Chapter 63: Skill-Books Are Overpowered

Lightning wasn’t a ‘Primal Element,’ because electricity could be used and created by all Affinities in various ways. However, Arcane was by far the simplest, since it involved transforming mana directly into electrical energy.

Michael was leaning his back against the wooden railing, while holding a crystalline book in his left hand, and squeezing a glowing rubber-like ball in his right. Even though he loved reading and writing fiction in his original world, he had never enjoyed studying or researching. Fortunately, from his perspective, any story that involved magic was considered part of the ‘Fantasy’ genre.

He immediately learned something very important, which should have been extremely obvious: “Arcane weapons and armor can be used as a battery to store electrical energy. It is crucial that the caster never attempts to create or channel any amount of lightning-magic through their own body.”

Squeezing the ball in his hand tightly, Michael snickered, “Oh yeah, that actually makes a lot more sense. Hmmm~, how the hell do I charge this thing without electrocuting myself?”

Magic mainly consisted of using the caster’s imagination and intentions, to manipulate mana in various ways. As he channeled his aura into the Arcane Orb, it started vibrating and pulsating, while emitting an extremely irritating humming noise.

Michael stood up, then looked down a miscellaneous giant purple cockroach that was slowly creeping around the front of his house. It wasn’t a magical-beast, but just a dog-sized insect that was trying to enter his home.

In fact, he even heard Elina scream “Ah~! No, go away!” which was a fairly reasonable response to such a situation. He sighed, and then threw the ‘charged’ Arcane Orb, which made an incredibly loud ‘zap’ sound upon contact with the creature’s exoskeleton.

A massive ‘-42’ appeared, instantly killing the giant bug; immediately after that, a ‘-7’ popped-up and the ‘monster’ abruptly exploded, but didn’t reward him with any experience-points. However, a skill was created: “Electrical Charge Level 1: Temporarily enchants an Arcane weapon, allowing it to deal additional lightning-damage for one attack. Damage and mana-cost are equivalent to the Aura stat.”

The cat-girl shrieked, and then shouted “You could have at least warned me first!” Fortunately, she managed to close the door before the cockroach erupted: spraying purple fluids everywhere.

However, before any of the debris could approach the house, it was stopped by an invisible barrier and repelled outwards with a decent amount of force. Michael muttered “Well, that explains why this place is still in such good condition, even after being abandoned in the jungle for hundreds or thousands of years.”

In fact, Player-Homes were nearly indestructible, regardless of how they appeared. Even if an asteroid crashed into his roof, it would just disintegrate, without breaking a single tile.

After catching the glowing ball, he tried to utilize another aspect of his newly acquired spell. Holding the Arcane Orb in his right hand, he held it out and aimed at an empty patch of land, close to the riverbank.

The first step was channeling mana into the sphere, then he yelled “Lightning Bolt!” and a tiny stream of electricity was fired towards the location he specified. It made a relatively quiet crackling noise, as it struck a grey rock and dissipated. Michael sighed dramatically, then muttered “Fuck my life… Well, I guess this is fine for now.”

He received a spell called “Electrostatic Discharge Level 1: Releases the stored energy from an Arcane weapon, creating a lightning-bolt to strike the designated target. Damage and mana-cost are equivalent to the Aura stat.”

Compared to the kind of ‘skill-books’ that he had remembered from many video-games, the one in his left hand seemed to be a lot more effective. While he couldn’t just touch it and magically learn an ability, by having access to a huge wealth of knowledge, Michael was able to learn a myriad of useful spells.

It was mostly filler, history and theory, but by skipping through all the unimportant parts, he was able to pick out many of the actual techniques fairly easily. However, aside from ‘Electrostatic Discharge’ and ‘Electrical Charge,’ all of the other spells under Electrical Manipulation were derived from them and could only be learned after leveling the two skills considerably.

Telepathic Communication was completely pointless, considering that he already had access to a much more powerful version that didn’t even cost him any mana. It was typically a precursor to Mental Fortitude, which describes a training routine to steadily raise the Willpower stat over the course of many years.

Skipping those two sections, Michael was able to start reading about Illusory Combat. As the name suggested, it was the essence of Arcane offensive magic.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to practice or truly ‘learn’ any of the spells without a living target to experiment on. Taking the acoustic guitar out of his inventory, he walked into his bedroom and placed it in the corner, gently laying it onto the floor.

