Chapter 288: Auspicious Names

“Congratulations! Your ‘Mystery Cat Egg’ has hatched!” Michael and Elina both received the message at the same time, but it didn’t specify exactly ‘what’ emerged or the number of offspring. Thus, Adam was able to teleport on top of the floating cube and press the button that led to the roof. From there he used ‘Rainbow Jump’ a few more times to escape as far away as possible.

By the time the two of them reached the bedroom, they witnessed a tiny white-furred kitten, licking up the golden goo that spilled all over the comforter. “Daw~! She’s so cute~! I don’t even care about my daughter not being humanoid! Aw~, come to Mommy~!” The angelic woman dove onto the mattress and started cuddling with her ‘baby’.

“Well, I named Rachael, so you should pick this one. Just please don’t use Lux, Luxiana, Luxia or anything similar, okay? Go with something nice, like Sparkle or Sugar?” The Nephilim was having trouble seeing the cat as anything but an extremely adorable animal.

Elina giggled, unequipping her bra and gown at the same time, then allowed the little ‘girl’ to drink from her left breast. She muttered “Ah~, well, when I was younger, I always used to love the name Iris… You know, like the flower?”

Michael immediately complained “Nope, that’s a terrible name; don’t do it, you’ll definitely regret it! I mean, yeah, there are white irises, and they ‘do’ have yellow bits, which I assume is the reason you picked that… but I’m ninety-nine percent sure that it’ll cause problems later on. Why don’t we just call her Whitey? Or maybe Goldie? Angela? Angelina, Annie, Alisandre, Yurika, Kelly?”

She yelled “We aren’t naming our child Whitey or Goldie! Also, the rest of those names are completely random! Her name is Iris! Iris Angelic Healy-”

The Nephilim shouted “No~! Stop, just stop~! Why?! What would possibly possess you to pick that specific name?! Seriously, you’re breaking the fourth wall! Aren’t you even slightly worried about the consequences?!” but it was already too late.

[Target Information

Name: Iris Angelic Healy
Level: 0
Experience: 0/1
Age: Infant
Race: Cat
Rank: None
Class: None
Specialization: None
Profession: Unemployed]


Health: 1/1
Mana: .25/.25
Stamina: .5/.5
Mana Regen per minute: .1
Health Regen per hour: 1

Strength: .05
Vitality: .1
Endurance: .1
Dexterity: .1
Agility: .2
Intelligence: .05
Wisdom: .01
Perception: .1
Charisma: 3

Willpower: 1
Luck: 3
Aura: .01

Attack Power: .25
Defense Rating: .05]


Angelic Blood Level 1: Organs, bones, tissues and even entire limbs can be completely restored, through Health Regeneration. Immunity from all diseases, curses, poisons, and toxins within 5 levels of your current level.

Light Affinity Level 1: Mana and Health recovery increases dramatically when exposed to Sunlight and Moonlight by 10%.]


“Holy fucksauce, why the hell is she so weak?!” Michael amazed at how low all of his daughter’s stats were.

Elina glared at him, “She’s only a baby! Compared to ‘normal’ kittens, she would be way better! Anyway, you started saying ‘Angela’ and ‘Angelina’, so it made me remember an old friend I knew. Angelica Healy was a Human girl who was obsessed with cats… The point is that I always loved her name, and since ‘she’ isn’t around anymore, I don’t understand why you’re so opposed to it. Who was ‘Iris’ and why are you so freaked out about that name? Was it your mysterious ex-girlfriend from the other world?”

The Nephilim let out a long and melodramatic sigh, before explaining “Listen, I’ve told you that I was a writer before, right? Well… let’s just say that I kinda-sorta ‘met’ one of the characters that I wrote about, like last night. So~, with all the weird time-travel bullshit, along with the fact that there are ‘lower-planes’ and weird-ass nonsense like that, I’m just a little worried. Unfortunately, the amount of names I’ve used throughout ‘all’ the stories I’ve written, is probably over a thousand. Iris Angelic Healy, Michael Cinagra, Kelsey King, Aliya, Isabelle Michaels, Rachael Smith and there were plenty of others as well; I never actually published or really showed any of those stories to anyone though. Who knows, maybe I was just like, picking up on psychic signals or something? All of that shit might have already existed before I started writing; some parallel universe or whatever. However, in the unlikely scenario that I may have turned all that into-”

The beautiful cat-girl interjected “But if you’re so worried about that, then why did you use the name Rachael?”

Michael stared at her for a few seconds before grumbling “That was like three months ago, who the fuck knows? Besides, I just told you that I met Nadja last night, so don’t interrupt my story-time! Goddamn it, I can’t remember what the hell I was gonna say!”

Elina shouted “Don’t curse in front of Iris! Actually, you should stop swearing so much in general!”

He snickered, “Oh yeah! So Iris in particular was always a really shifty character… Like, she was definitely a protagonist, but ugh, I don’t know. I never even finished writing that novel though, so she might have turned out to be some kinda super-evil cuntbag! Hmmm~, well, either way, our daughter probably has nothing to do with that, so it should be fine… hopefully. Rachael was nice, she killed herself, but she was a pretty cool kid after that. Ah, maybe I should start working on ‘Michael’s Chronicles’ again? I mean, I’ve done like five revisions…”

The angelic woman closed her eyes and fell asleep while listening to him try to tell her about all of the ridiculous stories he never finished or did anything with. Even the adorable kitten that was suckling on her teat, seemed to be lulled into unconsciousness by his deep and ‘calming’ voice.

Of course, once he noticed that they were both snoring, he stopped talking and let out another overdramatic sigh. Then he quickly sucked the remnants of the ‘Mystery Cat Egg’ into his inventory. After tucking both the cat and girl, underneath the fluffy-white covers, he teleported back to the kitchen and continued eating lunch with ‘most’ of his family members: including a certain Jungle Fairy, who had woken up.


Later that night, an orange-scaled dragoness was cackling maniacally. She shouted “Finally! I did it! I can’t believe I actually made it in time!”

Earlier in the day, she had already managed to max-out her ‘Mad Alchemist’ Passive. Then, over the course of twelve continuous hours of concocting, she managed to create the seven ‘elixirs’.

Rather than relying on her own mana-generation, Alice used gold… at first. Eventually, the costs were so extravagant that she needed to borrow one-hundred white jade coins from Michael and Jasmine.

She didn’t end up using it all, but in the end, she did spend the equivalent of seventy-thousand gold coins. However, if she had taken the ‘normal’ route, it would have likely taken a few hundred years. As the dragon-girl finally calmed down, she let out a deep roar and nearly fainted.

Alice sat down onto a huge sofa-chair made out of sand and slowly closed her eyes, murmuring “I need… to stay… awake…”

“Hehehe~, Ally~, don’t pass out just yet! Hurry up and call the others here!” A loud and familiar, feminine voice kept her from losing consciousness, but when she looked around, there was no one there. Even though she couldn’t ‘sense’ that mysterious woman, that didn’t mean they weren’t actually there.

After a few moments of silence passed, the dragoness ‘Whispered’ “Michael, Inari, Sarah, Elina, Jasmine, and Talia… I need each of you to come to my room… as soon as possible. I umm, ugh, my head hurts so fucking much~… Hurry up, I don’t know how much longer I can stay awake and if I fall asleep, the universe will probably end? Well, that shouldn’t happen, cause… paradoxes and stuff? Ow~, just get over here!”

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