Chapter 60: Returning from the Battlefield

“Battle-Staff of Healing Light: Increases wielder’s Strength, Endurance, and Vitality by one point; increases Intelligence and Wisdom by two points. Deals Light damage upon contact with the enemy and raises Attack Rating by thirty. Doubles the Aura stat. Soulbound to Elina Jacobs and cannot be used by anyone else. Rare Quality, requires level-ten to wield.”

Holding the beautiful and unadorned white pole in her hands, Elina was completely speechless. She had never seen such an amazing piece of equipment before in her entire life, and she had never believed that she could actually own something so incredible.

Michael snickered and told her “What did you expect? It’s not like all Rares and Epics are gonna be the same ‘Quality’ after all. I mean, aside from the fact that it’s a level-ten item, it’s also a fucking piece of PvP gear. The shit we get from killing a miscellaneous monster that’s roaming around in the jungle, or completing an easy Quest, obviously wouldn’t be nearly as good. Also, this thing probably isn’t even that great for you, but it’s better than nothing, right?”

Elina finally came back to her senses and hugged the staff, while saying “No, this is amazing, thank you… both of you. I’ll definitely make sure to train hard, so that I can live up to your expectations!”

After that, Sarah ‘wormed’ her way out of his grasp and yelled “Damn it! What the hell is up with that anyway?! I still have no idea why I was suddenly sent there! Not that I didn’t enjoy slaughtering those fucking Humans, but you could at least tell me why!”

Michael sighed and explained “It’s called a Battleground… Look, I’ll bring up the list of ongoing and upcoming fights.” Then he shared his screen with the two of them, and they were able to see a ridiculously large amount of names, dates, times, and other important information. He continued “Basically, let’s say we wanna go and earn some Darkness Favor, right? Then we would look through this list, and pick one of the myriad of conflicts… Most of them seem to be involving various undead Clans. There are a few others here, though I don’t really see anything particularly interesting. Before anything else, we really need to grind some levels, because most of the Battlegrounds aren’t nearly as pathetic as what we just experienced.”

The Dark-Goblin sneered and muttered “Fine, whatever… I need to practice a bit more anyway.”

Then the Vendor asked the only Player in the room: “Would you like to return to your home now?”

He quickly nodded his head and said “Yeah, see ya next time.” As soon as he finished speaking, the four of them were immediately teleported back to their original positions.

Inari was hunting for food in the jungle, Sarah was standing next to a Human skeleton, and the other two were sitting on Michael’s balcony. He smiled at the happy cat-girl, who was still tightly hugging her new staff, and asked “Do you wanna talk to your mother?”

She furrowed her brows and said “Of course I do, but unless you can teleport us back to Luxiana, I probably won’t be able to see her for a long time.”

Michael snickered and then opened up his Continental Map, poking his finger towards the tiny village and receiving a notification: “Would you like to Fast-Travel to Luxiana? Costs four gold and twenty-nine silver.”

Seeing that, Elina gasped, but then complained “It’s amazing, but way too expensive…”

Then he said “Nah, it’s not that much money; literally a silver per mile. Even when we can fly or teleport around using magic, it’d still be a lot easier to just Fast-Travel there for a few gold. Anyway, you don’t have to be there to talk to her, right? Just open up your ‘Chat’ menu, and she should be one of your contacts… Here, I’ll show you.”

Once she figured it out, she asked “Hello, Mom, can you hear me?” Elina smiled at Michael and mouthed “Thank you.” as she stood up and carried her staff into the bedroom. She didn’t actually have to speak out-loud, but she thought it would have been awkward having a conversation with her mother in front of him.

He smirked and muttered “After the battle, my Stamina went back up to full, so I guess that means I could potentially just keep spamming them and never sleep. Well, it still feels like I’ve been awake for a whole damn week, but I guess I’ll just get used to that eventually. Hmmm~, I really need to learn more about magic.”

“Introduction to the Arcane Arts” suddenly appeared in his hands, and Michael began reading where he left off. There were a few other methods to cultivate Aura, but he skipped past them, and skimmed over the Vocal Magic section.

Charm, Intimidation, Enthrall, Confusion, Nausea, Deafening Noise, and other similar spells were described in great detail. Then he read something rather interesting at the end: “Vocal Magic becomes much more effective when combining them with Ocular techniques.”

That was essentially the segway into the Ocular Spells portion of the book. Michael muttered “So basically, I just need to channel mana into my eyes and voice at the same time, while thinking about what I want to happen. Ugh~, so fucking vague… Is that how magic works in this world? Just imagine it, and bam, poof, shit happens? Nah~, it can’t be that simple, or I would be able to do all kinds of crazy nonsense. Ah, well, I can’t really practice any of these spells, unless I have some kinda test-subject.”

Thus, he moved onto Physical Enhancement; he immediately realized “Holy shit, these are all buffs… Let’s see if they actually work.” There were breathing techniques and various other simple ways to have the mana to reinforce the body, but all of that was unnecessary for Players.

