Chapter 285: The Guild District

Luxiana expanded dramatically overnight, with very few people actually noticing. In fact, even after most of the population was awake and going about their business outside, few could tell that the wall which surrounded them, was moved much farther away. Those who did realize what happened, mostly considered it as ‘normal’ and didn’t make a big deal out of it.

It didn’t happen in a single day, but Dongton had started to be known by a different name: The Guild District. Even without Michael actually interfering, the Citizens and Residents would obviously create and organize various groups on their own.

Daniel formed the ‘Holy Mountain Defense Force’, which was a religious order, meant to protect those of the Light and Nature Affinities from demons and undead. It was based in the ‘Pagoda of Light’ and was almost right next to the ‘Pagoda of Darkness’.

That ominous pitch-black tower was being used by an organization called ‘Vendetta’. Since the laws of Luxiana were rather ‘vague’, they weren’t technically considered a ‘crime-syndicate’. However, their business was mainly assassination, theft, burglary, vandalism, and they essentially settled ‘disputes’.

The important factor was that they didn’t actually ‘work’ within the town. Using the Nature portal, they could easily travel to The Shine of Huxian, and from there, it was possible to go practically anywhere on the continent.

Alisa, the ogress whom Michael saved from The Temple of Asura, used to have a bit of a gambling problem. Fortunately, that gave her the inspiration to transform the ‘Beautiful Jade Palace’, into a high-class casino and resort.

‘Ten-Trillion Swords Pavilion’ became the headquarters of ‘Retribution’. It was a mercenary guild devoted to preventing religious holocausts, like what the Holy Luxian Empire had attempted to commit. They weren’t a particularly large group yet, but they had already participated in a few small-scale Battlegrounds during the One Day War.

Of course, they had wanted to name themselves ‘Salvation’, but it was already taken by an order of Priests, Priestesses, Druids and Shamans. Their purpose was similar to ‘Retribution’, though they focused more on non-combat related support and assistance.

During the One Day War, ‘Salvation’ was responsible for guiding people to Luxiana, curing illnesses, healing the wounded, and bringing supplies to those who were fighting. Their base of operations was a three-story mansion, next to the Ancestral Spring of Light Essence and the Gateway of Nature.

There wasn’t much that either organization could do in town, so just like ‘Vendetta’, they would travel through portals to reach other major cities around the continent. At least, that’s what their plans were, but pretty much everyone was simply in the recruitment phase at that point in time.

Not everyone had some extravagant cause; the ‘Heavenly Flower Pavilion’ was a tourist attraction, but also a gathering spot for the ‘Gardening Association’. Then there was the ‘Herb Garden’, which basically just produced useful plants for the ‘Alchemy Guild’.

Since everyone had access to running water within their homes, the ‘Seven Treasures Bathhouse’ wasn’t necessary for hygienic purposes. Thus, it was taken over by a group of Nature Foxes, who called themselves ‘The Breeding Club’.

The promiscuous shapeshifters made money by creating a few bars within the enormous building. As for the ‘activities’ that the club-members performed with each other, it wasn’t ‘technically’ prostitution, since they weren’t paying for sex.

It was still a very controversial place though, because there were so many different conflicting religious, racial, cultural and individual opinions regarding sex. In fact, there were some people who tried to destroy the ‘Spicy Long Dong Butcher Shop’, since they served various ‘offensive’ types of meat.

Demonic Boar, High-Human, Lesser Angel, wolves, foxes, cats, cows, horses, and just about anything that was available. There were no laws against it, but that didn’t mean that everyone just accepted it as morally permissible.

Eventually Alice’s father, Kyle, stepped in and decided to create an unofficial police force of sorts. Michael’s rules were rather ‘unorthodox’, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. For example: “Citizens are only allowed to kill each other in self-defense. Don’t fuck corpses, unless the person gave you consent before death. If you accidentally murder someone, the least you could do is pay for their resurrection. Don’t steal from your fellow Citizens; go out of town to do that kinda shit. Respect other cultures and religions, unless they’re trying to murder you, then kill those stupid fucks! If you can’t eat or do something because of your own personal beliefs, like bacon or dog-burgers, or nudism, don’t ruin it for everyone else! Goddamn it, all of this should just be common-sense, but I know that if I don’t say it, there will definitely be annoying problems later! The meaning of life is ‘entertainment’, so enjoy yourselves and stop being such whiny little bitches!”

He didn’t just verbally make that announcement, but actually recorded it and set it as the telepathic message that ‘all’ new Citizens receive. It had such a profound effect on some people, that they created a cult and wrote it down as the seven commandments of Michael.

As for the last sentence, a certain tailor decided to make t-shirts with “The meaning of life is ‘entertainment’, so enjoy yourselves and stop being such whiny little bitches!” written on the chest. It was more like a suggestion, than an order.

Kyle’s police force was named the ‘Hellfire Asshole-Killer Squad!’, was a bit more like a gang of ruthless vigilantes. However, they had a surprisingly good reputation, because they did protect ‘normal’ people pretty well.

