TDoDK Chapter 2, Day 7b: Evolution

“I’m sure you’re surprised and amazed at the incredible opportunity, but you need to consider carefully which Adaptations you truly desire. Estivation is very useful in desert-like biomes, where food is scarce and you must conserve energy while waiting for the temperature to become bearable. However, you might already possess that ability or something similar, so it may not be right for you. Shedding is extremely useful for Races that have thick fur or excessive body hair, but it is rather useless for those without hair. Also, you may find it easier to simply remove your hair through other means. Extreme Sweating is incredibly dangerous and potentially unpleasant, yet it can also be extremely beneficial if you have access to enough water and salt for your body to stay healthy. Finally, Improved Adipocytes… Although it is immensely valuable, it is also extremely expensive.” Continue reading

TDoE V1 Chapter 21: Evolution

“I did not expect such a lustful child to be so clever… Fine, it would be irritating to keep you around here for so long anyway. Aside from that, I have precious few years to secure my legacy and I do not wish to waste one more moment on your insolence!” She tossed me onto the floor of the crystal cavern and turned towards the door. Then she grumbled “For your services… I shall teach you some basic Druidry. A handmaiden and a palace guard will be in momentarily to deal with you.” Continue reading

Chapter 230: Embracing the Darkness of Love

“Hate, pain, rage, love, agony… emptiness, void, darkness, shadow… death.” Sarah was murmuring a mantra and struggling to ignore the screams, cackling, cries, roars, laughter and whispers within her mind. Continue reading

Chapter 162: Nobody Noticed the Time-Travel?

Almost immediately after he asked that, he vanished from that battlefield, and appeared in a pure-white room. The only thing in that entire space, was a familiar ‘Vendor of Chaos.’ Continue reading

Chapter 127: Irresponsible MC

“I… This was my first mission. For the last sixty years, I’ve been training diligently, in hopes that I could prove helpful to my Goddess! Even if I may not be very ‘experienced’ in many ways, I have still participated in several thousand hunting trips!” Talia was fairly embarrassed about her relatively ‘sheltered’ life. Continue reading