Chapter 25: Salvation

In a serene and peaceful meadow, there was a small church, with the statue of a twelve-winged cat-girl inside. There were beautiful stained glass windows and several murals along the walls. The largest picture was of Michael in his cherubic Nephilim form, wearing brightly shining armor over everything but his head. He was smirking, while hovering in the sky, above a huge cathedral; a medieval city was in the background below him.

A portrait of a middle-aged, chubby Priestess of Lux was displayed next to that; she was with a tall Knight who had a helmet covering his face and a gorgeous vampiric woman in a vibrant crimson Mage’s robe. However, that quaint little chapel was completely empty, aside from the naked, bald-headed little girl and her unconscious, large-breasted mother.

Carly frantically looked around, yelling “Hello?! Magically Kitty-Cat?! Is anyone there?! Please, my mom needs help!” In response to her cries, that giant statue started changing from marble to gold and glowing with a brilliant radiance.

After that it abruptly melted down into a fairly large puddle of metallic liquid, which swirled around counterclockwise, rippling unceasingly. The little girl stared with rapt attention, but yelped and fell down onto her buttocks as an arm suddenly reached out of the molten goo.

That delicate, porcelain arm splashed down into the gold and struggled to pull the rest of its body out of the mysterious material. A few seconds passed, and the second arm emerged, then finally, an inhumanly gorgeous face could be seen.

Staring at those fluffy white cat-ears, the small nose, yellow feline eyes and silky silver hair, Carly murmured “Umm, Miss Kitty, do you need some help?” She was afraid of the molten metal, but when she approached, she noticed that it wasn’t actually giving off any heat at all.

Reaching down, she grabbed the woman’s wrist with both hands and started pulling with what little strength she possessed. However, her assistance was surprisingly useful; the angelic cat-girl was yanked out of the puddle immediately.

Flapping her gigantic fluffy dove-like wings a few times, the beautiful nudist coughed a few times violently and vomited out a decent amount of milky liquid. Then she smiled at the child, “Thank you… I’m not sure why, but I seem to have been trapped in some sort of sealing spell.” As she stood up, towering over the sickly girl, she asked “My name is Elina Jacobs, what’s yours?”

“I, I’m Carly Cinagra… Uh, I’m sorry but, a cute kitty brought us here and said that ‘Mikey’ would be able to save my mom, but… Well, you’re an angel right? Does that mean that we died and went to Heaven?” The little girl seemed extremely depressed as she walked back over to her mother’s unconscious body.

Elina giggled, “That was probably JJ; don’t worry, you aren’t dead… Even if you are, I should still be able to ‘heal’ you. Hmm, you’re Humans? Which ‘Zone’ did you come from?” Without hesitation, she knelt down next to Jane and gently placed her right hand between the woman’s breasts, releasing a very small amount of Light aura into her heart.

The little girl nervously asked “Uh-umm, Miami, I guess? W-what are you doing? It’s all sparkly and my head feels funny… Woah~! H-how did you do that?” as she watched her mother’s wound releasing some golden light, before sealing completely.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s your turn now… You’re sick, right? I’m not really sure exactly what’s wrong with you, but you’re so weak that it shouldn’t be very difficult for me to heal you. Now, come closer please…” Elina smiled and reached out her hands, placing them onto Carly’s cheeks gently.

Suddenly, that child’s deathly pale skin started emitting a dazzling silver glow, as her irises turned golden and thin, white hair began growing out of her scalp rapidly. She whispered “I, I didn’t know it was possible to feel this good… There’s no pain anymore; are you sure that this isn’t Heaven?” while closing her eyes and enjoying the blissful warmth invading every inch of her body.

When Elina was finished ‘purifying’ Carly’s body, she wondered “Ah, it seems like you’ve gained the Light Affinity… Are you interested in becoming a Priestess?” She pulled her hands away, flapping her giant wings and flying a few meters into the air, before slowly landing on the balls of her feet.

At that moment, Jane opened her eyes and sat upright, holding her pounding head and shouting “What the hell happened?! Oh shit! I died?!” Once she stood up and looked at her daughter, who she barely even recognized, then the absurdly beautiful woman, she asked “Don’t take this the wrong way, cause you’re definitely really sexy, but umm… does Heaven have any clothes we can wear?”

Hearing that, the angelic cat-girl’s face gained a golden blush, as a myriad of shining tattoos appeared on her flesh. They glowed brightly and transformed into a transparent silk robe, glowing white panties and nipple-covers, along with sandals, a silver ring on her left hand and an unadorned battlestaff in her right.

The mother and daughter both gasped in astonishment, and Carly asked “So~ cool! If I become a Priestess, will I be able to do that too? Can you teach me how to heal people, like you did for me and Mom?”

Elina smiled wryly, “It’s… a little bit more complicated than that, but I should be able to teach you some simple Light magic pretty easily. How much you’re able to learn will depend on your own efforts and talent… Also, neither of you are ‘dead’ as far as I can tell. I’m fairly certain that we’re currently trapped within a small world, inside of my ‘soul’.”

She reached out her left hand and concentrated a decent amount of blindingly bright mana into her palm, which swiftly condensed into a small robe. After handing it to Carly, she created a much larger one for her mother.

As Jane put on what was essentially a thick cotton bathrobe, Elina explained “I’m not really sure how long these things will last, or if they’re actually ‘real’, but they should be fine as long as you’re within this ‘world’.”

It was then that the little girl finally realized “Wait, there were other people with us… Shouldn’t they be in here too?”


“Hey! Is anyone home? Please, I need help! My girlfriend’s dying for fuck’s sake!” A haggered vampiric asian woman, was totally naked, standing upon the freezing cold peak of an unreasonably large mountain. In fact, it was impossible to even see the bottom of the cliff behind her and fluffy snow clouds were constantly passing below the plateau she was on.

Isabelle was already on the brink of death, so being exposed to such frigid temperatures was certainly not a ‘good’ thing. However, even under such harsh conditions, there were plenty of lush, evergreen trees and even the grass around her was viridian.

She was standing barefooted on a frost-covered, cobblestone walkway, which lead to a small georgian manor. It was covered in decorative vines and had quite a few pillars made from jade; the main color-scheme was faded orange bricks, with white finishings and grey roof-tiles.

As Aoi reached the doorstep, with her unconscious girlfriend in her arms, a stern and feminine voice commanded “State your business human! Who are you and why have you invaded my territory? Furthermore, ‘how’ have you managed to reach inside of my Soul-Realm? If you have come here with ill intentions, hmph, your lives would obviously become forfeit rather swiftly!”

“My name is Takahashi Aoi, I’m a cardiac surgeon and I’m ‘not’ a human! Listen, some weird cat-monster thing, said that if we magically entered ‘inside’ of Michael Cinagra, we would be able to survive our imminent demise… so it’d be kind of ridiculous if you murdered us after we came here, right? I mentioned it already, but my ‘partner’ is dying and being out here on this godforsaken mountain, really isn’t making things any better… Can you please let us in? I promise, I don’t know if there’s anything you could possibly need from me, but I’ll definitely do it, okay? Just save Izzy somehow!” The naked woman was shivering uncontrollably, as she desperately waited outside of the mansion’s large double-doors. However, they opened almost immediately after she finished explaining herself.

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