Chapter 197: Catching Crabs Is Dangerous

Michael suddenly activated ‘Lightening’ and cancelled ‘Luxian Innocence’ at the same moment. His body rapidly transformed and instantly became weightless; within moments, he was back to his ‘normal’ size and had his usual angelic appearance.

Both he and the tired Talia, immediately equipped all of their gear, soaring away from the shifting silver sands. Sensing its prey was trying to flee, the massive crustacean burst out of the ground: completely destroying the beautiful beach.

“Giant Golden Crab, Level-25, Rank-C, Raid Boss,” appeared above the creature’s colossal, sixty-meter wide shell. An enormous claw reached up and attempted to snap at the two relatively tiny humanoids, but wasn’t nearly fast enough to catch them.

“Ah~, doesn’t it look delicious? I can’t even remember the last time I could afford to eat crabs… Oh wait, does it follow the same rules as the normal kind? Like, do we need to cook it while it’s still alive, or it’ll become poisonous? Hmmm~, only a little over six-K HP, so I should be able to fry it with Lightning, but it’ll definitely take a while… Gah~! Fucking sand-blasting cuntwhore!” As Michael was nonchalantly floating around next to Talia, the massive enemy began firing streams of silver sand toward the two of them. Fortunately, its accuracy wasn’t very impressive, and he was able to activate ‘Cherubic Embrace’ before the creature could hit him.

The soaring Huntress nocked an Enchanted Ironwood Arrow and fired it towards the monster’s left, pitch-black eye. Her attack only dealt a little more than one-hundred damage, and the projectile was actually destroyed upon impact.

She shouted “Miguel, I must retreat farther away, in order to more effectively bombard the enemy!” Then she activated ‘Aerial Step’ and soared away at several hundred miles per hour.

“Yeah, ya don’t really have ta announce that! Well, whatever, time to go Tank this bitch!” Michael swooped down and evaded the streams of high-pressure sand, then dodged a huge claw. There was a huge difference between the behavior and actions of people and creatures inside of Dungeons and under normal circumstances.

It wasn’t as if the monstrosity was able to reach such an absurd size, while being unable to cope with ‘prey’ that were faster than it. In fact, the colossal beast had originally been a type of crab which focused on Agility. After a century or two of growing and hunting, the crustacean managed to reach that outrageous magnitude, by switching its focus more towards power and defense.

Without Elina there to heal him, the Nephilim was fairly certain that he would die pretty quickly if he was grabbed by those pincers. However, the greatest threat was the magical techniques that the Raid Boss had learned and practiced over the years.

Right when Michael was about to slash at its thick shell with his siegeblade, the creature rapidly scuttled northward, up the beach. Once it was a suitable distance away from the dangerous humanoid, it created dozens of silver nets, out of the sand. When that didn’t manage to strike the fluttering Nephilim, it slammed those massive claws into the ground. After a few seconds, dozens of colossal tendrils began whipping up and attempting to capture or kill the relatively tiny man.

He was spending so much time dodging and evading the random attacks, that he wasn’t able to concentrate enough to cast a single offensive spell. When he finally managed to fire a ‘Lightning Blast’ from his right hand, while holding the giant sword in his left, the attack didn’t even deal any damage. The electricity struck the golden shell and actually boosted its mana and health regeneration temporarily.

It suddenly began screeching loudly, as a wave of intense air-pressure crashed onto the angelic man. Golden blood erupted from his ears, nose, mouth, tear ducts and anus; a huge ‘-182’ appeared above his head, along with ‘deafened’, ‘silenced’, ‘bleeding’, and ‘paralyzed’ debuffs. A colossal claw, made out of silver sand, completely engulfed his entire body and Michael was receiving at least a dozen damage per second.

However, what the monstrous crustacean hadn’t expected, was that his Willpower was unnaturally high. Thus, the paralysis and silence wore off almost immediately, and he was able to activate ‘Darkening’ properly.

Once the demonic cherub had grown nine-feet tall and gained all his usual ‘features’, he roared “Akikikiaidauru! Ragagagaga~! Meow~! Ugugugu~!” Michael had entered a completely berserk state, but his Strength, Vitality, and Endurance had increased by fifty-percent and his health was regenerating at a rate of over one-hundred per second.

