Chapter 58: The First Battleground

A hundred miles southwest of Ariel’s Meadow, there was a great expanse of flatland called ‘Michelle’s Prairie.’ Similar to Carrabelle Plains, there were very few magical-beasts that lived in the region, so it was typically a safe-haven for humanoids.

Of course, that also made it one of the most violently contested zones in the region. In the northeastern corner, close to Ariel’s Meadow and along the Archean River, there was a small fishing village: Luxiana.

Within the town lived three-thousand Cat-Tribe of various Clans, and aside from catching fish, they also herded cattle, harvested lumber from the nearby forest to the south, raised chickens and grew large amounts of maize. They also had a significant adventurer population because of their proximity to the low-level magical-beast zone.

Unfortunately, many of them were Druids, Shaman and Beast Tamers of the Nature Affinity. Hearing Gaea’s call, they rushed towards the World Tree, and most of the others had been Humans.

When their entire military force consisted of fishermen, farmers and a handful of rank-G village guards, it was no surprise that they became an easy target for the nearby villages. An army of three-thousand unranked Human soldiers were slowly marching across the eastern grasslands, led by a handful of rank-G Knights on non-magical warhorses.

At the forefront was their general, a rank-F Priest of Lux. However, even their leader was only level-eleven, and nearly all of the unranked Warriors, Archers, and Spearmen were under level-two.

While the Knights wore rusty iron plate armor, the normal soldiers were lucky to have rough leather or just burlap cloth. Their weaponry was mainly cheaply made pitchforks, machetes, sickles, war-scythes, short-bows, and other farming or hunting equipment.

Against a small force of actual trained and equipped adventurers, they probably wouldn’t even be able to use their numerical advantage to win. Yet, defending the border of Luxiana Village, was only a thousand men and women, even some elderly Cat-Tribe were holding their fishing-spears and farming tools.

Four rank-G Warriors were standing at the front of the formation, behind their rank-F leader, who was a Priestess of Lux. Unfortunately, she was only level-three and had never even seen combat before.

In fact, only those four adventurers behind her had any experience in battle, and they were fairly certain of their imminent deaths. However, even if they were all destined to die, at least they would go out fighting for their homes and families.

The middle-aged Priestess had a stern expression as she held an unimpressive wooden-staff in her hands, which had a tiny mana-crystal at the tip. Her attire was a grey robe that covered her less than perfect body, and at five-feet tall, the bulky Warriors could see directly over her head with ease: past her fluffy, black cat-ears.
Then she closed her eyes and quietly prayed “Please Goddess, we’ve been your faithful children for our entire lives, please protect us from these barbarians…” A huge wave of light enveloped the entire army as she raised her glowing staff to the sky and cast “Divine Protection.”

Rather than Healing, her specialty was buffs and barriers, so her entire mana-pool was completely devoted to strengthening her allies. Unfortunately, if they were injured, there was nothing that she could do to save them.

When the advancing enemy army could finally be seen in the distance, the gathering of farmers and fishermen began trembling. Many of them decided to flee before the fight even started, and others were weeping loudly, or cursing their misfortune.

A decent amount of women, children, and elders were cowering in the large church at the center of town. All of them were praying for salvation, and the safety of their families… when suddenly, four bright-white lights shone down from the heavens.

Everyone, even the enemy army witnessed those four pillars of ‘divine’ aura, and they all saw it as an omen of victory. Of course, the ones who were the most surprised were the ‘army’ of Cat-Tribe farmers and fishermen.

Even the Priestess of Lux was amazed and shocked when those beams of light descended only a few meters in front of her face. It was deathly silent, and many of the people immediately fell down onto their knees to greet the ‘Angels’ who came to save them.

Then a loud masculine voice roared “We’re here, bitches~! Hahahahaha~!” A relatively short Human, wearing a tiger-fur kilt and boots, with a glowing die floating above his head and a bright ball of energy in his right hand, was facing towards the distant enemies.

