Chapter 21: A Hardcore Event

As Michael opened the door he muttered “No locks… seriously? Ugh, this is definitely gonna be a pain in the ass.” The inside of the room was completely dark, until Elina released a bright-white light from her palm, which created a very wide area of illumination.

Then Lily pointed towards the candles, one at a time, silently lighting them from a distance. He couldn’t help but sigh, while asking “Are those Class-specific spells, or is it possible for anyone to learn them?”

The Priestess snickered, and replied “You really must be from another world if you don’t even know that much… Hehe~, magic is all about Affinities. I was born with a connection to the Goddess of Light, so as my level increases, I’ll occasionally receive divine inspiration. Hmmm~, it’s kind of like an idea suddenly pops into your head, and you hear a woman’s voice, who whispers ‘You have learned a new skill.’ Then she gives you a very vague explanation of what it is, and how it works. Although, it happens a lot more often after you gain a Class.”

After that, the Enchantress closed the door and placed a wooden chair under the doorknob, as a makeshift locking mechanism Michael started awkwardly talking to himself: “Ah, that makes sense I guess… I wonder what my Affinity is? Well, as far as Classes go, I should probably pick something Tanky with healing abilities. Paladins are always overpowered, but how does someone like me even get a Class?”

In the room were two fairly large beds, with black sheets and no comforters; there were two fluffy pillows near the top of each mattress. He was actually surprised at how clean everything appeared.

Lily bit her lip and asked the Human, “Now that we’re in here, you can let Richard out, right?” Without hesitation, he bent down to the floor and made the two-meter tall Knight appear out of thin-air.

Elina cast “Holy Cure” on the unconscious cat-man, and then bent down, took off his steel helmet, and smacked his face a few times with her right palm, while yelling “Wake up!”

The moment he opened his eyes, Richard shouted “Gah! Cut that shit out!” as he grabbed the full-helm out of her left hand, and put it back on his head. There was only a narrow ‘T-shaped’ hole, which slightly revealed his nose, lips, and eyes, on the scratched-up piece of armor.

As soon as he saw Michael, he pushed off the ground and withdrew the flamberge on his back, while roaring “You bastard! I’ll fucking slaughter you!” However, surprisingly, both of his comrades stood in front of the Human and began furiously hissing at him. Seeing and hearing that, the huge Knight lowered his weapon and asked “What the hell happened when I was knocked out?”

While the three of them were talking among themselves, Michael sighed and finally released his first prisoner. When the slimy, crimson-skinned, little demon appeared, the Cat-Tribe trio were all startled.

Lily screamed “What the hell is that thing?!” as she jumped backwards and took cover behind the Knight in dull and scratched-up steel armor.

Elina smirked as she answered “A Level-5, Rank-F, Bloodworm-Goblin… I guess he wasn’t just bluffing when he threatened that old woman, huh?”

However, Richard just asked “How the fuck did he just do that? Was it summoning magic?” He wasn’t that concerned about the relatively small and weak, naked, female creature, but completely missed the whole conversation in the bar.

All of the noise managed to awaken the groaning girl; her entire body was incredibly sore, especially her gums and back. The strangest sensations that she experienced were the hundreds of long and skinny bloodworms that grew out of her scalp, after that was the tail, but most importantly was the fact that she couldn’t see.

Sarah turned over onto her stomach and quietly pushed off the ground, slowly standing upright. Even though she was blind, her sense of smell and touch were enhanced significantly.

She couldn’t see visible light, yet when she tried to look around, there was a myriad of colors. Her visual mana-sense had been heightened to such an extent, that she could see the ball of blinding white-light, the bright-red flame, a silver silhouette of an armored man, and a pitch-black void: which made all her feel pure hatred and rage.

When she heard that familiar voice say “Oh hey, congratulations on evolving.” her body vanished in a cloud of smoke, and reappeared behind him. Sarah immediately jumped onto his back and used her newly acquired fangs, to tear out the carotid artery on the left side of his neck: causing a huge ‘-25’ to appear, along with a ‘critically bleeding’ debuff.