The only problem was that he couldn’t maintain that spell for very long, so he swiftly broke free from that ‘Sand-Claw Prison’ and soared towards the enemy’s ‘startled’ face. A beautiful melodious voice rang out in the distance, accompanied by two sets of eleven explosions.

Suddenly, two nearly invisible ‘Intermediate Arrows of Wind’ roared past Michael and actually entered inside of the massive crab’s mouth. Muffled ‘popping’ noises resounded, and it vomited up copious amounts of brown liquid, as two ridiculously large numbers appeared above its head: ‘-1724’, ‘-1654’.

That crab was ‘stunned’ literally and figuratively, which gave the Nephilim the opportunity to swoop down into its gaping maw and disappear inside. His ‘Defense Rating’ was temporarily boosted by Talia’s ‘Hymn of Aeris’, but she mostly used the spell to regenerate her own emptied mana-pool.

The mouth of a crab is relatively small compared to its overall body-size, so the demonic angel could just barely fit inside. However, the moment he was in, he gazed up at the weakened, damaged and oozing piece of shell, which protected the crustacean’s tiny brain.

Gripping his absurdly large, bright-blue siegeblade with both hands, Michael channeled the last of his mana into it and ‘activated’ those buzzing saw-teeth. Then he swiftly crouched down and thrusted upwards, easily drilling through that broken shell and smacking directly into the fragile mana-core membrane: the ‘weak-spot’ of all magical-beasts and humanoids.

As soon as it died, he immediately deactivated ‘Chaotic Empowerment’ and shouted “Wrecked!” Then the entire creature instantly disappeared and was sent into his thirteenth bag-slot.

Talia was already soaring back to him, when the two of them were engulfed in blinding light and received that familiar verbal ‘Level-Up’ message. Michael placed one point each in Strength, Vitality, Endurance and Dexterity; the Huntress chose to place all four of her stats into Intelligence, since her mana-pool was far too low.

By the time that the High-Elf reunited with her ‘boyfriend’, he was screaming in agony, while performing an ‘experiment’. His massive angelic and demonic body began shrinking rapidly, from nine-feet tall, down to his usual six. Yet, his facial features and muscle-mass kept transforming. In the end, even his siegeblade seemed to become thinner and narrower than usual, and the tusks that came out of his mouth, more closely resembled vampiric fangs.

His armor obviously shrunk down to conform to his altered frame, though he unequipped everything, so that he could examine himself a bit more clearly. Michael looked down and muttered “Hmm, my overall size is fifty-percent larger than my child-form, but my dick is ‘normal’ sized… Well, I did notice that when I usually cast ‘Darkening’, my cock would grow way more than the rest of my body. I guess Elves have tiny pussies and penises, while Demons have… No, I don’t really have enough ‘research’ data to conclude either of those things. I’ll just assume that this is a quirk of the Chaos Affinity.”

The Huntress complained “How can you still be aroused? Merely a few minutes have passed since we copulated!”

He snickered, “Yeah, and before that, I was fucking for like, hours… It’s this goddamn ‘Blessing of Chaos’! It doubles my sex-drive, and that isn’t even including the fact that using ‘Darkening’ makes me hornier than usual… If I didn’t have ‘Arcana’s Blessing of Mental Fortitude’ at max-level, I’d seriously be a crazy man-whore demon right now! Also, it doesn’t help, that this shitty ‘Chaotic Blood’ makes me really angry all the time!”

By the end of his rant, Michael’s aura erupted uncontrollably and sent Chaotic mana spraying around randomly in every direction. When she saw that, Talia gasped, before yelling “What are you doing?! Are you insane?!”

In the distance, all along the beach, thousands of relatively small ‘Golden Crabs’ emerged and swiftly scuttled away, to the north and south. However, a few hundred meters to the west, a massive lizard-like, bright-blue head emerged from the ocean.

Those colossal green, serpentine eyes gazed at the two of them momentarily, before it released a deafening roar. Michael turned to the frightened High-Elf and asked “Oi, what the fuck is that bastard saying?”

Talia pointed at the distant, crystal-clear tides and translated “Children, I have discovered some tasty birds to eat!” At that moment, three bright-blue ‘Water Drakes’ began soaring out of the depths of the ocean, and headed straight towards the two of them.

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