There was also a tall cat-eared, white-robed woman to his left, and an incredibly short obsidian-skinned creature with a slimy, worm-like tail on his right. Next to the little monster was a neon-green four-tailed fox, that was the size of a large dog, who was excitedly jumping around and barking loudly.

The middle-aged Priestess was still standing as she asked “Excuse me, are the three of you envoys of the Goddess?” Hearing that familiar voice, the girl with long, black and white striped hair quickly turned around and beamed a happy smile.

She ran forward and yelled “Mom!” as she wrapped her arms around the surprised woman. Tears were streaming down the relatively young cat-girl’s face as she said “Mom, it’s me, Elina… I probably look a little different now though.”

The man turned around and shouted “Haha~ I knew you guys would have some kinda connection. I mean, it said the leader of the army was named ‘Laura Jacobs,’ and she was a Priestess. Oi, if she’s your mother, then what was with all that purity bullshit? Did she just magically get prego with your eggo?”

Then the middle-aged woman dropped her staff and used both hands to tightly embrace her daughter, while asking “Little Lina, is that really you?” The excited vixen sprinted over to the two of them and jumped up onto that cat-girl’s head, before howling loudly and pouncing towards a bearded fox-man’s face.

He was one of the four adventurers, so he obviously had the ‘Identify’ skill, and yelled “Rank-E, it’s a rank-E magical-beast!” while raising his steel-shield and trying to block the sudden attack.

However, she was immediately repelled by a glowing barrier as a monotonous feminine voice announced “Friendly Fire has been averted.”

Michael scolded “Hey, Inari, cut that shit out! You can’t eat the beefy fox-man, so get your ass over here!” before turning to the naked and slimy obsidian-skinned Dark-Goblin and saying “Oi, Equip your gear, the battle’s gonna start soon and I don’t wanna have an erection the whole time we’re fighting.”

Sarah glared at him with her luminous purple eyes and asked “I thought you never killed anyone before; aren’t you nervous about losing your murder-virginity?”

He snickered and explained “Nah, I already killed someone… I think he was an Ogre, or maybe an Orc. To be completely honest, I don’t really remember every trash-mob I meet. Also, this isn’t murder! This is basically just self-defense… or grinding, either way, we were hired by the Goddess of Light to slaughter these assholes. Besides, look at all these adorable nekomimi! Cuteness is justice, so massacring a bunch of Human cunt-bags who are trying to kill them is completely legal!”

As she Equipped her insubstantial tiger-fur armor, the slimy girl smirked, while gripping the hilt of her Obsidian Wakizashi with both hands. Considering that the sun was high in the sky and it was a beautiful cloudless day, she wouldn’t be receiving any benefits from the environment, but she was still incredibly excited.

Sarah murmured “I’ve always dreamt of having the chance to slaughter thousands of Humans…” while releasing her newly empowered aura of Darkness.

Michael picked up the adorable vixen into his arms and began gently caressing her fur, while yelling “Oi, Meow-Meow! Stop fuckin around with your mommy and lets go! Unless you plan on watching all these dumb-asses die, we need to wipe out those bastards before they make it here!”

Gathering all of her courage, Elina pulled herself away from her mother’s embrace and said “Mom, Rick and Lily… Never-mind, I love you, and I probably won’t be able to see you for a while after this. Here, take this money and use it to finally fix up that run-down church…” as she handed over a single gold coin.

It wasn’t much to a powerful adventurer, but for the Priestess of a small farming and fishing village, it was a small fortune. Laura frowned and asked her “Will the three of you really be able to defeat them?”

The smiling cat-girl nodded and confidently boasted “The Goddess of Light sent us here, didn’t she? How could we lose to a couple heretics?” as she turned towards the approaching army and bit her lip anxiously.

For Michael and Sarah, there wouldn’t be any real consequences, even if they lost. However, if they didn’t win, her only remaining family member would surely be killed.


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