Michael smirked as he opened up his ‘Zone-Map’ and said “Hehe~, spending two silver to Fast-Travel, or walking for two miles through a jungle… Well, let’s see what happens!”

The instant his money disappeared, the space around his body suddenly warped, and when his senses returned to normal, he was standing next to that gigantic bright-blue tree. He immediately removed the “Introduction to the Arcane Arts” from his inventory, and held it in his left hand, while clutching the glowing orb in his right.

The Entrance to the Forgotten Grotto was very close to the ‘Tiger-Zone’ that he was familiar with, so it was the perfect training-grounds. It only took him a few minutes before he found a ‘test-subject.’

Michael yelled “Here kitty-kitty-kitty~!” and was accompanied by a ferocious bestial roar. He had managed to attract the fury of a rank-G, level-9 Bengal Tiger.

Even though it was impossible for the creature to affect him with any sort of mental attack, he still aimed his Arcane Orb at the oncoming stream of mana and created a barrier out of his own aura, to block it. While it wasn’t particularly useful to use when soloing, he was determined to become a ‘Tank,’ and needed ways to protect his weak-minded Healer.

A message popped-up: “You have learned Illusory Shield Level 1: Creates a thin layer of condensed aura, which can be used to negate a single mental attack. Uses the Aura stat to temporarily reinforce the target’s Willpower. Costs five mana-points if used on the caster, ten when cast on a Companion.”

He complained “Fucking hell… everything costs so much damn mana!” After casting his level-two ‘Stat-Boost’ buff, Michael had dropped down to 20/45 MP.

Fortunately, with the increase in Wisdom, he was regenerating eighty per minute. However, the raging tiger wasn’t just going to sit there and wait for him to read and test out the various spells.

As the magical-beast pounced towards him, he swiftly sidestepped to the left and used his right hand to punch directly into its rib-cage. With the Arcane Orb in his grip, he thought that it would double his damage… but was immediately disappointed, when a ‘-27’ appeared.

The force of his strike, actually caused the tiger to flip around mid-air and smack into a large purple tree. After that impact, it did receive another fifteen points of damage, yet his weapon’s effect wasn’t triggered.

Michael grumbled “Guess I have to actually touch the damn thing against the bastard, or it just counts as a physical attack, huh?” He casually walked over to the dead beast and shoved it into his bag before storing his book.

Then he pulled the beast’s orange mana-core out and stared at it for a few seconds, before muttering “I’m probably gonna regret this…” and swallowing it. The moment he said “Hmmm~, maybe it won’t hurt this time?” a searing pain permeated his entire body.

Squeezing the rubbery ball in his hand to relieve some of the stress, he screamed “Grah~! Ow, shit, grrr~, ow, ummm~, it’s gonna be okay… Ugh, nope, it was a bad idea, a fucking horrible idea!”

The amount of damage to his internal organs wasn’t too bad, but the level of suffering was still quite excruciating. Then he finally received the notification: “Stats have increased after digesting a level-nine, rank ‘G’ Bengal Tiger’s mana-­core: Aura +.9, Vitality +.5, Agility +1.”

[Player Information

Name: Michael
Titles: The Nudist, The Noob, The Immortal, The Lurker, The Survivor, The Astronaut, Shinigami
Level: 9
Experience: 24/90
Age: Adult
Race: Human
Rank: F
Class: None
Specialization: None
Profession: Leatherworker Level 3]


Health: 53/75
Mana: 24/45
Stamina: 27/40
Mana Regen per minute: 60{+20}
Health Regen per hour: 50{+20}

Strength: 6{+2}
Vitality: 5{+2}
Endurance: 6{+2}
Dexterity: 3{+2}
Agility: 6(+2){+2}
Intelligence: 5(+2){+2}
Wisdom: 4(+2){+2}
Perception: 4{+2}
Charisma: 2{+2}

Willpower: 21
Luck: 21
Aura: 7.8

Attack Power: 30(+11.5){+10}
Defense Rating: 3(+7){+1}]


24 thoughts on “Chapter 63: Skill-Books Are Overpowered

  1. I really feel like he needs to start hunting and devouring mana cores on his own more. Seriously hope that when he kills the sss rank world bosses that he is the one to eat all their mana cores no matter the element. I mean considering it all comes from Arcana it should be fine by then.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dude what is with you and using “snicker” to describe conversational points? It doesn’t even make sense grammatically, and its sort of annoying.

