Chapter 59: Out-Ranking, Out-Leveling and Overpowering

“Fox Cannon!” With that furious shout, the battle had begun. A large green object was launched at over a hundred miles per hour, thrown like a football, towards an elderly man, wearing a pure-white robed.

There was a look of shock and confusion on his face, as he tried to activate his most powerful ‘Holy Shield’ spell. However, before he even had a chance to open his mouth, the horse-riding Priest’s head had disappeared.

A plume of fresh bright-red blood, sprayed out of the mutilated neck, as the twitching corpse immediately fell to the ground. His five rank-G, level-seven Knight bodyguards were completely stunned and terrified by that tiger-pelt wearing man’s strange technique.

However, it happened too suddenly, so they weren’t even able to realize that Michael had just thrown a magical-beast at them. The vicious fox had easily penetrated into the army of unranked soldiers, aiming for the very back of the group: the Archers.

Women and men were screaming in pain and fear, as their comrades were swiftly and abruptly eviscerated or decapitated in quick succession. The half-naked man was laughing hysterically as he yelled “Wow, these guys are really fucking weak! Sarah, you better hurry up, or Inari’s gonna kill em all by herself!”

Then the little ebony Goblin sprinted forward, towards the five most powerful enemies that she could see. A female Knight, wearing rusty plate armor over her entire body, commanded “Shield-Wall up! Archers, fire at will! Atta-”

However, she was cut short, as a pitch-black blade erupted from her chest. The girl had teleported behind her, and swiftly ended the woman’s life.

Sarah immediately teleported again, and decapitated one of the other Knights, leaving only three rank-G enemies remaining. Michael yelled “Catch!” as he pitched his Arcane Orb at a huge, two-meter tall man’s tower-shield.

There was a loud ‘dong’ noise, as it bounced back a dozen meters into his hand. A huge ‘-60’ appeared above the Knight’s head, as he received a deadly-strike and died without even knowing what killed him.

Then a wave of arrows started falling from the sky, pelting Michael and Elina’s bodies. The priestess swiftly cast ‘Flash-Heal’ on herself, to instantly recover from almost instantly dying.

However, the half-naked man just shouted “Ow, ouch, fuck, oi, that shit hurts! Stop it! Arg, ow, ugh, ah!” It felt as if someone was bombarding him with paint-balls, but aside from a few bruises, his Health had only dropped by five points.

With ten points of Defense Rating, it was almost impossible for most of the weaker Archers to actually hurt him. Elina screamed “Ah, it hurts so much! Ow-ow-ow, Michael, pull them out for me! Please~!” as she showed him the various arrows that had managed to pierce through her robe.

He complained “Damn it, why the fuck are you just standing out in the open like an idiot?! Healers are supposed to hide behind the Tanks!” He grabbed her whole body and pushed her down onto the ground, while standing with his back facing the second barrage of painful projectiles.

Once that was over, he knelt down, wrapped his hand around her left breast and lifted it up, then grabbed the shaft of an arrow that had been stopped by her massive mammary. Michael sighed and muttered “If you wanted a nipple piercing, ya could’ve started with a smaller gauge…” Then he moved onto the one that penetrated her right shoulder, and after that was her left leg.

While that was happening, Sarah had managed to decapitate another one of the Knights, and impaled the last one through the groin, leaving the woman screaming in pain and agony, as she slowly bled to death. There was no third wave of arrows, because Inari had slaughtered so many Archers, that the few hundred that still remained, were running for their lives.

Seeing how easily that their leaders were exterminated, many of the unranked, level-one melee fighters were far too terrified to attack the tiny little Dark-Goblin. It was also extremely demoralizing to see waves of arrows bounce off of a half-naked man’s chest and back, doing little to no actual damage.

Once Michael stopped ‘treating’ Elina’s wounds, and began throwing his Arcane Orb into the shield-wall, the last strand of moral was finally broken. Someone screamed “Retreat, retreat!” and another person shouted “It’s impossible, they’re monsters, we can’t win!”

