Chapter 199: Just Passing Through…

An aura of pure Darkness enveloped Michael, Inari and Sarah; at that same moment, Talia and Jasmine were also consumed by a similar mana. Then everyone was ‘deposited’ outside of Patterson Castle, which was surprisingly unaffected by the rampant earthquakes.

Alice was standing there, holding an unconscious Human teenager in her left hand, as if he was a dumbell. Next to her was a frowning angelic cat-girl, who complained “What did you guys do this time?”

The dragoness tossed the boy towards the Nephilim, “Hey Mike, can you put this kid into one of your prison slots?”

He reached out and telekinetically sucked the Darkflame Magi into his right palm, then started shrinking rapidly. As soon as he deactivated his armor, Sarah crawled inside of his incredibly tight tank-top and removed all of her equipment.

“Ugh, Alice, get your scaly ass over here, it’s time to go home.” Michael first cast ‘Aegis of Light’ to ‘clean’ himself, the Dark-Goblin, and the little bird on his shoulder off. Then he ‘sheathed’ his massive siegeblade, and tossed his glowing ball into the dragoness’ left hand.

Once she grabbed it, her entire body suddenly became weightless, and the two of them were rapidly pulled together. Inari began rapidly growing and grabbed the tiny cat-girl in one claw, then Elina was picked up by the other.

That house-sized yellow parakeet squawked loudly a few times and flapped her wings so hard that she began soaring into the air. Talia swiftly followed after her, even using ‘Aerial Step’ to speed-up as much as possible.

Finally, Michael leaped up off of the ground, carrying the weightless dragon-girl and the ten-pound Dark-Goblin, while utilizing all four of his wings and over fifty points of Strength. Those massive dove-like wings flapped down a single time, and he was sent soaring after the giant bird.

Alice roared “This is amazing!” as she was holding onto his left leg with one hand, and grabbing that glowing ball tightly with the other. The mana-drain to keep using ‘Intermediate Arcane Pull’ was ten points per second, but considering that he was naturally regenerating roughly seven per second, it was going to be a while before his mana ran out.

Of course, as they flew along at a steady pace of two-hundred miles per hour, Talia would occasionally grab hold of the massive parakeet’s left leg, using that opportunity to start singing the ‘Hymn of Aeris’.

After half an hour, they had completely left the grasslands and entered a new zone called “Chu Xu Forest”. It was essentially a jungle filled with bamboo, beautiful waterfalls, mysterious grottos, and a gigantic mountain chain diagonally from southwest to northeast.

The majority of the area was filled with low-leveled magical-beasts, but there were a few villages filled with Wood-Elves. There were also a decent amount of Humans on the outskirts of the forest, but their level of civilization was even lower than what was present in Patterson Castle.

Unlike ‘Raphael’s Jungle’, ‘Chu Xu Forest’ didn’t have giant monstrous dragons, wyverns and demons flying around, even near the mountaintops. Thus, Michael and his Companions should have been able to easily pass by that zone without stopping.
When they were about to soar through an inauspicious valley, the giant yellow parakeet crashed into a mysterious invisible barrier. There was a loud and deep bell, then a message appeared “Warning: You have entered a restricted area, leave immediately.” and her body was forcefully transformed back into the shape of a tiger-sized fox.

Elina screamed “Michael~! Help~! M-my wings won’t work!” Jasmine was sleeping, so she just helplessly plummeted downwards into the jungle.

The Nephilim swooped down and landed at the bottom of the valley before his falling Companions, dropping Alice on the bright-green grass and using ‘Telekinesis’ to catch the two kittens. Inari on the other hand, nimbly landed on the ground without even being injured from the insignificant one-hundred meter drop.

“Ugh, you have to be fucking kidding me… There’s like fifty goddamn mountains, and we managed to pick the valley with a hidden city. Well, I mean, it’s just a guess, but this is most likely the same kinda place as ‘J-Town’. Anyway, Talia, you still haven’t told me, but what the hell was up with that shit earlier? You know something about it, right?” Michael retracted his wings back into his body, his skin became tan, his eyes turned crimson and hair went from silver to black. He casually lowered the two cat-girls onto the giant vixen’s back, while Alice struggled to stand-up off of the ground.

She grumbled “I really don’t feel good… We should find a cave to spend the night in. Inari’s exhausted, Sarah’s been sleeping this whole time and who knows, the ‘Fast-Travel System’ might be working tomorrow. Besides all that, I need to umm… do some things.”

As the dragoness, Nephilim, Quad-Tailed Nature-Fox, and the Huntress began walking towards the north, Talia explained “Everyone knows that the Holy Aqua Empire has been waging a cold war with the Terra-Ignis-Aeris Alliance for hundreds of years. Thus, it has been ‘illegal’ to hunt or even kill Water Dragons in self-defense… I fear that our actions have likely caused a full-scale war to break out between those two mighty nations. Before you ask ‘Why would I care?’ I shall answer your foolish question ahead of time!”

