Chapter 286: Just Another Day in Dongton…

“Dongton… A lawless hellhole where only the strong survive, nyah~. Territorial gang-wars are constantly raging… Meow~, however! There is a single heroine, a brave warrior for justice, a beautiful shining star of hope… It is I, JJ!” Riding down the main-streets of southern Luxiana, there was a pink-clothed cat-girl; in fact, Jasmine was the only person in the entire town that even had access to such advanced technology. While no one even had electricity, the adorable Gunslinger was casually showing off her fancy motorcycle, which most people thought was some sort of magical-beast. Continue reading

Chapter 285: The Guild District

Luxiana expanded dramatically overnight, with very few people actually noticing. In fact, even after most of the population was awake and going about their business outside, few could tell that the wall which surrounded them, was moved much farther away. Those who did realize what happened, mostly considered it as ‘normal’ and didn’t make a big deal out of it. Continue reading