Taking a deep breath, the relatively small man roared “Fuck off!” and his ‘Intimidation’ skill leveled up to three. Considering the unreasonable level-difference, combined with his recently improved Charisma, and the fact that he used his whole mana-pool, it was enough to ‘fear’ an entire army of two-thousand remaining soldiers.

While the enemies were fleeing, Inari and Sarah continued brutally massacring them. When the battle was technically over, Michael shouted at the distant Humans “Listen up, all you stupid bastards! This village belongs to the Goddess of Light, Lux! If any of you dumb-asses try this shit again, she’ll send us to your fucking towns next!”

Then he snickered and helped the wounded Priestess up, while complaining “Seriously, I thought you said that Soulbound gear couldn’t be destroyed… There’s like three holes in your robe now, and one of them is revealing your mutilated left nipple. Are you gonna heal that, or just let it keep bleeding?”

Not just Laura, but the whole horde of villagers were rushing over to the their saviors, while excitedly cheering and thanking Lux. However, before Elina had the chance to say “Goodbye” to her mother, four beams of white-light descended.

A beautiful Angel was hovering in the skies above the battlefield; a silver mask was covering her face, but those cold, golden eyes were staring down at the aftermath. She muttered “So that’s how it is… I need to inform Helel immediately.”
Michael, Elina, Sarah and Inari suddenly appeared in a seemingly endless, pure-white room. Their damaged clothing had been repaired, and all the wounds on their bodies and fatigue had vanished.

In front of them was a two-meter tall, silver, feminine, humanoid mannequin; above its smooth and faceless head were the words “Vendor of Light, Level-??? Divine Golem, Rank-Z, End Boss.” With just a glance, anyone would be able to tell that it was a being of unfathomable power.

Before any of them said anything, it spoke in a familiar, monotonous voice “Welcome to the Armory of Lux. You will enter this sanctuary after every Battleground you participate in. While you are here, even if you spend an eternity browsing my wares, in your world, it would be as if merely a moment had passed. For your flawless victory over the Human army, you will receive additional rewards. Please choose your method of payment: Fifty gold, one-hundred experience, or two-hundred Light-Favor points.”

Michael asked “How much do the items cost, and can we use them if we aren’t of the Light Affinity?”

The Vendor mechanically replied “No, you must be of the Light Affinity to utilize items of the Light Element. However, it is possible to purchase mana-cores of the Light Element; a rank-E level-ten mana-core from a ‘Lesser Angel’ would cost one-thousand Light-Favor.”

Elina started biting her lower-lip, while looking down at him, but then Sarah said “We’ll take experience.”

However, the Celestial Golem told her “Companions do not have the authority to make that decision.”

She was about to start screaming at the giant mannequin, but Michael grabbed her, and placed his right hand over her mouth. Then he smiled and asked “How much does a level-ten Healing Staff cost?”

It immediately replied “All two-handed weapons have fixed prices depending on Quality and Level. Rare: two-hundred Light-Favor. Epic: one-thousand Light-Favor. Legendary: ten-thousand Light-Favor.”

He smirked and said “We’ll take a Healing Staff please.” Sarah was biting at his palm and sliding her slimy-tail up his kilt to ‘attack’ him, but he just ignored her.

Elina asked him “How can you give all of the Favor that you, Sarah and Inari worked for to me? I wasn’t even able to help either of you so far…”

Michael sighed and told her “If we pick Exp, it’d be a total waste. I can make gold relatively easily, but finding a rare weapon… that’s actually pretty hard. It’s basically random drops when killing Elites and Quests are unreliable. Most importantly, everyone knows that Healers always get to roll first; then Tanks, and DPS are always last. Doesn’t matter who did the most work. Besides, Sarah and I have two Rares, plus, Inari is basically just a dog… I mean, can she even use gear? The point is, you’re our Main-Healer, so this is an advanced payment for you to start doing your fucking job!”


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  1. Since chapter 58 was basically just setting the stage for chapter 59, I decided to post them at the same time lol. Also, if you’re wondering why Michael let more than half of the miscellaneous soldiers go… it’s not like Michael, Inari or Sarah have any decent AoE attacks, and they wouldn’t get any special rewards for slaughtering a bunch of unranked noobs anyway lol.

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