After reading for a few hours about each of the individual spells, he gained a skill: “Stat-Boost Level 1: Channels Arcane-Mana into the target and increases all base stats by one point: Does not affect Willpower, Luck or Aura. Duration depends on the Aura stat. Costs ten mana per target.”

Michael snickered and said “Sweet~, now it’s time to learn about electricity… but first, I need to piss. Actually, I should probably make some tea as well. Oh yeah, I forgot to buy pots, and pans, and pretty much everything else that I need. Fuck my life, I’ll just have to settle for water… unless~.”

He went outside and urinated in the thick foliage outside the southern side of his house, then crossed the rapidly flowing river. The Human began casually picking oranges, apples, limes and pomegranates from various trees: shoving them into four different bag-slots.

However, when he walked to the western side of the orchard, he started hearing voices. Michael grumbled “Shit, I didn’t think anyone was actually living here… Well, I didn’t receive a notification about not being able to store items that don’t belong to me. It’s still pretty douchey though, ugh, I should still ask their permission first. Life would be so much easier if I was a complete asshole.”

When he entered the small clearing, what he saw were two people, standing in front of a gigantic cave-mouth. Michael muttered “Somehow, I kinda doubt that these guys eat fruit.”

Each of them were ‘lizardmen,’ but they were slightly different from the ones that he had seen in Asura. Their entire humanoid bodies were covered in orange scales, with ankles and feet that appeared similar to a velociraptor’s or bird’s; while their heads were more similar to a tyrannosaurus, with fluffy bright-red feathers for hair.

It wasn’t the features that were strange though, but the size. They glanced down at the relatively tiny man, from a height that was at least six-meters. One of them was a female, the other a male: He could easily tell, because they weren’t wearing clothes, and their reproductive systems seemed more Human than reptile.

The two of them didn’t have any weapons or armor, but with such high base-stats, they weren’t a race that usually needed to worry about predators. Above the lizard-girl’s head were the words “Julia the Striker, Level-17 Tyrannosaurus-Tribe Boxer, Rank-E,” while the man’s read “Kyle the Grappler, Level-19 Tyrannosaurus-Tribe Wrestler, Rank-E.”

Michael couldn’t help but complain “What’s the deal with the names of people in this world anyway? It’s like they’re just picked at random, from dozens of languages. Well, maybe most of the Players who were brought into this world, were from America. Actually, why does everyone speak English? Hmmm, it’s also possible that there’s some sort of universal language. I mean, I’ve definitely said and heard words that aren’t technically English, so who the fuck knows? I’ll just ask Arcana next time…”

While he was talking to himself, Kyle turned to the lizard-girl and asked “What should we do? He’s only level-nine, but it’s rare for Humans to make it to rank-F. I’ve never seen a person with so many titles before either; hell, even the Patriarch only has three, and he’s a damn dragon.”

Julia snickered and said “He’s kinda cute… why don’t we invite him inside? Alice has been complaining about being lonely for a while now; maybe she’ll cheer up if we give her a new ‘toy’ to play with?”


14 thoughts on “Chapter 60: Returning from the Battlefield

  1. Does their choice of sides to work with affect their relationships with their own faction?

    For example that was a battle for light, so wouldn’t Umbra be annoyed (though not in this case since it was AGAINST light too).

    Also, thinking of classes for the MC, I currently see him having something like the Aegis psion class. All about conjuring psionic armor around himself and buffing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • He already has a Class… not sure if that’s a spoiler lol. Of course, Class changing isn’t impossible and if I talk about his Class, it would definitely be a spoiler :P.

      Hmmm, as far as Affinities go, yeah, each of the Goddesses is different though. Which is something that I can’t talk about now because it would be a huge spoiler lol.


  2. A thought just occured to me, when michael and his “friends” die to they techically regain their virginity, because its a new body, or do their body just stay the same?

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    • Well, I guess it depends? Assuming that they have a hymen, which not all humanoids do, then just a passive like ‘Superior Regeneration’ would be able to completely regenerate it every time. However, it all depends… Virginity is more mental than physical: unless you catch an std lol.


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  4. Lmao, I feel like ‘Slice of Death’ will probably be a title for at least one of the chapters :). Thus far, because he doesn’t really have to worry about sleeping, Michael has basically been constantly doing things. Also, while playing most RPGs, I’ve always liked customizing and playing around with the ‘Player-Homes’ if they exist. I can’t even remember how many hours I’ve wasted in games like Skyrim ect. making a house look pretty, furnishing it, and doing all kinds of stuff, only to never have anyone besides myself actually look at it rofl. Plus, aside from the Sims, I can’t really think of any other game where the characters actually have to eat, shit, piss, sleep, and do other similar, normal everyday activities. Hmmm, anyway~, the site just broke 10k views today, so yay~.

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