Chapter 61: The Girl Next Door Is a Dinosaur

Michael asked the two giant lizard-people “Oh hi, umm, do the two of you own that orchard?” as he unhesitantly walked towards them, while pointing backwards with his right thumb.

The man chuckled and told him “Yeah… they aren’t food though. Our daughter is a bit, well, odd; she uses the fruit and some other stuff to make soap. I honestly don’t understand why she would need to though.”

Julia sighed, then explained “Well, she was just born with a stronger sense of smell than us. Anyway, would you like to meet her? Alice is a good girl, she just doesn’t leave home very often… I think we were probably just a little too overprotective when she was younger.”

Kyle said “Yeah, actually, I’m kinda amazed that you haven’t tried to run away. I mean, it’s not like we get many Humans around here, but the few I’ve met would always flee the moment they saw us, hahaha~.”

The ‘tiny’ man snickered and quietly muttered “Probably because your dick is almost bigger than my entire body…” but then asked “Is it really okay for you to invite a complete stranger into your home? I mean, we are neighbors, but still… aren’t you worried that I might try to kill you?”

However, the giant scale-covered man, flexed his bulky muscles and told him “If you weren’t so weak, I probably would have eaten you already. Besides, do you seriously think that you could hurt me? You don’t have any weapons on you, and as far as I can tell, you don’t even have a Class. Actually, how the hell did you even reach rank-F without a Class?”

Michael smirked, then said “I still haven’t decided on one yet.” as he followed the two colossal lizard-people into their lair. Each step that the massive humanoids took, made him feel like the cave was going to collapse around them.

Then the lizard-woman boasted “Our daughter is a genius! Like most of our tribe, she was born with Fire Affinity, but when she was only ten years old, she actually managed to receive the blessings of Aqua as well! Hehehe, she’s also a level-nine Alchemist!”

Kyle complained “Hmph! That brat inherited the blood of our mighty Tyrannosaurus-Tribe, and she’s never once tried to exercise! All she does is complain about how ugly she thinks she is, or how she wishes her body was smaller! Can you believe that she actually chose to learn magic, rather than become a proud Warrior like her parents?!”

Even if Michael wanted to get a bit taller by evolving… he still wouldn’t want to be six meters tall. With such a huge frame, he wouldn’t even be able to use his house anymore: though he only bought it the day before.

The inside of the cave was gigantic, but it only took the massive couple a few large strides to reach a colossal stone door. Compared to the two of them, that gateway was at least twice as large, and just as wide.

Julia knocked on the surface a few times and shouted “Alice, Honey, open the door!” Her voice was so loud that Michael had to use his hands to cover his ears, and it felt like his internal organs were going to explode from the vibrations.

There was no response from the other side, so Kyle unhesitantly pushed on one side of the giant slab of brown rock. It swiftly turned and there was enough room for both of them to enter at the same time; Michael followed, but it took him a lot longer to make it inside.

They were within a ridiculously large and empty caldera, which was likely once filled with magma, but there was actually a huge hole in the ceiling. As he glanced around, the tiny man saw a colossal cauldron, along with many gigantic glass, metal and stone containers, filled with vast quantities of various liquids.

The lighting was great, since the sun was shining directly down into the room, but there was also a massive pool of water on one side of the room. On the other end was a much smaller pool of what appeared to be molten lava.

Michael snickered and then asked “Is she using some kinda invisibility spell?” However, right at that moment, an enormous azure tyrannosaurus-head emerged from the soapy water.

She had neon orange feathers instead of hair, and her eyes were red: the same as her parents. Alice stared at the strange creature that was slowly walking towards her, then glanced over at Kyle and Julia for a few moments, before submerging herself again.

Seeing that, the giant woman sighed and said “I’m sorry, she’s just a little shy… You’re actually the only person besides us, that she’s ever met before. As you can imagine, we don’t really get many visitors around here.”

Suddenly the fur armor that Michael had been wearing, melted into his skin and turned into a series of tiger-tattoos. He carefully dipped his toes into the warm water and then jumped in.

It wasn’t until he was actually inside, that he realized how ridiculously deep it was. There was also another problem, which actually intensified after his bones and muscles became denser: He couldn’t swim.

As the small Human continued to sink rapidly, he didn’t panic because he noticed that as his Stamina increased, so did his lung capacity. Before entering the water, he had enough air to last him for at least six minutes.

It wasn’t that he didn’t know how to swim, just that his buoyancy was terrible. Michael could move around underwater relatively easily, it was just difficult for him to stay on the surface.

However, those problems were before he gained access to ‘Telekinesis’ and his extra-dimensional bag. He swam around in the surprisingly clear water for a few moments, before he finally saw the ‘camouflaged’ lizard-girl at the bottom of the pool.

Without his armor, his Defense Rating was only three points, but that was still fairly high. The water-pressure he experienced on the bottom, did cause him a bit of discomfort, but it wasn’t painful or harmful.

Michael could immediately tell that the giant blue woman was at least a meter taller than her parents, but her musculature was much more lanky than either of them. She was staring at him, while sitting on the pitch-black floor, and casually breathing through the gills on the sides of her neck.

After a few seconds he opened up his ‘Chat’ menu, and found her name on his contact-list. Then, he ‘Whispered’ her: “Nice title… pft.”

Above the giantess’ head was written “Alice the Neet, Level-3 Tyrannosaurus-Tribe Elementalist, rank-G.”

Hearing the telepathic communication, she immediately responded “Who are you and what do you want from me? Why did my parents let you in here?”

He snickered and mentally said “What, you can’t use the ‘Identification’ spell? Oh yeah, I forgot that I was way higher level than you… Hmmm~, my name is Michael the Immortal and I just came to pay you for the fruit I stole from your orchard. Well, I doubt that someone like you would be interested in normal currency. I have a level-two, rank-F, Bloodworm carcass, but it doesn’t have a mana-core; you interested?”

Alice complained “Fine, but why are you in my room? Couldn’t you have just given it to my parents?”

Michael sighed, releasing a decent amount of bubbles from his mouth, then told her “I definitely heard your mother say something about giving you a new ‘toy’ to play with…”

She screamed “Are you a complete idiot!? Why didn’t you run away after hearing something like that?! The last time they brought me a ‘toy,’ I was nearly eaten by a Bengal Tiger!”

The relatively small man started snickering and asked “How the hell could a little tiger eat you? Even if your level is low, you should still be able to kill one of those pretty easily.”

Alice yelled “I was ‘terrified’ and couldn’t even move! How do you even fight something like that?! Anyway, there’s a small passage that leads to the other caves behind me, so take that and leave! If you stay here, my parents are literally going to eat you…”

Michael smirked and told her “Nah, it’s fine~; even if they kill me, I can’t really die. Sure, it’ll definitely suck, but it can’t be worse than my last death. Ugh, just thinking about it is making me feel sick. Oh wait, never-mind, I’m just suffocating now… Umm, do you think you could help me out? Shit, damn it, fuck, I’m uh, dying really quickly.”

It had been nearly five minutes and his Health suddenly began falling rapidly. His last thoughts were “Gah, how the hell is this realistic!?” as he abruptly ‘drowned’ without even breathing in a lung-full of water.


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