    Otherwise so far is interesting comically i guess, though so far the story isn’t going anywhere, nor is there are really proper world building or character building.

    Has Potential but needs more solid direction, it feels like the story is all over the place.

    Liked by 1 person

    • People snicker a lot, especially the MC? It’s supposed to be all over the place? If you’re looking for intricate world building, and a complex plot, then this really isn’t the kinda story you’re looking for lol.


  3. Sigh, my head hurts and I’m tired… I just started working on chapter 92, but I need to go to sleep. I really wanna be 30 chapters ahead, but it’s hard to keep up with this pace of writing and posting QQ. Also, my schedule is pretty fucking weird atm, and even though I posted 3 chapters today, according to wordpress, it was 2 yesterday and 1 today… so according to worpress times, I probably won’t be able to post the next chapter until tomorrow? lol Basically 12-16 hours, depending on how long I sleep and whether or not I start editing/posting immediately after waking up. Most of the time, I try to write as much as possible right after waking up, because my brain is in the best writing mode lol.


  4. So the party has a tank (fox), a Healer (catgirl), A rogue (Shadow) and a Mage (MC). Decent party balance.

    That power creep though. From .1 aura per to .9 for that tiger. I bet more people would deal with the pain to get it if it weren’t for the whole ‘aneurysm’ and ‘near guaranteed death’ thing.

    How does the bounce work on the ball? Does it always travel toward his hand, even if he moves after the bounce? Can he have it come to his hand even if it was just sitting on the floor? It punched through a creatures insides, does this mean he could destroy a house by hiffing it to the other side of a building from himself and waiting for it to punch its way through to him?

    Liked by 1 person

    • How could Inari be a tank? lol Telekinesis is mostly about Aura, and the reason why it always returns to his hand, is because it’s way easier to use telekinesis on Arcane weapons than normal objects. Hmmm, the damage to the tiger’s internal organs wasn’t quite that severe, but he was essentially charging the arcane orb while it was inside of the tiger lol: not charging with electrical energy, but with mana to perform its normal attack? lol Basically, if he did that to a building, unless it was really flimsy, he probably wouldn’t be able to do any damage to inanimate objects without HP lol.


      • Ahh, so non-living things don’t have HP and are damaged according to normal physics? Good to know.

        Well she is a nature affiliated fox monster. I can totally see her eventually gaining some kind of self-regenerative ability and/or barkskin. If she also learns to increase her size again she would become really hard to both damage and ignore.

        ‘it’s way easier to use telekinesis on Arcane weapons than normal objects’
        Could another Arcane user try to call it to them then, or would that conflict with the ‘soulbound’ status? In fact, if someone tried to pick it up from the ground would it fail? If so, can he abuse that by sitting it on top of people and walking away, then giggling as they are held to the ground by the small rubber ball?

        Yes, I am a powergamer. No, my DM doesn’t let me use Wish spells. 😦

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      • lmfao, well, idk about ‘normal’ physics, but if someone uses a really hard and heavy weapon on a ‘normal’ wooden plank, while having a decent amount of strength, then they would break the plank easily. It would take a shit ton of power and strength for someone to use a rubber ball to break the same plank though. Anyway, Inari doesn’t really have a Class yet, but she’s probably more of a melee-dps… not stealthy, but still pretty damn agile, possibly an off-tank and off-healer/support eventually.

        People can’t ‘Use’ soulbound items that belong to others, and they also can’t steal them. However, they can touch them, or move them ect.


      • Ahh, so they could pick it up and even throw it at someone but it would do zero damage, and if they got beyond a certain distance from where they got it they would get an error message?

        Inari the Feeder, Ranger huh? Nifty.

        Liked by 1 person

      • How the hell is melee-dps a ranger? lol Rather than an error message, it would probably just be teleported back to the original position :P.


    • Also, the () are for stats given by gear, while {} are for buffs lol. Also, mana/health regen and defense/attack rating are kinda confusing, but whatever, most people probably ignore the stats anyway roflmao. Hell, even though I spent so much fucking effort keeping track of everything ect, when I read stories like this, I usually skip over the stats and tables lmao.


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