Chapter 62: Lucky Twenty-One

“New Title: Shinigami. Most people fear death and are willing to sacrifice their dignity, honor or even their family to preserve their own lives. There are others who embrace their eventual demise and think of it as a final release from their tormented existence. However, you are a Player, and as long as your Willpower holds out, you could potentially die thousands of times without ever moving on from this world. The Goddesses have decided to reward you for your perseverance by increasing your Luck and Willpower by seven points.”

Michael also received another notification upon his sudden-death: “You have acquired Poison Resistance Level 1: Resists level one poisons and toxins.”

In the form of a pitch-black wisp, he started laughing hysterically and then yelled “So that’s what happened! Also, holy shit! Ah, I should go gambling again soon!”

Grabbing the tiny Human corpse in her palm, Alice quickly swam to the surface and placed him down onto the dry ground. The skin all over his body had become bright-red and his lips were blue, while the eyes turned completely white.

She yelled at her parents “What’s wrong with the two of you?!” It was the third person that she had ever met in her entire life, and she was only able to talk to him for a few moments before he died: due to the poison that was being secreted by her own body.

Kyle sighed and said “How is this our fault? We didn’t tell the dumb-ass to jump into the water. He seemed like a pretty nice guy too… Well, whatever, at least you can probably make something interesting out of the corpse, right?”

Julia scolded him “Don’t be so insensitive!” before grumbling “Damn it, I though that guy would be able to finally convince our daughter to go outside…”

However, at that moment, Michael materialized between the three gigantic lizard-people and said “Why doesn’t anyone ever believe me when I tell them that I’m immortal? Well, whatever, you can keep my corpse as payment for the fruit, hehe~.”

Obviously, the entire family was surprised and amazed at the strange creature before them. Kyle yelled “It’s gotta be a trick!” as he looked by and forth between the corpse and the naked man.

Then Alice asked “How did you do that?” as she was attempting to carefully examine the rapidly dissolving pile of flesh and bone.

He explained “It’s simple… I don’t wanna die, so the Goddesses create a new body for me: or something like that? Well, whatever, it’s way too hot in here for me, and I’ve got shit to do, so I’m gonna go home now. It’s been nice meeting you guys, and if you wanna drop by, my house is near the waterfall… Adios.” His tiger-fur kilt, boots and belt almost instantaneously appeared on his body as he started walking towards the exit.

When Michael left the room, the two curious dinosaurs followed after him, while the Neet remained in her lair, closing the door behind them. Once they were outside, Julia said “Wait, since when was that building there?”

He snickered and told them “Ah, yeah, I just moved in last night.” as he Unequipped his clothes to cross the river.

Kyle started laughing and said “You’re a really strange Human… not that I know any other Humans. Well, take as much fruit as you need, since our daughter could never use it all anyway.”

Michael was surprised at how friendly the gigantic lizard-people were, and when he was finally out of earshot, he muttered “Their Intelligence must be really fucking low…” That actually wasn’t the case; it was simply a difference in culture.

The Tyrannosaurus-Tribe rarely interacted with other races, and their own philosophy revolved around solving all of their problems with brute-force. Deceit, subterfuge, and all manner of trickery were completely unnecessary for creatures that were essentially, gigantic anthropomorphic-dinosaurs.

When her parents gave Alice that tiger, it was equivalent to a Human giving their child a kitten to play with. They never meant for her to be so scared that she locked herself up in their cave for ten years and refused to go outside.
Once Michael returned home, he Equipped his ‘armor’ and was greeted by a cheerful cat-girl: “Where did you go?” She wasn’t too worried about him, even after she received a message saying that her Companion had died.

He snickered and said “I was just saying ‘hi’ to the neighbors. Geeze, you should put that thing away in your inventory; ya can’t even use it until level-ten, so what’s the point in carrying it around?”

Elina was holding her ‘divine’ staff with both hands and smiling, as she shook her head. “No, I’m never going to let go of it!”

Michael sighed, “Seriously… what about when you have to piss or shit?”

