Chapter 198: Dragon Hunting

“Greater Water Drake, Level-21, Rank-D, Elite,” “Water Drake, Level-22, Rank-E, Super-Elite,” and “Lesser Water Drake, Level-19, Rank-F,” were written above the three giant magical-beasts. Each one of them appeared dramatically different, but their general shape was mostly serpentine, and they had large fins instead of legs.

Their enormous wings opened up and they nimbly slithered through the sky, as if they were eels underwater. The smallest and weakest one was still thirty meters long, and the largest was ten times that big.

Michael immediately deactivated his ‘Luxian Innocence’ and sporadically expanded, until he was nine-feet tall and his muscles were bulging properly. A three-meter long Demonic Siegeblade of Chaos erupted from his right palm, as he swiftly equipped and activated the rest of his gear.

Talia shouted “No, do not kill them! We should flee, now!” Of course, he didn’t hesitate to fire a ‘Lightning Blast’ at the ‘Lesser Water Drake’, instantly dropping its health down to 713/1100, and ‘paralyzing’ it temporarily.

He yelled “Stop being such a pussy and help me slaughter these fuckers!” An ‘Illusory Shield’ appeared around both of their bodies simultaneously, and managed to protect them from a relatively weak ‘Static Discharge’ spell: cast by the largest of the three flying eels.

She grabbed his giant, but weightless, left arm and started soaring towards the east. The High-Elf grumbled “You fool! Do you intend to wage war against the Holy Aqua Empire?!”

The Nephilim gasped, “Oh no~! Not the Holy Aqua Empire~! Whatever we do, we mustn’t offend the great and powerful Holy Aqua Empire~! Oi, Draconicunts! Is that the best you can do?! Hey, you lazy fatass bitch! Dafuck are ya doin down there anyway?! Are ya just gonna stay down there while I kill your weak-ass bastard-babies?!”

Michael broke free of her grasp and soared directly towards the paralyzed ‘Lesser Water Drake’ and without any hesitation at all, activated his sword and easily sliced the beast’s head off. Then he swiftly shoved the corpse into his fourteenth bag-slot.

A deafening roar erupted from below him, and an enormous snake-like head and body emerged from the crystal-clear ocean. “Lesser Water Dragon, Level-30, Rank-C, Boss,” was essentially a colossal, five-hundred meter long sea-serpent. It had four relatively small and slender legs, which had bird-like claws and there were shimmering silverish-green fins going from the back of its neck, to the top of its tail.

It opened its massive maw and a tornado of superheated steam enveloped the angelic demon. He was instantly sucked into its mouth and swallowed whole, which was quite possibly the most foolish action the giant fish could have taken.

Talia glared at the two drakes, which constantly launching streams of high-pressured water towards her. Then she finally screamed “You have forced my hand!” and began rapidly firing ‘Enchanted Ironwood Arrows’ at them.

Their bodies whipped around and frantically avoided those dangerous projectiles. If it wasn’t for their slimy scales and ‘Water Barriers’, they wouldn’t have even stood a chance against her bombardment.

Suddenly, a furious screech echoed out from behind her, followed by a loud “Nyahahahaha~!” and several gunshots.

“Shut the fuck up, you annoying bastards!” With all the horrendous noise, it was obvious that Sarah wouldn’t be able to sleep. Thus, she was ‘standing’ on the top of the massive green cockatoo’s head, holding a wakizashi in her right hand and a serpentine dagger in the left.

The ‘effective range’ of Jasmine’s guns were typically very low, but since she was just shooting randomly at the various gigantic flying eels, each bullet managed to hit. They had been struggling hard enough already, dodging and deflecting arrows, but those tiny red projectiles were traveling far too fast for them to avoid.

When the .12 Caliber bullets from the cat-girl’s ‘Adorable Revolver of Gratuitous Violence’ made impact, they exploded and left huge craters in the sides of the ‘Greater Water Drake’. On the other hand, the much larger .50 Caliber rounds, from the ‘Golden Desert Eagle of Justice’, simply penetrated inside of the regular Water Drake’s snout: dealing massive internal damage.

Jasmine was using her adhesive shoes to stick to the left side of Inari’s gigantic beak, and there was an adorable bright-blue kitten meowing frantically, as it clung to the little Gunslinger’s long black hair. She screamed “Mikey~! No~! The mean fishy ate my Mikey~!?”

Sarah leaped off of the parrot-shaped fox’s head and soared towards that enormous flying sea-serpent. It was writhing in agony and roaring in pain, while a surprisingly loud voice was escaping from its mouth: “Hardcore OP-ness~! Everything’s squishy on the inside~! Hardcore~, oh penis~! Be careful what you eat, cause you’ll choke on my meat~!”

