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After all this time, I’ve finally gotten a new computer!  I seriously agonized over getting a new computer for so long that I thought “Maybe this is it?  Maybe I’ll never get something new until this old thing literally falls apart?”

Fortunately, I didn’t wait until my brothers old computer stopped working completely, because I saw this ‘sale’ a few days ago.

This is what I got!

I mean, I was looking at lots of other computers and I realized that even if I bought a cheap one for like 400-500 dollars, it wouldn’t be that good.

Like, I did loads of research and had to ‘learn’ what makes a computer good or not.  Basically, there’s only a few different kinds of processors.  I like the ‘Intel’ ones because they’re a lot easier to figure out imo.

‘i3’ is super old and terrible.

‘i5’ is kinda old and mediocre.

‘i7’ is basically the best that I could find.

There isn’t a ‘huge’ difference between the generations and the iterations.  “Intel Core i7-6700 Processor 3.4GHz” isn’t that much better than one with a slightly smaller number.  Probably?

I don’t really know to be completely honest and I’m sure it doesn’t really matter that much either.

Anyway, so if I had settled for a computer with an ‘i5’ processor, they were all 400-600 dollars on average.  If they did come with a graphics card, it was pretty bad or practically pointless.  Then there was the problem with RAM.  Most of the ‘i5’ computers for that price-range only had 8-12 GB of RAM.  I probably would have had to buy more RAM, buy a decent graphics card… It would have ended up being 800+ after taxes.

I figured, screw it!  If I’m gonna have to pay all this money for a new computer anyway, I might as well get a good one that’s on sale!  It comes with a “NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 4GB” graphics card.  Has 2 TB of hard-drive and 16 GB of RAM.

Honestly, I have no idea if that’s good or not!  However, after searching through loads and loads of computers over the past week, this is literally the best one that I could find for under 900 dollars(After taxes).

I figure that it should last me a pretty long time.  At least I hope it does lol.  My last computer survived for 10 years before it died of natural causes.  The one after that was 7-8 years old and it wasn’t that great when even at the time my brother bought it.  So my standards are so ridiculously low, that I’m kinda worried I won’t know if something is wrong with this new one roflmao.  Like, I’m just way too used to garbage, that I can’t tell how to judge if something is good or not!

I’m not a hardcore gamer.  I’m a writer.  I don’t stream games for money.  I play games sometimes when I’m bored.  I also buy Humble Bundles and Steam Sales when they’re really cheap and interesting.  That’s why I have like 114 games in my Steam library and my old computer couldn’t really play any of them lol.

By the way, the first game I play will probably end up being Pokemon Uranium :P.  I know, right?  I finally have a PC that can play all the awesome games that I’ve bought over the past few years and the first thing I wanna play is a game that has basically 0 requirements lmao.

It’s pretty awesome though.  Like, the last Pokemon game I played was Black and White 2, but I think this one is probably better?  At least it seems better for some reason lol.  The only problem is that I don’t think all of the Pokemon in existence are available.  However, the new Pokemon that they created for this game, to me at least, seem way better than a lot of the Pokemon in past ‘official’ games.

For example, all of the started Pokemon are really cool lol.  Here’s a link to the Pokedex.  Anyway, if you like Pokemon, you should download it.  Although supposedly they got shut down, it’s still pretty easy to find places to download the game.  It’s free, so why not try it out for funzies?

Okay, so that’s about it.  I might as well let you guys know that I’m currently in the middle of writing chapter 2 of the new story I’m working on.  The chapters are pretty long and have loads of parts, so they’re almost more like ‘arcs’?  No, not quite long enough to be arcs.  IDFK!  They’re just chapters!  I’m pretty happy right now.  It’s like a massive weight has been lifted from my brainbox…


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19 thoughts on “New Computer

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  2. Congrats on finally upgrading your computer:)
    My computer is just a gaming laptop that bought more than 2 years ago for ~1.5k.
    Just recently finally upgraded the ram to 32GB of 9 Latency ram. 🙂
    Mine has i7-4800 at 2.70Ghz processor.
    And has replaceable(non-integrated) GeForce GTX 760M graphics card.

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    • Thanks lol. I’ve been agonizing over this for like 2 years… I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, but I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money and end up with a crappy computer anyway, so I got lucky and found this one on sale. If it wasn’t on sale, I wouldn’t have bought it lol. I think of it this way. I bought my last computer 10 or 11 years ago for 1000 dollars, not including the graphics card and extra ram rofl. It was great for a few years and steadily became worse and worse in comparison to the current shit, but, it worked!

      For 9 years it worked pretty well, then it started to break down. After 10 years it didn’t start anymore. So in that sense, it was kinda like I paid 100 dollars a year for it or maybe a little more.

      If I can keep this new one going for 10 years, I’ll be satisfied, though… Even if it’s just 5 years, it’s still good enough for me. Hopefully in 5 years I won’t need to worry and agonize over spending 800 dollars on a computer lol.


  3. As someone who had done the build it from scratch method and the buy and improve method, I get where you’re coming from. Last machine I built I got a faulty motherboard, and then it was sent back and six more faulty board were sent to me before I got a working one. I’ll likely do something similar to what you did next, as I’ve sunk far more money into this pc than I’d really like to admit to get it up to my standards. Looking forward to more stories, glhf.

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  4. I probably could have found you parts which are overall better in general performance and cheaper than this. For example 16gb of ram are total overkill for a writer as well as an i7 you could have saved some bucks on those and got 8gb and an i5. This money you either just saved and bought a more decen grafics card the 745 is pretty bad and to expensive for it’s performace a gtx 950 would have been a better joice. Well that’s about what i wanted to say. I hope your pc works out for you as i don’t have good experience with prefactured pcs. Have fun writing.


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  5. i3 doesn’t mean its old it says what market it targets i5 is pretty much mainstream i7 is highend i3 is lowend but better then most Pentium. its the 1st number that says how old it is like 6xxx is a sixth gen core i7 and the latest to come out. most people are best served by an i3 or i5 and a video card and a ssd

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  6. i3 doesn’t mean its old it says what market it targets i5 is pretty much mainstream i7 is highend i3 is lowend but better then most Pentium. its the 1st number that says how old it is like 6xxx is a sixth gen core i7 and the latest to come out. most people are best served by an i3 or i5 and a video card and a ssd

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