The cat-girl scowled and told him “Okay, I did put it away a few times, but I need to keep holding it as much as possible. Ugh, it’s going to take at least a week, but I’m trying to Enchant it with ‘Lesser Intelligence.’ That’s basically-”

He interjected “Let me guess; it raises Intelligence by one point?”

Elina shook her head and proudly corrected him, “Nope, it increases by ten percent!”

Michael started laughing and walked inside the brightly-illuminated house, while saying “So it would raise your Intelligence by less than one point… Anyway~, I was just out picking some fruit from the orchard across the river, but then I noticed that we have neighbors.”

The pouting Priestess smirked, “Let ‘me’ guess; did these neighbors kill you?”

However, he sighed and revealed “Nope, I was an idiot and went swimming in a pool of acidic poison. That obviously didn’t turn out so well, but then I got this awesome title!”

When she saw the description, then how his Willpower and Luck had increased to twenty-one each, the cat-girl scowled. Yet, after a few moments, she gazed at him with an expression of pity, and asked “Aren’t you even slightly worried about going insane from being resurrected so many times?”

Michael shook his head and confidently replied “Nah, I’m already pretty crazy as it is. Besides, when I hear voices in this world, they’re actually real. Also, I’ve had a bunch of Goblin ghosts haunting me for a few days now… not sure how long that’s gonna last.”

Suddenly, a message appeared: “Inari has learned the spell Entangle Level 1: Creates or manipulates vines, which wrap around the enemy’s legs. Root duration is dependent on the Aura stat. Only works when in natural environments.”

After reading that, he immediately checked her status and noticed that her experience had gone up to 56/70. When he searched for her on the map, he muttered “Holy hell, she’s gotta be running at least sixty miles-per-hour. Ugh, just thinking about it is making me nauseous…”

Michael smirked, then turned to the cat-girl and asked “Since you refuse to store your special stick, do you want me to feed you?” An orange-slice suddenly appeared in his right hand, and he nonchalantly shoved it into Elina’s mouth, before she had the chance to answer him.

She chewed it a bit and swallowed, before saying “Ah~, it’s been so long since I actually had real food.” He then pulled another piece out of his inventory and ate it.

However, his reaction was a bit different: “Hmmm, it’s kinda bitter, probably wasn’t ripe yet? Oh wait, these aren’t oranges, they’re grapefruits… Well, they’re still better than drinking water.”

Michael discovered that he could not just skin them, but also remove the juice from various different plants, by manipulating the extra-dimensional bag. Unfortunately, he didn’t buy any glasses or cups when he was in town, so it was simpler to just eat slices or pieces of the fruit.

Without thinking too much about it, he abruptly cast ‘Stat-Boost’ and was enveloped in a rainbow of different colors. After that, it jumped to the cat-girl who was standing in front of him, and the skill actually increased to level-two.

His Mana dropped to 10/30 and Elina yelled “W-what is this ridiculous spell?! It actually increased all my stats by a point!”

The half-naked man obviously had no idea why she was so flustered, because it just seemed like a basic buff to him. Michael sighed and grumbled “Ugh, it leveled up and the stat-increase doubled, but so did the mana-cost. Hmmm~, I need to raise my Intelligence next time I level-up.”

Then he remembered that he didn’t have his Arcane Orb Equipped, which added a point of Intelligence and Wisdom. He ignored the Priestess and walked upstairs to his balcony, where he began to study the overpowered art of ‘Electrical Manipulation.’


39 thoughts on “Chapter 62: Lucky Twenty-One

  1. I usually like to read replies but i stopped at that mithril+dragon shit thingy. I feel like a noob since i didn’t understand a thing and basically skimmed through that info shit. I am not a gamer so all that dps and numbers shit is something i dont understand >< i wish i can get a computer already so i can play games lel (using phone)

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    • Hmmm~, well, idk if you have to actually be a ‘gamer’ to understand it lol. I was definitely a hardcore raider in WoW a few years ago, but lately I haven’t played anything(cause my PC is dying) QQ.


