Recommended Manga and Manhwa

I haven’t read much manga or manhwa lately, because I’ve been really into reading translated webnovels.  However, I’ve definitely read an absurd amount of good and bad manga/manhwa in the past 6 years.  If you want to recommend them to me, you can do it in the comments, but unless it’s relatively new, I’ve probably already tried it or heard of it.

For some of these recommendations, I will be giving ‘opinions’ that won’t spoil the story.  I might give a bit of synopsis as well, but don’t count on it.


One Punch Man: This is the version that ‘One’ drew himself, and it’s pretty rough, but the jokes are still hilarious :).

Mob Psycho 100: Also created by ‘One’, this story is about an awkward guy who’s actually the most powerful psychic in the world.  Personally, I still think that Mob is either the mysterious number one hero in “One Punch Man” or maybe Mob Psycho takes place before OP-man?  Like, maybe Mob is the source of all the crazy monsters in “One Punch Man”?

7 Seeds: This is an old one and it gets translated really slowly, but I still like it a lot.  I’m pretty sure it’s going to end soon though?  I have no idea why it’s considered ‘Horror’, but it is a little dark sometimes.  It’s the kind of story that gets really stressful, though you really want everything to work out for pretty much all of the important characters.  As far as I can remember, no one that I cared about in the story ever died, and that’s all that really matters to me roflmao.

Darwin’s Game: Yay, a cool story about a generic Japanese teenage boy who gets dragged into an awesome death-game!  Oh wait, the main character is a total pussy and isn’t willing to kill people, even if it’s to save his own life, or the lives of his friends?  Yeah, it’s ‘good’, but if you’re like me, the MC will infuriate you lmfao.

Green Worldz: Oh hey, the world ended, except instead of zombies, it’s giant bugs and super-plants all over the place for some mysterious reason.  Guns obviously don’t work, so let’s all make some half-assed chainsaw swords out of random junk that’s just laying around and fight in close combat with the giant monsters~!

Dolly Kill Kill: Lots of death, superpowers and giant demonic dolls from hell, outer space or whatever lol.  Like in many other similar stories, the MC is an idiot and really deserves to die for being so stupid, but hey, why not just give him some OP superpowers that don’t always work?

Boku no Hero Academia: In Japan, even superheroes have to go to school and learn how to be good little slaves to the government.  Pretty much everyone has superhuman abilities, but most of them are useless in actual combat.  However, the ones that are considered ‘dangerous’ need to be conscripted into the ‘Hero Association’ or they’re considered villains or criminals by default.  Sure, most of the ‘villains’ they show in the story are total douchebags that deserve to die, but what about the ‘heroes’ like Endeavor?  He basically bought a woman from her family and raped her until she produced a baby that was OP enough for him to be satisfied.  Anyway, it’s a cool story, but I really wish the MC wasn’t so weak all the time.

Uchuu Kyoudai: The story is mainly about two brothers who become astronauts.  I mean, there are loads of other things that happen obviously, but that’s most of the plot.  It’s a very entertaining manga and the characters are pretty likable.  It’s a relatively realistic sci-fi story, which takes place in the near future.  Even if you don’t like science fiction, you might still like this manga, because it’s closer to modern day technology.


Lookism: This one is pretty weird in a lot of ways, but still hilarious imo.  The guy who draws this one is amazing at making some of the ugliest character’s I’ve ever seen.  Sometimes, I see a manga where they’re making fun of someone for being hideous or weird looking, but they’re drawn almost exactly the same as the people who are supposed to be paragons of beauty… Anyway, my only problem with it is that it’s meant to be a strip, and mangahere has it cut up into a bunch of ‘pages’ that make it kinda awkward.

Hive: It’s neat and entertaining, but to be completely honest, I find myself rooting for the giant mutant bugs to win.  There’s an apocalyptic event happening and people are more worried about property damage and the military puts a higher priority on disarming civilians, than fighting the insects.  The main character is an idiot, his female co-worker is even dumber for following him around, and the old guy is the only one with any common sense or rationality, though he sticks with the two morons anyway.  Overall, I like the story, but it still pisses me off lol.

The Gamer: Awesome concept, but it updates really slowly and at times, there’s way too little action and unnecessary info-dumps everywhere.  It’s neat, and the MC is almost not a spoiled little bitch, so I’d recommend it with a 629,378 out of 839,487 rating.

Ruler of the Land: This is a super old one, but I think it’s still being translated cause it’s so~ long lol.  I’d recommend it to anyone who likes Xianxia, because it’s probably one of the best Korean power-leveling stories I’ve read.  The MC is likable, the female lead is a dick for most of the story, but that’s pretty normal, then there’s a decent amount of amusing side-characters.  It follows the old formula: Good guy is weak, good guy gets his ass kicked, good guy powers up, good guy rofl-stomps the bad guy, yay~!  Basically just that, but 100 times in a row lol.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor: To be completely honest, I’ve only read a few chapters, because I already up to the latest translated chapters of the novel.  However, to those of you who haven’t read LMS, you might wanna check this one out.  It’s a VR story about a greedy bastard who becomes a pro-gamer in Royal Road, and yeah, he’s a badass for the most part.  His greediness is annoying sometimes, but it’s usually hilarious as well.

The Breaker and The Breaker: New Waves: They’re both cool imo, but really ‘slow’ in the sense that a single fight scene may take a dozen chapters sometimes.  However, since there’s an absurd amount of chapters out at the moment, you probably won’t experience my frustration any time soon lol.  It’s a fighting story, literally, where the MC starts out as a bullied weakling and eventually becomes as OP as his master… eventually.