Chapter 286: Just Another Day in Dongton…

“Dongton… A lawless hellhole where only the strong survive, nyah~. Territorial gang-wars are constantly raging… Meow~, however! There is a single heroine, a brave warrior for justice, a beautiful shining star of hope… It is I, JJ!” Riding down the main-streets of southern Luxiana, there was a pink-clothed cat-girl; in fact, Jasmine was the only person in the entire town that even had access to such advanced technology. While no one even had electricity, the adorable Gunslinger was casually showing off her fancy motorcycle, which most people thought was some sort of magical-beast.
As she was talking to herself, she passed by hundreds of vaguely familiar faces and a certain chubby Priestess even called out to her “JJ~! This is the first time I’ve seen you in Southern Luxiana! What is that strange device you’ve got there?!”

The motorcycle was driving incredibly slowly, or she may have accidentally crashed into Laura. Daniel and his daughter were also there, though they didn’t seem very pleased to see their clinically insane relative.

Jasmine stopped abruptly and instantly sucked the entire vehicle into her first bag-slot, skipping a few times and jumping into the white-robed woman’s arms. She yelled “Nyah~, Aunt Laura, what are you doing in such a dangerous neighborhood?!”

“What are you talking about JJ? Since when was Dongton dangerous? I come by here every day to borrow books from the library, go to the pond, and occasionally visit some friends in the ‘Pagoda of Light’. Sure, there are some ‘slightly’ scary-looking people who loiter around certain areas… but none of them are nearly as terrifying as Kyle and his umm, ‘friends’? If any ‘tourists’ cause a ruckus, those weird stone-monsters will deal with it. This is just a rumor, but I heard that a few of the Goddesses have been spotted around town the past few days. I was hoping that I might have the chance to meet some of them…” Laura had a wry smile on her face, as she put the little cat-girl down and nervously glanced around at the gawking crowd.

Daniel complained “Every day, more and more people keep showing up from all over the continent. The walls can protect us from outside threats, but just about anyone can enter the city through the gateways. It’s only a matter of time before another incident like last time occurs, and Michael might not be there to protect us next time.”

Suddenly, Jasmine’s eyes changed from gold to orange and a pistol appeared in each of her hands, as her body started growing spontaneously. At that moment, a series of loud gunshots rang out from not just the crowd, but even the windows of nearby houses and the roof of an inn a few hundred meters away.

At least five huge holes appeared in Laura’s chest and abdomen, along with the left side of her neck. Daniel’s right arm was completely torn off by a blunderbuss blast, and a sniper bullet passed through the back of his skull, but had no exit wound. Then there was his daughter, who was literally blown into hundreds of pieces by an explosive round.

Fortunately, the three of them were ‘Residents’, so within moments, their corpses vanished and they started ‘respawning’ in Michael’s living room. Since their mana-cores weren’t destroyed, they didn’t lose any levels in the process, though their ruined clothing and miscellaneous items were left at the scene.

However, the various Citizens who were killed weren’t quite so lucky. The death-count was at least five, while plenty of people were severely injured or slightly wounded.

Yet, Jasmine was perfectly fine; all of the bullets that should have struck her body, were destroyed by an invisible, unbreakable barrier. Then there was a loud announcement: “Friendly-Fire has been averted!”

Those Dwarven assassins were completely dumbfounded by that strange occurrence. When they plotted their foolish revenge mission, they had made a crucial mistake: They chose to become Citizens.

Their plan was to lay low and wait for the little cat-girl to eventually emerge from the safety of her home. Of course, they had no idea that while Citizens were allowed to attack each other outside of Michael’s Waterfall Sanctuary, they still couldn’t harm him or his Companions.

Even if they weren’t in Luxiana, it still would have been impossible, so long as they were registered as Citizens. The only way to change their status, was to get banished or simply verbally denounce their citizenship.