  2. Just stumbled upon your page a couple of days a go and there’s multiple updates already, you write so fast! XD
    Nice story, although at first the gory exposition and profanity appalled me, after a while I become used to it lol.
    I think your story telling generally resembles Japanese style web novels a little bit, but feels different because the execution is bolder.


    • Lmfao, yeah, I’ve said this a few times, but when I started writing “Hardcore OP-ness,” I decided to try and avoid censoring anything. The narrator is fairly neutral and doesn’t use profanity, plus all of the descriptions told by ‘It’ are usually pretty tame… but then the character dialogue is usually hilarious… I mean, really offensive lol.


  3. Give mc a arcane shield with the effect of the orb so when he bash his shield there’s a terrifying damage or give him a soul bound armor if he truly wish to be a tank


  4. Give mc an arcane shield that has the same effect like the orb so when he bash his shield there’s a damage or somethin’ or him a soul bound armor if he truly wish to be a tank

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    • Dam thats an awesome idea. Perfect for arcane attribute.

      I wonder if he could enchant his companions weapons to have arcane attribute for a short amount of time. Would be OP if used on assassin girl and her undead.

      I got a question Mike.
      since arcane targets life directly then doesnt that mean that the undead army can eat their life energy as a power-up if enchanted to have arcane attribute? undead do feed off of life energy so arcane… -liGHTBULB-
      Just got another idea. Couldnt Arcane be modified to become a health absorbtion skill. heck I wouldnt be surprised if it was a high lvl arcane skill since it would be OP for a certain Arcane Tank. *^*


  5. What I really like about this is how you leave so many routes open. I’m pretty sure Mike will add the hikkikomori dino alchemist and the dutiful elfen archer to his party (because… Ye know… they just happen by pure luck to fit blank spots in their current tank-assassin-healer team), but I have no idea in which order that’s going to happen, or if they aren’t just going to meet someone else first or go gather their futur undead minions in the meantime just because they can. I really love that there are all those characters on standby who I can imagine how they will later impact the story… Like I imagine the interaction between the zombified cat-tribes and their priestess sibling in the event the two ended up joining Mike’s group, which would probably end up with them being suborninated to the psycho necro-assassin of the team… Just the idea of the chaotic group dynamic that would result makes me roll on the floor holding my sides… Oh… and add to that undead papa hobgoblin and I believe Asura herself would be forced to recognise the chaosness of the Player’s group.

    And now that I think of it… would a Necromancer be able to re-invoke their zombie minions after they re-died? That’d be a bit overpowered… the Immortal’s immortal necromancer’s immortal pets. Then again, “OP” is in the title, so… Well that’s be a way to add the three known undead characters to the Undying Gang without using up companion slots…

    Ah! That’s right! Shouldn’t their group get a name? So that their ennemies can scream in fear: “Noooo!! It’s the Merry Immortal
    Nudists! Run away!” or “Why are the Spawns of Sean Bean attacking us?! They were on our side last battle!?!”… or simply for Mike to shout “MWAHAHAHAHA!! It is Us, the Fucking Awesome Bunch, who have arrived! Say your prayers bitches!!! No offense to dog-tribe inttended. I’d have said ‘mother fuckers’ but since we’re fighting for Chaos-tan this time, I’m pretty sure half our side actually bangs their and their neighbour’s mother’s cunt on a regular basis, so fuck it! I’ll always piss someone off anyway! And now I’ll need to masturbate again. Damn! Come on Sarah, let’s quickly emasculate those effeminated pointy-eared salad-eaters and go home so that I can jerk off to you eating my dead body with your tail!” … Yep. A name is important after all.

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    • Lmfao, well, they aren’t really famous at the moment 😛 Also, they aren’t really a team, technically, like if he ever gets around to registering at an Adventurer’s Guild, then I’ll have to think of something… but they probably don’t allow ppl to have profanity in the name of their Party, Raid, ect. Hmmm, “Overpowered Assholes” would probably be my first choice otherwise lol.

