TDoE V2 Chapter 15: G. G. Azrael

“You, you’re Azrael! Motherfucking Gun-God Azrael! G. G. Azrael! Holy shit! I thought you died… Oh wait, I guess you did, hahaha~!” I finally realized why he seemed so damn familiar. He was basically one of my best friends online in my previous life. We played ‘Technoevo World Online’ together all the time, but then he suddenly disappeared one day and I never heard from him again.

I’m not saying that we were the best, but our Clan was always at the top of our server. My character’s name was Leviathan and people called me ‘The God of War’, because of my last name, and the fact that I had pretty much unlocked every combat-related achievement that existed. I wasn’t that impressive when it came to building weapons though and there wasn’t any magic in that game. However, I was a decent artist and musician, so that was probably why he thought that I might be good at Enchanting and Inscriptions. There was a definitely a correlation between music and magic.

“Yeah, I was hit by a truck while saving my little sister’s life. Death was instantaneous, so I suppose it wasn’t too bad.” Such a generic reincarnation flag…

I complained “Goddamn it! I accidentally castrated myself during an earthquake! This is such bullshit! If this was a manga, you would probably be the protagonist and I would be the comic relief character!”

Mei walked over and asked “What are you guys yelling about? Levi, how much longer are we going to wait around here for? I’m so~ hungry~!” She suddenly collapsed onto my back and hugged me tightly.

Fortunately Xiaotong wasn’t quite so needy and whiny. She didn’t have to eat anything but my Qi and whenever she got bored, the demonic skull would just cultivate in my Dantian.

Azra pulled out something that looked like a large satchel for carrying books. It was made out of brown leather and covered with black geometric shapes. He explained “This is a waterproof, relatively durable storage device to place those tomes into. Even though it may seem like I’m casually giving them to you, I don’t want you to accidentally ruin them. Each one of those books is worth over a thousand Contribution Points!”

“What?! So rich!” Mei shouted in my ear and I nearly went deaf. After struggling free from her grasp, I quickly placed all books into the satchel and slung it around my left shoulder.

Then I scanned the room and wondered “So, what’s your recommendation Gun-God Sensei? I’ve never actually used any of this stuff in reality… Which ones do you want me to ‘test’ for you?”

The feminine boy snickered, muttering “To be completely honest, I haven’t really been able to ‘use’ any of these weapons in live-combat before. I’ve taken them out to do some target practice and hunting, but never against someone who was shooting back at me. What exactly are you planning on doing anyway?”

I snickered, “I’m going to war, obviously! I’ll be on a big-ass ship and I have no clue what might happen along the way. It’s not like I hate melee weapons, but I don’t think that they’ll be very useful in a situation like that. I mean, I’m only an Apprentice… The moment I meet an Adept, I would just get shit-wrecked.”

Azra wore a solemn expression and grumbled “I can’t believe they’re forcing a ten year child to fight…” However, it didn’t take long for him to start grinning and walk over to the northern wall of the room. He pointed towards the guns and told me “This Springfield knockoff should be fine for long-range sniping. Five-round internal box magazine, iron sights, muzzle velocity of twenty-eight hundred feet per second, manually-actuated bolt-action, uses thirty ought six rounds and should be good for at least two-thousand feet… assuming that you can actually aim that well without a scope. Don’t look at me like that, I never needed a scope, so I didn’t bother making any.”

The metal bits of the rifle were black and there were tiny white etchings of flowers on them. While the majority of the weapon was made out of red ironwood. It probably weighed about twenty or thirty pounds. Hell, if someone came close enough, I could definitely bludgeon them to death with the damn thing. A bayonet would have still been nice though.

As I picked up the gun, I noticed that it really didn’t seem that heavy. Of course, that was because my body strength was starting to get a little ridiculous. Unfortunately, carrying and wielding weren’t the same thing. If I wanted to have any kind of decent accuracy, I wouldn’t be able to aim the rifle while standing up.

Since the magazine was internal, all I needed to do was shove the cartridges into the hole one at a time, but there was a way to do things a bit more efficiently. A stripper clip was basically just a piece of metal that could hold the rounds, in order to load much more quickly.