Since they didn’t understand why their attacks were being blocked, the twenty or so assassins continued their assault in full force. That was an even deadlier mistake, because they didn’t understand the ‘nature’ of Dongton.

There were certainly plenty of low-leveled and rankless people crowding the streets at first, but after ‘collecting’ their fallen friends or family members, everyone evacuated. Such events were fairly common occurrences and resurrection was a relatively cheap service, provided by quite a few places in the neighborhood.

Within moments, the streets were almost completely cleared and the only ones remaining were themselves, a furious six-meter tall red-skinned Lizardman, with a few bloody holes in his brand new leather kilt, a squad of angry former bandits, a three meter tall cat-girl swordswoman in steel-plate armor and an incredibly irritated minotaur named Karian. Jasmine shouted “Nyahahahaha~! Foolish evildoers~! I, the great and super-OP JJ, shall bring justice… by blowing your ugly faces off!”

There were four men wearing full black clothing and ski-masks, who were carrying blunderbusses and shooting from close-range. The little girl ignored their attacks and slowly aimed her tiny pink revolver at their bodies one by one; the bullets were incredibly small, but the damage they dealt was absurdly high.

A huge ‘-500’ appeared, as the first man’s head was completely obliterated; then a ‘-418’, while a massive gaping hole appeared in the second man’s chest. There was a ‘-528’, which correlated to the third person being bisected at the waist. Finally, the last one attempted to flee, but when he started running, stone hands reached up out of the ground and clamped down on his ankles. They squeezed so tightly, that the feet were completely amputated and he let out a shrill scream; he cried and begged for mercy, as he attempted to crawl away.

However, the huge steel-covered foot of a giant lizardman, stomped down and ruthlessly crushed his entire upper-body. Jasmine complained “Nyah~, no fair~! I wanted to make his face go kablooie~!”

“Hahaha~! Take that you fucking bastard! Ya know what that is?! That’s the curbstomp of justice, bitch!” Kyle was overly enthusiastic about his new ‘job’.

A two-meter tall, extremely muscular, grey-skinned elf-eared woman, with a huge red mohawk and bright-blue eyes, screamed “You assholes came to the wrong fuckin neighborhood! Kill these dirty bastards and loot their corpses!” She was dressed in thick steel plate gear, with human skulls decorating her armor, and holding a giant bronze warhammer.

“Stacy Bloodrage, Level-27 Stone Orc Heavy Warrior, Rank-D, Super-Elite,” was the leader of the ‘Bloodrage Gang’. Some of her lackies were killed by that first hail of bullets, so she was obviously out for literal blood. Her group mainly consisted of Orcs and Hobgoblins, but there were a few gigantic Ogres as well.

They swiftly slaughtered the fleeing Musketeers, and started heading into the inn, looking for the snipers who had been on the roof. Meanwhile, Kyle roared as he charged straight into the house across the street and created a massive explosion. The entire building was engulfed in flames, incinerating at least five of the Dwarven assailants who were hiding inside.

Jasmine tucked her pistols into her booty-shorts and the silver chain around her right wrist abruptly transformed into an SMG. She yelled “Nyah~! I wanted~ to~ kill~ them~!” as she started firing her machine gun at random. Several of her allies were maimed or wounded, even Kyle lost a kidney, but at least one or two of the ‘enemies’ were at least slightly injured as well.

Once she ran out of bullets, in two seconds, the little cat-girl fell down onto the ground and started crying hysterically for a few minutes. Suddenly, Michael teleported over, grabbed the whining kitten and instantly returned home.

After that, he had to spend a few gold to completely repair the extensive damage to the neighborhood. Unfortunately, a few of the snipers who were farthest away, managed to escape and started planning their revenge… eventually.

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  1. Sooo… where is the pink fluffy tentacle dildo evolution club? Michaels irritating poem appreciation society? The friendly mad alchemist group?
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  2. OK… There was a line in previous chapter saying this would happen… But it was like… What the fuck just happened here…
    Thanks for the chapter
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