Chapter 26: Soul Realms

“Very well, you may enter… Regardless of whether or not you truly have no ill intentions, with such a feeble amount of power, I highly doubt that either of you would be able to threaten me within my own Soul-Realm.” A two-meter tall, stunningly beautiful young woman was standing in the hallway. Her ears were extremely long, narrow and pointed, while her skin had a light orangish hue, and her relatively large irises were emerald.

She had long, straight blonde hair, pulled back into a ponytail and she wore a gorgeous jade-green gown, with stiletto high-heels that put her height over seven feet. There was a flower-like bracelet on her left wrist, an orchid pendant on the nape of her neck, and a white-gold wedding band on her ring-finger.

While her body was extremely lithe and fit, her sheer size made her appear rather imposing to the tiny vampire. It only required a single glance for Aoi to realize “You’re an elf? I thought they were just a legend… I mean, it’s not like I’ve never seen a human with slightly pointed ears before, but this is just ridiculous. Aside from that, aren’t elves supposed to be really short?”

“Your companion is gravely wounded, but even with my insignificant healing abilities, it should not require too much effort for me to accelerate her recovery. Follow me; A warm, medicinal bath will aid in her rejuvenation.” The giantess casually turned around and began briskly walking through the enormous entryway and heading up the left staircase, to the second floor. Those double-doors closed on their own, once the two naked women entered inside.

“My name is Talia Aeris Ramirez, Miguel’s ‘first’ wife; regardless of what the others tell you, I am the most senior and have known him for the longest. Hmmm, fortunately, I have collected a myriad of clothing and brought everything with me; most of it would be far too large for either of you to equip, though I did have the foresight to purchase garments of varying sizes. Do not fret, I will not charge either of you to rent them. It is unlikely that you would be able to repay me regardless… However, I am not arrogant enough to assume that you shall never rise above your current pitiful states. Even I was once a helpless child, so perhaps there will come a time when you both reach my level or even higher. Therefore, it is much more beneficial for us to form a friendship, rather than enmity.” When she finished speaking, they finally reached the enormous bathroom, which possessed a huge, shallow pool, filled with crystal-clear, steaming water.

Aoi complained “This is ‘nice’ and all, but Isabelle needs a lot more than a warm bath! At the very least, she needs a blood transfusion, antibiotics and surgery to repair the damaged-what the fuck?!”

The moment that the brown-skinned woman touched the water, the stitched-up wound in her back and abdomen had almost instantly disappeared. There wasn’t even a scar and the biodegradable thread dissolved just as quickly.

Not only Isabelle, even Aoi felt as if her tired body was being revitalized and every orifice that was exposed to the clear liquid, was stinging. As she screamed out from the pain and surprise, Talia chuckled, “I apologize for not warning you, but I had not anticipated that such a small amount of Alice’s Nature Essence Bath Salts would be too potent for you to endure. Do not worry, though it may be painful at first, you should be able to acclimate rather easily. Perhaps you may even be able to form a mana-core?”

The terrified woman tried to pull herself out of the shallow water, because she felt as if she was being attacked by a swarm of killer-bees, but the giantess simply used her right index finger to prevent her from frantically escaping. A few moments of intense struggling passed, until Doctor Takahashi’s eyes rolled up and closed; she let out a long, uncontrollable and high-pitched moan, before losing consciousness.

Talia sighed, grumbling “Human children are always so weak-minded… Hmmm, I wonder how Michael and the others are faring right now? Why has he not visited me in all this time? Unless, perhaps there is a temporal variance between our Soul-Realms? Fortunately, there does seem to be a connection between myself and the ‘outside’…”


A six-foot tall man, with a flabby belly and a round face, suddenly appeared in the middle of a lush jungle. He had a blonde buzz-cut and while he was definitely overweight, his arms and chest were still fairly muscular.

Next to the naked man was a deathly skinny woman; her breasts were so small that they were practically nonexistent. It was obviously that she had some sort of eating disorder or medical issue, which caused the majority of her bones to be easily visible through her extremely pale flesh.

Commander Smith immediately screamed, while covering her nipples and groin with her arms and hands. Captain Cummings shielded his genitals from view as well, but he didn’t have such a severe reaction as his ‘friend’.

As he gazed around the strange forest, he commented “What the fuck is up with this place? Every single one of these plants is glowing and most of them are random-ass colors…”

While they were awkwardly glancing around at the beautiful scenery and trying not to look at each other, a deep and masculine voice whispered “Ugly… too bony… weakling…”

Lexi glared at the man behind her and yelled “What’d you just say, Bastard!?” However, the chubby man wasn’t there anymore. She frantically looked around the brightly lit jungle and shouted “Dave, where the hell’d you go?!”