“Shut the fuck up! What the hell is wrong with you bastards?! I’m tryin ta sleep here!” Sarah’s angry face popped out from the neck of Michael’s tank-top, and she glared at the High-Elf for a few seconds.

Immediately after that, Elina yelled “Guys look! There’s a town up ahead! Maybe we can actually stay in a nice inn?!”

Talia sighed, muttering “¿Por qué me molesto? A estos cabrones egoístas no les importa nada que no les afecte directamente a ellos, de todos modos Miguel siempre fue así incluso en aquel entonces…”

Michael asked “Oi, who the fuck are you saying I molested?”

The Huntress glared at him for a few moments, before gazing into the distance and whispering “This place… certainly is not a ‘town’.”

Alice looked at her map and snickered, “What the hell is the ‘Long Dong Sect’? It’s got walls, and I can see torches, I also smell a lot of sweaty… elves? I can feel a lot of elementally charged mana as well…”

“Hahahaha~! Oh god~, Long Dong… There’s no way that the person who created this place wasn’t trying to make a joke! I mean, come on! Well, it probably has something to do with dragons, but still… Ah, whatever, JJ would get it, if she wasn’t sleeping.” Michael’s hysterical outburst was so loud that it attracted the attention of the various guards who were out patrolling.

Within moments, a group of five ‘Adolescent’ boys surrounded the group of seven mysterious intruders. None of them possessed the ‘Identification’ spell, or they obviously wouldn’t have even approached.

Each of them was roughly five-feet tall and seemed extremely feminine, with almost no muscle-mass. They wore pure-white robes, with a black serpentine dragon embroidered upon the back, and there were white belts around their waists.

However, those ‘sickly’ teenagers, with ridiculously long and pointed elven ears, didn’t seem to possess any weapons or armor. Michael ‘Scanned’ their clothing and it was only considered ‘Common Quality’. He muttered “Not even worth stealing… Well, they have mana-cores though, so we could take those.”

Those blond-haired and green-eyed ‘kids’ seemed rather unimpressive at first glance, but each of them were carrying small pouches on their waists. In each of those bags was at least a few dozen mana-cores, from rank-G magical-beasts below level-ten. However, above the ‘strongest’ person’s head was written “Inner Sect Disciple Long Xiao, Level-13 Wood-Elf Martial Artist, Rank-E, Elite.”

He was standing in front of Michael, shouting “Halt! What do you barbarians think you’re doing in Long Dong territory?! You, Fatty! Take your ugly whores and fuck-off!”

The Nephilim retorted “Oi, I ain’t fat, you skinny piece of shit! Hey Sarah, put some clothes on and get the hell outta my shirt!”

Long Xiao glared at him, “Shut your filthy mouth Barbarian! Fatty, you should teach your foolish pet to show respect to his betters!”

Michael was about to telekinetically tear the boy’s eyes out, when he suddenly started laughing hysterically, “Wait, no way~! Hahahaha~! Geez Talia~, you’re such a fat-ass~! Ah~, so anyway, who wants to kill this idiot?”

There was a puff of black smoke that wafted out of the Nephilim’s tank-top, and then Sarah appeared in her ‘Shadowy Temptress’ gear. She was wearing a veil, so it was impossible to see anything but the slight glow from her bright-blue irises. However, the moment that the arrogant Wood-Elf saw her, he felt as if his mind went blank and couldn’t help but exclaim “My Lady, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen! Become the wife of I, Inner Sect Disciple Long Xiao, and I shall give you anything you desire!” while bowing to her.

After a few seconds, the little girl snickered, turning towards Michael and unzipping his fly. Then she casually pulled out an erect penis that was the size of her relatively small forearm and lifted up her veil, allowing the five ‘boys’ to see her adorable face.

Sarah yelled “Unless your ‘dong’ is at least this ‘long’, I might as well just fuck myself with my own tail!” After that, she pulled up her skirt, unequipped her panties and began riding on the six-foot tall man, as he remained standing. Talia cringed, Elina sighed, Jasmine snored, Inari growled, Alice snickered, and the five Wood-Elves just stood there in shock and amazement.

Michael muttered “Why am I the only one who has the ‘Exhibitionist’ title?”

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  1. Talia sighed, muttering “¿Por qué me molesto? Estos cabrones egoístas no importa nada que no afectan directamente a ellos de todos modos. Miguel siempre fue así, incluso en aquel entonces…” it should be: Talia sighed, muttering “¿Por qué me molesto? A estos cabrones egoístas no les importa nada que no les afecte directamente a ellos, de todos modos Miguel siempre fue así incluso en aquel entonces…”

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