The arterial blood sprayed wildly, and by the time Elina was able to cast her healing spell, he had already fallen to the ground and lost his last sliver of Health. However, only a moment after his death, he materialized, completely naked, behind the little girl.

Michael grabbed her worm-like tail with his right hand, while stomping down on the back of her neck, with his left foot. She screamed “Let go of me you immortal bastard! Gah! Rah! Grah!” while struggling to free herself from being pinned against the corpse, but there was nothing that she could do with such low Strength.

He sighed dramatically, then told her “Promise to stop murdering me, and then I’ll let you go.” His eleventh body was still twitching and spasming, so he quickly reached down with his free hand, and shoved it into bag-slot one; which made the slimy-girl smack against the ground, with a decent amount of force.

Sarah’s health dropped to 17/25, and she yelled “Fuck you!” while grabbing his ankle with both hands and trying to sink her fingernails in, but she didn’t have them anymore.

Lily was still hiding behind Richard’s back, but Elina was excitedly watching the strange wrestling match, and staring at the naked man’s posterior. When he died, his new body wasn’t created with any of his equipment, so he finally realized the main down-side to death: aside from the horrible agony and pain involved.

Michael sighed with relief, that his corpse didn’t lose control of its bowels or bladder, though the pure-white kilt was still drenched in blood and laying underneath the little Bloodworm-Goblin. He squeezed tighter on her slimy tail and calmly told her “Sarah, listen, you’re adorable and all, but if you keep this shit up, I’m gonna lose my patience. Kill me once, shame on you, kill me twice, shame on me, but if you do it a third time, I’m gonna smash your fuckin skull in and take back that mana-core.”

She screamed “Fine, just stop! Ah!” Apparently her pain threshold and Willpower was far lower than The Immortal Human: Her skin was also far more sensitive than it had been before her evolution.

After letting go of the tail, he punted her onto one of the beds, dealing a minuscule amount of damage, but making her lose her breath. Then he reached down and picked up the rabbit-skirt, and put it on, along with the boots, regardless of the fact that they were soaking wet.

Elina, who had been leering at Michael’s body, suddenly fell to her knees and began coughing violently. Lily ran over to her side and yelled “What’s wrong!? Oh no, is it happening now?!”

Richard cursed “Shit, I thought you said we had a few more days to make it to Carrabelle!” Then there was a deep rumbling, and the whole building started shaking violently.

Michael reached over and grabbed Sarah’s tail again, then yanked her away from the bed, as the ceiling immediately caved in on the western side of the room. One deafening roar after another erupted in the cloudy, starless skies, as thousands of small and large, skeletal and zombified dragons soared over the plains.

Each of their levels was in the hundreds, and their ranks were from ‘C’ all the way up to ‘A’ at the highest. They didn’t even look down at that tiny village, or the entire zone; by simply passing over the region, their minions on the ground would wreak havoc in their names.

The Element of Darkness was so powerful around them, that Priests and other Light-attribute humanoids or magical-beasts, would actually be weakened dramatically. Elina felt like her blood was boiling and her mind became hazy, while Sarah’s senses heightened and strengthened to the point, where her pure-white eyes suddenly turned pitch-black: allowing her to see again.

Michael shouted “For fuck’s sake! We need to get the hell outta here before the whole building collapses!” Fortunately, there was a door that lead to a balcony, which was still relatively intact.

Richard yelled “Sis, snap outta it!” as he sheathed his flamberge and picked up the nearly unconscious Priestess. Lily quickly ran to the wooden door and threw an explosive fireball out of her right hand, blasting it off the hinges.

The Knight quickly charged out after her, and Michael, while holding the slimy worm-girl under his left arm, followed after them. What they witnessed outside was total darkness, but it was also accompanied by blood-curdling screams, shouting, groaning, deep and terrible roars, plus the crying of women, children, infants and even men.

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  1. I think you forgot having the MC go: “What’s up with this final-boss appearing at the newbie’s village!?” y;
    Gotta clear out that cliche, right.


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