A Re-Post of Sorts

Okay, so I’m mainly re-posting this because of the anniversary of Steve Irwin’s death, but also because the last post was a really long time ago and the first half of it was about stuff that was happening back then.

This is the ‘left?’ side of the shed.  Pretty sure that top window isn’t real, but I’m not 100% sure lol.  In the bottom picture, it’s the real window and door of the shed.  She painted this back when ‘Steve Irwin‘ died… so 10 years ago.  Sigh, I miss that guy :(.

Old house paintings 2


This is a picture that she painted… it’s basically just zebras, but still, probably one of my favorites lol.

Painting Zebras

This picture was taken at an awkward angle… I have no idea why, but yeah, it’s Sweeney Todd(Johnny Depp) and Mrs. Lovett(Helena Bonham Carter) from the movie “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street“.  I can’t believe it’s already been like 10 years since the movie came out, but the painting itself is probably about that old(not sure how old the picture of the painting is lol).

Painting Sweeny Todd 1

This is actually a painting of ‘Jack Sparrow’ on a canvas, which was placed inside of a small shed’s window, back at my old house(The house actually belonged to my grandmother, but we lived there for a long time.)  However, she painted like… everything, the entire shed, the pier, the stairs that led up to the house, and the entire wall across… Well, I’ll just put the pictures of it here as well.  It’s been so many years, I totally forgot how ridiculous it was roflmao.

Jack Sparrow


See those stone stairs?  Yeah, they were actually just concrete, but she painted every single one until it looked like a waterfall… The sad thing is that, not just the stairs, but the shed, the walls and pretty much everything, cracked and fell apart before we moved away.  She would go back and not just fix the concrete, but also repaint the pictures that were damaged, about every year.

Old House Paintings

Top left is part of the concrete wall, top right and top left are a totem pole that she painted… Like, it was actually a pylon to tie boats to and stuff, and the bottom is at least a few feet underwater, so she had to bring out a ladder to paint it.  I think she used a kayak at some point too, maybe to do the lower parts?  It’s kinda hard to remember things that long ago lol.  Anyway, the monkeys are painted on the wooden bulkhead, which was probably extraordinary difficult…

Totem Pole water

And yep, she also painted every single pylon along the bulkhead, because why not?

Totem Poles

The sad thing is that after my grandmother died and the house was sold, the people who ‘revamped’ the house, removed every single one of these beautiful paintings.  There were also loads of paintings she did inside of the house… on the ceiling, walls, etcetera, but I couldn’t find pictures of it on her Facebook page :P.

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