Then there was a quiet ‘hissing’ and even an ominous growl or two; in the far distance, she heard a deafening roar, followed by a terrible explosion of some sort. The ground rumbled and quaked for a few moments, before there was an unnatural silence.

At the same moment, Captain Cummings appeared out of the bushes and asked “Lexi, I know I’m not in very good shape right now, but did you really need to call me an ugly, fat, pig who smells like I would taste bad? Besides, you heard that right; is ‘now’ really the right time to be making fun of me anyway? It sounds like there’s some sort of giant monsters in this place…”

She frowned, “I definitely didn’t say any of those things! Oh god, Dave, this is just like that movie, where the people go into the jungle and there’s an evil alien who hunts them…”

“Sexual Predator? Are you talking about the first or the third one? Personally, I’ve always liked the ‘Illegal Alien’ series a lot better, though the ‘Sexual Predator versus Illegal Alien’ games were pretty awesome…” Rather than being scared, the naked man was covering his genitals while going on a tangent about various shows that resembled their current situation.

Eventually, Lexi screamed “Will you please just shut the fuck up! You’re going to piss off the damn monsters and get both of us killed!” By that time, the two of them had reached a hundred-meter tall waterfall, with an enormous lake for a basin.

“Humans… weak, tiny, ugly, smells bad, not tasty… kill? No, play, toys… Grrr~, rawr~!” A bright-green tiger, with golden stripes was talking to itself, while glaring at them with its glowing azure eyes.

Hearing its deep and terrifying voice, the naked duo instinctively gazed over at the beast, who was lurking near the shore. However, even more ridiculous, was that the gargantuan head of a jade-colored serpentine dragon emerged from the lake and stared at them.

It asked “Where have… you come from? Outside? What, you want here?” as a small brown adder slithered up behind the woman and swiftly wrapped around her bony left calf.

She screamed “Please, please don’t kill and/or tentacle rape us!” and fell down onto her hands and knees, at the same time as the man next to her.

David shouted “Yes, outside! We, we came from outside! We don’t mean you any harm or disrespect, oh great Dragon and Tiger Gods or Goddesses! Also, if you need to rape someone, you should pick me! I have much more cushion for the pushin! Just leave my platonic female friend alone, okay?!”

That tiny snake seemed to crawl so quickly that it was teleporting, as it instantly arrived next to Lexi’s face. Then it barked at her and licked her cheek, hissing and seemingly gagging, before slithering off into the jungle.

The tiger growled “Tastes bad… Don’t want… Kill for fun? No, too weak… not fun!” When they glanced up at the beast that was slowly approaching them, they witnessed something shocking; it had abruptly transformed into a five-foot tall, brown-skinned woman, with fluffy green fox-ears on her head and seven tails wagging around behind her back.

Inari obviously wasn’t wearing any clothing, but neither were the two prostrating vampires. She spoke in a childish voice: “Follow me… I’m Pack Leader… I’ll make you stronger; not losers, not ugly weaklings!”

They stared at her dumbfounded, but then noticed that the giant dragon wasn’t there any longer and felt a little relieved. When they stood up, Lexi nodded emphatically, “Sure, whatever you say! Just, please don’t kill or eat us, okay?”

David frowned, grumbling “I might be a little fat, but I’m not ‘that’ weak… I can bench-press three-hundred pounds, once.”

That ‘Pack Leader’ grinned, saying “Now we play fun game…” as she lunged forward and appeared in front of the man in an instant, yelling “Tag!” while backhand slapping him in the face. His body lifted off of the ground, soaring towards the lake and skipping across the surface a few times, before starting to sink rapidly. Once he was totally unconscious with a broken jaw and started drowning, she shouted “You’re it! Awoo~! Now you go tag!”


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  1. Mike, do you plan to illustrate your WN? I love all your work but it’ll be more awesome if there is some illustration or something like that. What do you think?

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    • I do ‘plan’ to illustrate stuff, but I don’t really have the time or talent to do it myself atm lol. I might be able to get my brother to make sketches of characters and my mother might be willing to paint stuff eventually rofl. Like, my brother mainly focuses on drawing stuff for his costume design class… which is fine, because he can draw ‘humans’ or people that look mostly human pretty well… but I don’t think he’d be able to draw 90% of the characters in Immortal Soul roflmao. They’re almost all anthropomorphic animal people. My mother on the other hand… I think she’s an expert at painting animals. So yeah, I do ‘plan’ on getting my novels illustrated eventually lol.


      • Looking forward to it. Maybe you can post a drawing request to your reader? At first post every sent pictures to keep the ball rolling and if some pics do match your style you can make that “official illustration”. I’m sure lots of your reader will gladly help you to make your works more interesting. But what do I know? Sorry for being a smart-ass. I will be happy as long as the chapters keep coming. lol

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