fact, not even Laura seemed to care about Talia’s fetishes. She smiled at her daughter, explaining “Sometimes, pain can feel like pleasure… There’s nothing wrong with spanking and canning your partner, as long as they agree to it first.”

Elina sighed, complaining “Mom~, I really don’t need your awkward sex advice… Especially not in front of Rachael!”

The tiny Lamia had no idea what anyone was talking about and was happily cuddling with the little green fennec fox. Inari barked a few times and purred, but refused to actually ‘speak’ in front of Michael.


While everyone but Alice was enjoying a ‘relatively’ pleasant family lunch together, something peculiar was happening in Elina’s room. Upon the glowing pure-white egg that was laying on the huge bed, dozens of cracks began appearing.

A golden radiance burst out, along with an incredibly tiny rainbow-colored paw. At that same moment, a porcelain-skinned little elven girl materialized before the hatching creature. She had a cheerful grin on her face, as she whispered “Luke~, I’ve been waiting so long for your return…”

However, once the adorable kitten emerged from the shell, its silver eyes glared at Lux. Suddenly, a masculine voice entered her mind: “Who the fuck is Luke? My name is Adam… Who the hell are you?”

She frowned, complaining “I wasn’t talking to you, stupid rainbow kitty! Go away~, shoo~!” as she smacked the newborn cat out of the way. Then she used her tiny fingers to pry open the rest of the egg and grabbed a pitch-black kitten out of the golden goop.

There didn’t seem to be anything particularly special about that particular animal, but Luxia could ‘feel’ the soul of her ancient lover within its body. Before the baby even opened its eyes, she gently caressed its sticky fur and whispered “Luke, we’re finally together again…”

Then the Goddess vanished from the room, leaving the angry, hissing, rainbow-cat to fend for itself. However, there was yet another kitten within that broken egg, which struggled to escape on its own.

The pure-white furred creature had golden irises and let out a few cries for its mother, while rolling around on the fluffy bed. A ball of green light appeared above Adam’s body, as his voice shouted “Arcana! Hurry up and get me outta here! Fuck! I need to run away before Michael finds me!”

Since the illusory woman failed to show up when he called out for her, he decided to escape on his own. He slowly rolled off of the mattress and walked underneath that floating cube, standing on his tiny hind legs and attempting to jump.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t like a certain Lamia, who was born with extremely overpowered stats. He was a lot stronger than a ‘normal’ kitten, but that only put him at the same level as a regular cat.

[Player Information

Name: Adam
Titles: The Noob
Level: 0
Experience: 0/1
Age: Infant
Race: Rainbow Cat
Rank: None
Class: None
Specialization: None
Profession: Unemployed]


Health: 5/5
Mana: 2.5/2.5
Stamina: 1/1
Mana Regen per minute: 5
Health Regen per hour: 3

Strength: .25
Vitality: .3
Endurance: .2
Dexterity: .5
Agility: .7
Intelligence: .5
Wisdom: .5
Perception: 1
Charisma: 1.5

Willpower: 4
Luck: 5
Aura: .05

Attack Power: 1.25
Defense Rating: .1]


Rainbow Blood Level 1: Organs, bones, tissues and even entire limbs can be completely restored, through Health Regeneration. Immunity from all diseases, curses, poisons, and toxins below your current level.]



Rainbow Jump Level 1: The caster temporarily invokes the power of their bloodline, in order to transform into a beam of prismatic light. Can only be used within the caster’s line of sight. Must be charged for 10 seconds. Costs 100% of the caster’s mana-pool.]

25 thoughts on “Chapter 287: A ‘Peaceful’ Family Lunch

  1. Poor Michael dancing in the palm of Arcana hand. All his kids are just vessels for her to use as she sees fit. Kinda makes it sad to be a parent.

    Also why is Helel used instead of Lucifer? A chapter or two ago during the bed time story it was brought up and in your different versions of work when archangels come up you don’t see his name, I was just curious.

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    • Lucifer is the latin, while Helel is the original Hebrew. Anyway, Luke, Lucy, Lucifer, and Helel are all just names… In our world, how many people do you think are named Michael? It’s a lot lol, my father is even named Michael. So~, it’s unreasonable to think that every single person named Michael will be the same character. I was named after my father, not after the angel, and my father was named after his like, uncle or granduncle or some such bullshit lol.

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      • ??? This story’s journey is like listening to wax fangs majestic. Not a bad song but man the last lines are fitting.


  2. *cough* well.. I am almost sure I said something about rainbow animals or whatever in a comment a chapter or two back but.. WTFH!! A rainbow kitten? Nyan-cat?! If that shit turns into a poptart and farts rainbows when it uses its jump I am lodging a complaint to Arcana Bug Reports!

    Oh and that cat probably has about 3.72 seconds to escape before its noticed and 23 nanoseconds to live from the moment Michael bothers to look (unless Michael makes an exception and delves into some catorture).

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  3. [“They spent last night together, in the basement… Sarah was bragging about it while you were fooling around with Alice earlier.”] ~ Uhhh did you miss a chapter? Hope you post it soon XD

    Also what the hell is a Rainbow blood lol…
    Why are the creatures from those eggs look like kitten? I do think really remember who those eggs belong to? Was it the time of Elina being pregnant? Why no catmen /women babies from the eggs? But kittens?

    Thanks for the chapter

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  4. Probably my favorite thing that Laura has ever said lol: “There’s nothing shameful about a relationship built upon love and friendship… Even if it’s with a group of shapeshifting fox-men, in a public bathhouse, in front of a crowd of people… As long as you wear a mask, everything is fine; no one will ever know.”

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