TDD V1 Epilogue 2: The Cruelty of Karma

There are consequences to every decision and a reaction for every action. Karma wouldn’t allow anyone or anything to escape punishment for their sins. However, it was difficult to tell who was good or evil, when everyone was being judged for crimes that they hadn’t even committed yet. Continue reading

Mass Release

Don’t expect a hundred chapters or anything ridiculous like that lol.  However, there will be about ten posts in a row. Continue reading

TDoE V2 Chapter 11: Shopping

“Rank-F3 Demonic Thunder-Fish Oil: 35 CP.” An ointment that could treat electrical burns for Apprentices. It was also used in various Cultivation Methods that involved tempering a person’s flesh with lightning. There were only three-ounces in the tiny spray-bottle. Continue reading

TDoE Volume 2 Prologue: Karma

Let me take a moment to explain the concept of Karma, because I’m not sure if you truly understand it yet. It’s similar to Newton’s Third Law of Motion: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” However, this supersedes physics and mainly pertains to morality. Continue reading