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  6. he should get title death God next.
    I bet he could use those ghosts to making living/cursed weapons. The weapon will be able to grow the more exp it gets from each kill. Though the strength boost of the weapon as it lvls up depends on weapon material,strength/type of soul, and mana core to hold soul in it. Affinity of core will inflict damage of that type when weapon is imbue with mana or is made of magic metal.
    iron+goblin F rank soul+ F core= 15 durability 14 att +1 att and per lvl up and 1 durability every 3 lvl up.
    Mithril+Dragon B rank soul+B core= 90 durability 67 att/32 magic att + 5 att/2 magic att and 5 durability per lvl
    Mithril+Dragon B rank soul+A core= 90 durability 67 att/32 magic att + 8att/4 magic att and 7 durability per lvl.
    The boost per lvl is higher in the second mithril dragon soul combo cause a higher rank core allows the soul to grow faster and have higher potential then if you used a B rank core. Same vice versa if you use a core weaker then the soul. Doing this lowers potential growth of weapon and may break since the soul cant be contain. Simply the weapon will blow up so better to use cores of same rank or higher. Also since this is a living weapon the mana core in it can still grow/evolve like any other creature naturally or fedding it mana cores.
    It cant eat cores of lower rank or of different affinity. This is so its harder to make a weapon stronger from feeding it lots of weak cores for stat boosts.
    though it can still grow more cores to become an elite living weapon or higher with same way as normal beasts.
    the weapon can obtain new affinities only when it grows another core or you put 2 in it when making it. Though the weapon has a 98% fail rate if done artificially so not wise to do it unless you have high blacksmith lvl

    Though this would be weak in beginning but it will be OP later on.
    i came up with this idea when I thought about wanting Michael keep arcane ball for long time. So when I read ghosts I thought about him infusing arcane ball with a soul to make a living weapon and a mana core as vessel/ power source for soul to gain exp.

    What you think? though there might be a flaw or two I didnt notice.

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    • It feels like you’re reading the chapter that I’m writing right now…. Either that, or you’re telepathically spying on me QQ. Anyway, there are probably other Arcane Orb type weapons out there rofl. You’ll find out what I decided to do in like 30 chapters lol :P.

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      • Maybe he’s you?

        a day I became friend with a guy on the internet but I discovered later that he is actually myself
        a bit sad

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      • Not spying. I sometimes get so into a story that when I get an idea it turns out something close to it happens later. Heck one author wanted me to replace her cuz my idea pretty much created a whole new plot that was better then what she was planning. I was shocked slightly though i admit i could have made her story much better thenwhat it was. Seems like I can easily improve or have something better that make their story flow better.
        though for your story I can only give ideas currently for craft professions. Its too good already that I cant think of anything for plot that you havent thought of. Also cuz your Mc is to unpredictable.. Which is very good in my opinion. Im not gonna say too crazy cuz my best friend makes Mc look normal. (scale of 1-10 of crazy. Mc is 6. my friend is a 10. Though Mc is crazy in funny way. My friend is crazy in dark way+highly intelligent person that will make you flip out and run away. )

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      • I have thought about writing one but I wont for now. try typing on an xbox. takes like 10 mins to type a couple paragraphs with controller. Bit annoying. Though I have one on wattpad but its only an idea currently that I typed years ago. Though with the stories I read now since then I can probably make it good. I might turn it to a transport/reincarnation type since its already a fantasy genre. think I typed 6k of words though I didnt read many stories back then so I think I could make it a decent story.If I do what Im thinking right now then I might borrow 1-2 things from your story. Though I wont be writing it anytime soon with school starting again in a week. less time for reading Q-Q
        are you posting only 2 chapters today?

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      • Yeah? Kinda? I mean, I will post another one ‘today’ for me, since I woke up like 5 hours ago. However, for other people, it might be more like tomorrow? lol At the moment, I need to focus on writing 😛


    • Who knows? lol Well, the one from Immortal Soul was vaguely based off of my own personality, but in Hardcore OP-ness, I was seriously taking a shower on the first of July and thought “Ah, it’d be hilarious if I was randomly transported into another world right now… Hmmm~, maybe I should try writing about something like that?” lol, I may have ended up making the character a little bit crazier… no, nope, people who know me would probably just think that I’m more awkward and insane than the character rofl.

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