TDoE V2 Chapter 19: Coming Aboard the Ship

Captain Hua Li was huge, but compared to her ridiculous height, her muscles weren’t quite as beefy as some of the other men and women on the ship. Also, there were a few wrinkles around her eyes and forehead, indicating that she was definitely well over a hundred. If she was a Novice, I think she could have passed for a woman in her late forties or mid fifties, but as an Adept, her maximum lifespan was around three-hundred years.

As I casually scanned her exposed cleavage and beefy thighs, I noticed that her skin was extremely tanned. It was basically dark-brown, which made her long white dreadlocks stick out even more dramatically.

She stared at Mei’s petite and buxom figure, casually suggesting “If you’re interested in becoming my concubine, I always have room in my harem for little girls like you…”

“Oh wow, you’re really direct… But you aren’t really my type, sorry.” Although the Captain was instantly shut down, she didn’t seem too upset about it.

I asked “Umm, so like, where the hell do we put our stuff? Granny Jiang told me that we would have a super-awesome cabin somewhere…”

Hua Li immediately answered “Next to my quarters are two guest rooms, one on each side. High-Priest Raphael is taking the one on the left, so you can have the right side.”

Did I mention how ridiculously large the ship was? A normal galleon from my old world, no, even in the new one, they weren’t usually that big. Anyway, a regular galleon was about forty meters long, eight meters wide and slanted up to around fifteen meters out of the water at the very back. Titanic Fury was four times that size.

That’s why I thought it was a ‘man-of-war’ at first, because it had too many fucking cannons. I mean, it wasn’t as enormous as the actual Titanic, but it also wasn’t a cruise ship! There were colossal masts that jutted up over a hundred and fifty meters into the sky. Towards the front of the ship, there was an elevated area, around the same height as the one we were standing on. Below that was the main ‘barracks’, where the soldiers would stay. There was enough room to cram a few hundred of them inside, though I’m sure it wasn’t the most comfortable living arrangement.

Below us was a much larger area for the actual sailors to stay in, though it could only hold a few hundred as well. They basically only had hammocks and an extradimensional chest to store all of their belongings in, so they didn’t need too much space. Then there were two entire floors that were filled with cannons, magical barrels filled with gunpowder and fancy containers for the cannonballs.

The third floor down was a bunch of tiny rooms that had a bit more privacy, though they were below sea level, so if the ship started sinking… Those guys and girls were usually the ones who drowned. That’s where all the mercenaries and non-combatants stayed. At the very center of the third floor was a pretty huge galley, which was big enough for at least a third of the crew to eat in at the same time.

Then there was the absolute bottom of the boat, which was the just totally filled with random shit. Like, food, fresh water, spices, Herbs, other consumable supplies that were necessary for survival. There was a giant refrigerated meat locker to preserve the fish that got caught on a daily basis.

Now, behind where we were standing, was another, higher level of the ship. Up there was a shiny golden steering wheel and an especially large cannon that fired backwards. However, below that uppermost deck, there were three doors.

Mei and I walked over to the one on the right and opened it. The room wasn’t particularly fancy-looking. All the walls were made out of red wooden paneling; the ceiling and floor were no different. It looked pretty huge from the outside, but it was actually rather small. I assumed that the captain’s quarters probably took up the majority of the space out of the three rooms.

There was no furniture though, not even a bed or chair. Aside from the small semen-freezer by the door, it was totally empty. I guess they assumed that we would be bringing all of our own shit with us, but… Well, we did have simple roll-up futons and other miscellaneous stuff, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

I removed the rifle-case and placed it with my shotgun case, against the back wall. There was a rather large porthole there and two along the right wall. It let in a decent amount of moonlight, but a glass cover prevented any air from coming through. However, I did notice that there was a simple black wooden fan on the ceiling. There was also a single light bulb attached to it.

When I flicked the left switch near the door, the fan started slowly spinning. It only pushed around the air in the room and didn’t seem too impressive. Yet, when I used the second switch, it seemed like the temperature of the breeze lowered dramatically. The third switch only turned on the light.

It was nighttime and hot as fuck, so I kept everything running normally. Judging by the fact that there was no heater, I figured that the ship wasn’t really meant to travel outside of the Southern Islands or other tropical zones.

As that cool breeze wafted over us, Mei finished unrolling the two futons and placing them right next to each other in the middle of the room. Then she unbuckled that leather belt and handed it to me, before casually removing that azure robe and throwing it into the corner of the room. The two of us had taken a long and pleasant bath after that buffet catastrophe, so she still smelled like Herbal citrusy soap.

I smirked, watching her bend over and take out a small jewelry box from her luggage. She removed her rings and earrings, placing them inside and leaving the container next to her pillow. Once I took off my leather belt, I placed the two of them over by the gun cases. I had another black silk belt that went with my robe, which had my extradimensional coin purse hanging from the left side. I placed the bag to the left of my pillow and then took off my clothes as well.

After that, I decided to open the three porthole windows and turn the chilling effect of the fan off. Then I layed down next to Mei and she suddenly jumped on top of me.

“Levi~, I wanna have another baby! This time though… I want to raise him or her myself. As long as it’s your child, Her Majesty will definitely protect it from my scumbag siblings. But, why does it feel like you don’t actually want me to get pregnant? Whenever I bring up the subject, you act all shifty and awkward!” Oh, maybe because I didn’t wanna have to take care of an infant when I was only technically ten years old?

No, it was something else… As she frowned at me, I asked “Do you love me? What happens when you do get knocked up? When that time comes… Well, isn’t it obvious that I don’t want our relationship to end?”

Without any warning, she abruptly laid down onto my chest and her squishy giant breasts pressed against my tiny chest. After shoving her tongue into my mouth for a few seconds, she pulled her head back and said “Of course I love you~… What kind of mother would I be if I didn’t love my son? When I do, finally get pregnant… I’ll have to go back and live in the underwater palace. Unless something unexpected happens, I’ll probably give birth in Hua Jiang Palace. Then I’ll raise your baby brother or sister while you’re out adventuring…”

Yeah, I would love to tell you that she was just roleplaying, but she really wasn’t. At that point, I knew her well enough to notice when she was joking or being serious. I was seriously starting to worry a bit over what her idea of ‘raising’ a child actually was… Would I really be destined to have my girlfriend stolen by my own son or daughter?

However, while thinking of getting ‘NTRed’ by my own offspring, my mentality started shifting in a weird direction. Well, it was mostly due to the fact that a certain bushy mound was rubbing against my penis. My horny brain is a lot more disturbing than my normal one.


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