Since the members included a thirty-meter tall, giant demonic lizard-girl with four arms, there weren’t any ‘conventional’ structures that were large enough for their base. Thus, Michael spent one-hundred gold on an outrageously enormous domed building, made entirely out of stone.

It was only one floor, but the roof was fifty-meters high and there was plenty of smaller rooms inside of it. Most of the furniture and everything else was designed for people who were under twenty-feet, but there was still plenty of space for Cunty to move around freely. The colossal dome was placed to the south of what had previously been the edge of Dongton.

There was a branch of the ‘official’ Adventurer’s Guild, which moved into the ‘Long Dong Inner Sect Dorm’. However, they only took up a small portion of the building, there were also several bars, restaurants, and the rest were hotel rooms.

In Dongton, there was also a ‘Farmer’s Association’, ‘Inari Fanclub’, ‘Saint Elina Prayer Group’, ‘Anti-Jasmine Defense Administration’, ‘The Holy Cunts of Chaotica’, ‘Damnation Federation’, ‘The Brotherhood of Dong’, ‘Sarah’s Minions’, ‘The Anarchy Conglomerate’, and ‘Plant Lives Matter’. Since there wasn’t any kind of screening process and just about anyone was able to become a Citizen, assuming that they were able to reach Luxiana, many of the organizations were clearly gangs or cults.

‘Plant Lives Matter’ was a group of Dryadic terrorists who had a feud with the ‘Farmer’s Association’ because of their ‘cruel’ treatment of crops. The ‘Inari Fanclub’ consisted of thousands of magical-beasts who treated her like a Goddess; it was essentially just what other people called her ‘pack’.

‘Sarah’s Minions’ were originally fanatical Lux worshippers, who died and were turned into undead. They were technically ‘based’ in a huge gothic castle within the Necropolis, but there was a portal which led directly into the basement of the ‘Pagoda of Darkness’.

A few hundred people who were resurrected by Elina during the Holy Luxian One Day War, had banded together and formed the ‘Saint Elina Prayer Group’. They usually just gathered around the Ancestral Spring of Light Essence and unwittingly channeled their mana to the angelic cat-girl once a day.

Both ‘Damnation Federation’ and ‘Holy Cunts of Chaotica’ were basically bandit clans, at least they were. Each had been located thousands of miles to the southwest, in the ‘Warbeast Lands’, but they were being purged by local military forces. Thus, they were forced to use their Nature-Gates to escape, ending up in The Shrine of Huxian. The horrifyingly powerful shapeshifting foxes told them that they couldn’t stay in the village, but they did give them portal coordinates to Luxiana; most ‘tourists’ or ‘refugees’ who arrived in town, decided to settle down almost immediately.

The ‘Anti-Jasmine Defense Administration’ was a special government agency, consisting of a few dozen, level-five to twenty Feline Dwarves, that came from The Dwarven Republic. They were meant to kill her, in the event that she went out of control, but since Jason Jade became the new Supreme Commander, they were all disavowed.

Many of them had their entire lives ruined, so they set out to hunt down Jasmine and finish their last mission. Of course, they made a grave error in judgement…

26 thoughts on “Chapter 285: The Guild District

  1. Hope some Civil Engineer or something like the dungeon master comes and scolds him about how to place all the buildings in a proper layout systematically and all have some rules for the citizen entrance…
    Not happening? No problem I guess…

    Thanks for the chapter

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      • Architect?.. A civil engineer is a person who practices civil engineering – the application of planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, and operating infrastructures while protecting the public and environmental health, as well as improving existing infrastructures that have been neglected ~Google extract XD

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      • I see… Yeah, Luxiana really does need a couple thousand of them at the very least. I mean, it’s basically just a small town at this point, but could potentially become a city that is up to 60 miles in diameter… Although, there would obviously be a decent amount of land dedicated to farming or other such nonsense. Hell, there are actually entire villages and towns in the outskirts of the current ‘Luxiana’, because Michael just randomly decided to make a bunch of absurdly large circular walls.

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      • That’s the profession I would want but few more commandments would have to be in place because “The meaning of life is ‘entertainment’, so enjoy yourselves and stop being such whiny little bitches!” way to vague. I can see some Umbra followers capture and torture some poor soul for ‘enterainment’ for their religious beliefs without killing them, could be considered legal.

        Also lets be real about nudity. If there above average or somewhat good looking with healthy bodies then I’m all for it. But if your like me who has been to a nudist beach(one and done) the horrors that is old age and out of shape blobs can never be unseen, FOREVER!!!!!

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      • You’re thinking like a human on Earth though. On Arcana, most people ‘are’ ugly, but anyone past level-1 and rank-G usually has more than 1 Charisma. 1 Charisma is basically like ‘attractive’, 2 is really fucking attractive and 3 is the the highest that a human on Earth can achieve. Besides, there are a ton of different races, and religions, some of them might be anti-clothing lol.


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