As he handed me a few of those speedloaders, Azrael explained “At first I would make normal black powder or gunpowder, but after a while, I realized that it was way easier to use Fire Beads and Flame Stones. Sure, it’s hundreds of times more expensive… But the effects are way better and it takes a lot less effort. The Enchantments and Inscriptions on the guns themselves don’t really add anything to the weapon or make it better in any noticeable way, so I guess that damn Goddess decided to let me get away with creating overpowered ammunition as compensation? With a Fire Bead as a primer, it’s fairly simple to crush up some Flame Stones into a fine powder… Well, there is the risk of it exploding randomly, but that’s why I always wear protective gear. The most important part is actually the bullet, rather than the shot. Depending on the type of material, you can get all sorts of fascinating results… Not only that, but it’s possible to transform even a small bullet into a devastating warhead by embedding a mixture of certain types of Qi Crystals into a hollow jacket. Exothermic, endothermic, explosive, acidic, electrical, it’s amazing what you can do with this shit! That’s why I love Alchemy so much…”

“Yeah yeah, I get the point… Can we move onto the next gun please? We’re kind of running out of time here Azra.” He was a nice guy, but most people were usually put off by how much he liked to explain how things worked. I remember this one time that I asked him to help me pick a computer… After he spent three hours ranting about how I should just build one myself, he ended up buying the parts and making it for me. Now that I think about it though, I never did get around to paying him back. I’m pretty sure that he was rich in his last life too, because he would also send me games as gifts all the time. I wasn’t the only person that he did that for either. Our clan had like ten people and we all sponged off of Gift-God Azrael…

Before we went anywhere, Azra knelt down onto the floor and pulled a large black case out from under the table. He lifted it up and placed it onto the counter, before opening it up and revealing a soft, furry interior. Then he took the rifle from my hand and placed it inside. There were ten different slots for storing stripper clips filled with five rounds each, for a total of fifty bullets.

“This gun case is extremely durable, waterproof and can reduce the weight of what’s inside by ninety-percent. Don’t shoot it or try to use it to block a cannonball and it shouldn’t break. These weapons might be gifts, but I still don’t want them to get destroyed. I’ve put a lot of time, money and effort into building each of these babies… Oh, by the way, I want you to take some video notes when you do the testing. Consider it as a way to pay me back, alright?” He pulled a beautiful jade pen out of his left pant pocket and pressed on the button on the end. After aiming it at me and Mei for a few moments, he pressed it two more times. Then it shot out a beam of light, which projected a two-dimensional video onto the ceiling.

He explained “I’ll give you about fifty of these things. They can record sound, but the quality isn’t too impressive. At most, you can only save about five minutes of video a piece. They’re only Rank-G, so they aren’t too expensive. In order to use it, you need to channel your Qi into the button as you press it.”

Azra took a small brown Extradimensional Pouch out of his left pocket and placed the pen inside, then he handed it to me. I let out a long sigh, thinking about how I had worked for four months in a fucking palace as a goddamn Shaman, yet I had only accrued a hundred CP. Sure, I had lots of expenses, but compared to him… Well, ‘G. G.’ actually stood for ‘Gold God’ because he was able to make money so easily.

Although weird magical storage items were super overpowered, they also had a weakness. You couldn’t place a objects with extradimensional space inside of each other. I mean, you could, but they would break and possibly explode. The two Enchantments would interfere with each other and either overload or they would just cancel each other out.


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  1. nothing good ever happens when you put an item of dimensional storage in another item of dimensional storage, i mean in dnd if you put a bag of holding in another bag of holding you create a hole in reality.

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      • Nah, I don’t think Destiny will be in TDoE any time soon… There might be a cross over eventually though. Or she might make a cameo appearance sometime lol. BTW, Inari Okami might possibly be the random old person that Levi met before entering Azra’s shop :P. Also, Inari Okami ‘might’ be “The Vanilla God” roflmao. Who knows though? It’s a mystery until I actually write any of it down into a story lol. For now it’s all speculation :P.

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      • Speculation from the author means it can be true if the author approve it and write it,and make it so,and make it happen.

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      • Well, we could say;
        hey the author mention in an author comments:
        Destiny King might make a cameo appearance sometime in Dao of Eros.
        Inari Okami might possibly be the random old person that Levi met before entering Azra’s shop.
        Also, Inari Okami ‘might’ be “The Vanilla God”.

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