“You fucking asshole! The ‘Dragonslayer’ title is gonna be mine!” The skull-faced little girl teleported twice in quick succession and swiftly arrived above the beast’s left, bright-green eye. She immediately began stabbing it repeatedly with her short-blade and dagger, but the damage was surprisingly low.

Since the attacks were physical, even if she completely obliterated an eye, it wouldn’t be able to deal more than three-percent of the creature’s maximum health. However, her goal was deep inside, guided by the ocular nerves and muscles, she needed to swim into the monster’s brain and attack the mana-core’s membrane.

However, immediately after she started her journey, Inari rapidly shrunk down to the size of a ‘normal’ bird. The little parrot launched itself into the right pupil and transformed into her ‘natural’ fox-form, ‘doggy-paddling’ towards the same goal as Sarah.

Jasmine used the rockets on the bottoms of her shoes to slowly move around through the air, while continuing to bombard the two drakes. Between Talia and herself, those two giant, winged sea-serpents, obviously didn’t stand a chance. Within seconds, they were riddled with arrows and bullets, and a minute later, they were both dead.

The Huntress swiftly flew over and snatched the carcasses before they could crash into the ocean, but she knew that the damage had already been done. She sighed, ‘Whispering’ to Alice and Elina “The two of you need to immediately begin traveling to the east! We shall meet up with you shortly, but I fear that we may have stirred up another catastrophe…”

That massive Lesser Water Dragon’s roars resounded for dozens of miles, reaching deep into the depths of the Western Ocean. It may have sounded like utter nonsense to everyone else, but Talia was able to hear “Help me~! Save me please~! Mama~, Papa~! Grah~! They murdered my babies~! I’m dying~! Avenge me~!”

Breathing out a long sigh, the Huntress glared at the eyeless beast, while quickly grabbing the little girl and soaring towards the east. Below her, the tide began to recede at a pace that was unnatural, even before a tsunami. Once she made it to the shore, she could see that all over the grasslands, enormous fissures began opening up.

Even the air started to become thin, and a mixture of horrifying auras started clashing against each-other. “So scary nyah~! Wah~, JJ doesn’t like this~! Go faster meow~! I wanna go home~!” Jasmine’s golden eyes started turning orange, and her Chaotic mana was spreading out in every direction, carried along with her aura of Light.

A deep and terrible bellow emanated from below the ground, and was followed by dozens of volcanic eruptions. The lava spewed from the fissures in the ground and it was possible to see the villages and cities nearby, being swallowed up by the earth.

It was as if the world was ending, and for thousands of Humans and miscellaneous animals, it truly was a cataclysmic event. There was nothing that they could do, because the forces at work were far beyond their power to resist.

Meanwhile, Michael was sawing that Lesser Water Dragon’s heart in half, while drowning in bright-green blood. However, before he was able to reach the mana-core, an adorable fox and a cute little girl, had completely ruined its brain.

The moment the beast died, Inari sucked the whole thing into her inventory and received a new title: “The Dragonslayer: Arf, arf-arf, bark-bark, awoo~… Grr~, ar~! Awoo-woo-woo~! +10 Aura, +5 Luck, +5 Willpower.”

As the three of them appeared in the air, covered in copious amounts of disgusting green goop, Sarah screamed “You fucking bitch! Grah~! Such bullshit! Michael, let’s go home, so I can shove my tail down this cunt’s throat and tear out her womb!”

The tiny fox transformed into a yellow parakeet and fluttered over to the Nephilim’s left shoulder, chirping excitedly into his ear. He complained “Seriously Inari, birds can talk, in fact, they never stop… so why can’t you?”

She barked and howled loudly, before making various other random animal noises, but refused to speak. Sarah teleported onto his gigantic right shoulder, grabbing hold of one of his relatively large horns and carefully glancing around. After a few moments, she yelled “Oi, I got a bad fuckin feelin about this place… We should probably get the hell outta here!”

There had once been a vast ocean beneath them, but there was nothing except a silver desert for miles. However, on the western horizon, the sun was partially obscured by a wave that seemed to be over five kilometers high. To the east, there were pillars of lava spraying into the sky and furious pitch-black clouds, covering the entire sky. Then, hundreds of enormous tornadoes began falling all around them, and a deep, hoarse feminine voice whispered “Michael, you certainly love to stir up trouble… Hehehe~, well, at least it’s more interesting this way. You should hurry up and get out of there before the real ‘fun’ starts though.”

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