TDoE V2 Chapter 20: Perverse Cultivation

Why do people have sex in the first place? It’s because our bodies are programmed with the instinctual desire to reproduce. That’s the original reason for intercourse at least. Doesn’t matter if it’s Humans, dogs, horses or whatever. If they sexually reproduce, then they will eventually want to fuck.

The reason why we’re so picky about who we screw stems from our basic urge to create the best possible offspring. We want our children to be better than we were, to evolve in little ways that are usually too insignificant to notice. Unfortunately, it’s often the case that we settle for less than perfect and in return, the next generation is about the same or weaker than the one that came before.

That’s the way it was on Earth and Genesis wasn’t much different. Of course, there were other factors as well. Things that I simply didn’t know about and couldn’t have predicted, based on my previous life experience.

Mei wasn’t able to become any stronger and her lifespan was permanently set at about two-hundred years if she was lucky. She was already forty-five and although she had another fifty or so years of youth left, Apprentices weren’t much different from normal Humans. In less than a decade, she was going to run out of eggs. It’s not like it was the end of the world, but I’m sure that her biological imperative was urging her to reproduce while she still had the chance.

On the other hand, my sexual urges stemmed from something a bit more perverse. Rather than making babies, I was more interested in the pleasure, stress relief and most importantly… Cultivation. Honestly, it didn’t really matter where I put my dick or what happened to it; as long as it felt good, my Qi would condense more easily and quickly.

I remember Di lecturing me about all sorts of ‘illicit’ and ‘deviant’ sexual arts. Now, either the laws in The Southern Islands were totally different than the Qing Republic, or Mei was a hardcore criminal. Actually, it was probably a bit of both. Pretty sure everything that woman did to me would constitute as stachatory rape in most countries.

However, my point was that even as she was licking and sucking on my penis, I didn’t really ‘lose’ anything. Her slimy tongue coiled around the head and she made loud slurping noises, while penetrating my asshole with the tips of her fingers. It kind of felt like a bunch of forceful minnows were poking and prodding my anus, but the ‘weirdness’ only made me hornier.

In fact, one of her ‘specialties’ was to use her Secret Technique and shed her Human teeth. While the lower half of her face was all gray and covered in smooth shark-scales, she would basically use just her gums to give me a granny-style toothless blowjob.

Now, I know that may not sound very sexy to some people, but it was definitely kinky as fuck. After that, she actually grew out those vicious fangs and used them to chomp on my neck, shoulders and arms, while grinding her pussy against my tiny dick.

It wasn’t very dangerous though, since she needed to use a lot of force to break through my skin. As her clit rubbed past the tip of my penis, I started cumming. Since I hadn’t ejaculated for nearly twelve hours before then, there was a decent amount of it.

The warm and viscous liquid sprayed all over both of our stomachs for a moment, before Mei yelped and stopped biting me. She frantically yelled “Quick, put it inside of me before it goes bad!” Sperm cells were kind of beyond her comprehension, since most people believed that jizz was just some sort of magical substance that could cause a woman to become pregnant. I had heard her call it “White Lifeblood” a bunch of times before then, but I avoided making fun of her for it.

I sighed dramatically, grumbling “Why can’t we just have sex?” Of course, even as I said that, I still gathered up all of the cum and started inserting it into her vagina. She had quickly gotten into a downward doggy-style position, so it was pretty easy to shove everything inside of her spread-open hole.

As I watched the inside of her pink walls expanding and contracting violently, I couldn’t help thinking about a mare that was in heat. For fuck’s sake, I was even fisting her like a horse. Even after finishing a few moments prior, my boner never died down. That was the usual for me though. Not sure if it was pheromones, Qi, telepathy or just simply the visual and tactile stimulation, but around Mei… It was seriously hard to get soft.

She panted and moaned, while I struggled to fight off the temptation of simply shoving my little needle inside of her and injecting the semen directly into her womb. However, as my head rubbed up and down against her labia, a certain pesky skull flew out of my mouth.

Xiaotong shouted “Stop it Levi! You know you aren’t supposed to put your magic stick into Mama Mei’s baby-hole!” The angry ghost flew down and poked my shaft with her incredibly dull left horn.

“Ow, fuck! Don’t electrocute my dick!” It felt like being kicked in the balls, except on my penis. I complained “Didn’t Di say that any kind of sex would be the same? How many times has Mei given me a blowjob already? How is sticking my prick inside of her pussy or ass any different?”

Then I came to a sudden realization “Wait a second… Am I really a virgin?” I didn’t actually know for sure whether or not my body was even created with that magical hymen thingy that the old bastard told me about.

That mysterious Goddess was just like “Oh hey, here’s a body motherfucker! Good luck out there bro!” Okay, she didn’t really say that, obviously, but she never told me much at all. There was also a chance that my Eternal Cultivation Method prevented me from losing my chastity or maybe I needed to have intercourse to activate it properly? I didn’t know… There were too many variables and possibilities to make any sort of discoveries without a bit of ‘experimentation’.

Since I was too horny to give a shit about the consequences anyway, I yelled “Screw it! Brace yourself Mei, I’m going in!”

She screamed “Wait, don’t do it! Stop, Levi, don’t put it inside of me! You’re too young to lose your virginity to an old hag like me!” Then she started crying and pleading “Please, don’t throw away your life… It’s not worth it, I’m not worth it… Eep~!”

“No~!” Xiaotong was wailing in despair as my undersized rod swiftly penetrated Mei’s unsuspecting asshole. She continued “Levi, you liar~! You said that you would save yourself for me~!”

I sighed dramatically, before yelling “Will the two of you quit freaking out already?!” Then I asked “Did you notice anything… different? For me… there’s nothing special happening. Well, you’re clamping down pretty hard and it does feel good… Maybe I need to move around a bit?”

As I thrust in and out a few times, Mei made high-pitched ‘yip’ or ‘yelp’ noises for a while. After a few seconds, she replied “It isn’t really any different from when you use your fingers… Don’t take this the wrong way honey, but your a bit… ‘small’ for me.” She immediately turned around and knelt down in front of me, with a worried expression on her face. Then she hugged me tightly, pressing my face in between her giant breasts and explained “Aww~, baby, don’t worry… You’re still young. I’m sure that you’ll grow into a strong and handsome man one day! It’s just that, right now… I’m sorry, but you aren’t big enough to satisfy me yet.”

Yeah, and that’s how my pseudo-mother tried to comfort me after I tried to fuck her in the ass. I won’t pretend like it wasn’t embarrassing. Twenty years of being a virgin and when I finally find a girl I really want to be with, I’m stuck in the body of a child and I can’t tell if she’s into that, or if she wants me to grow up. Either way, I think that ‘normal’ people would probably need to go to a therapist after an experience like that…


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