Death is Only an Illusion

This is a song I wrote a year or two ago, can’t really remember when… However, I’m pretty sure I’ve used parts of it in a few chapters of various series already. I just couldn’t remember which ones or what chapters, so I decided to make a post.

Honestly, I’m not really sure what the proper technique for writing down lyrics or poems is… When I write songs in my stories, they’re usually in the form of dialogue, so I follow dialogue rules. Also, this song doesn’t really have ‘verses’ or a ‘chorus’ in the typical sense, so maybe it’s more like a poem?

It’s weird how the brain works though. Even after years, I can read these lyrics and I’ll be able to sing them in almost the exact same way as when I originally wrote the words down… Anyway, the song/poem is called “Death is Only an Illusion”.


In the end, I loved you… more than I knew
More than I thought I could ever feel, anymore

After all of these battles, I knew you would say
How could we ever live through, even one more day
Fighting without a common enemy to slay

We fought for so long, that we forgot to stay
In the world we left, so very far away

Endless demons, plagues and strife
Hell is only, a moment in your life

When the angels… come falling down around you
With broken wings surrounding, the endless agony, and you just want to break free

How many times must we, fight through the waves
How many people must we slaughter, without even digging graves

Endless agony, is just another day for me
It doesn’t even matter, if you set me free

The only way to save yourself, is finally… to kill me

In the end, I loved you… more than I could express
All this time I’ve waited, suppressed my loneliness

But every day I saw you falling, farther away
And every moment I was with you, was always one less day

Before you would finally, tear down all these walls
A cage of hatred, rage and anger, that filled these empty halls

Why did we spend so much time, working for a better way
When every single day I loved you, but never did I say

Stay with me tonight, help me feel alright
Promise me that you will never, leave my side
Swear that we will be together, living in this world forever
Please don’t blame yourself, for everyone who died

Death is only an illusion, everything’s alright
Hating me for your confusion, just so you can hide

Why does every word you say, fill my soul with such dismay
I never meant to hurt you, or make you feel that way

In the end I loved you, but I always knew
Life is only an allusion, to the endless fight

15 thoughts on “Death is Only an Illusion

  1. I pledged 13 dollars on patreon (13 is my spiritual number) how do I get acces to your google doc before i knew i had to donate I already found your doc and put my email wich is ***** so i hope that doesnt intervene.

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  2. I stumbled upon thyselves on tapas reading immortal soul (my first book in years also so far I only truly read 3 books in my life but I only continue when I start living the story on the brink of being able to visualize being physically there) You can bet though *it might take me long but I will read all your stuff. I just want a heads up when I reach ep 125 on immortal soul what should I read next where to go to get more 7 and threes more michael vibes more uriel azriel and sariel vibes. more of the supposed others. (also your book is helping with my fear and unneasy-ness with death and endings *even simple endings as finishing my plate of food XD) I saw for the trio I can read “Tower Defense Deities” I guess?.. I also find it scary btw how Immortal Soul seem to trigger non existing memories and Deja Vu’s (maybe they are existent *hope dies last) your style of writing seems to correlate with how I write my poems *or at least how I tell them in my head and also the way I philosophy in life. I would love to have a conversation with you one day. Even if that never happens I am going to support you *at least buy all the keys nessecary on whatever you will put on Tapas (even if you provide it free somewhere else).
    PS: I will most likely from time to time (sometimes a lot) comment here and there.
    PS V2.0: You inspire me to write a book or story seriously *wich I want to already but I can be quite lazy.

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    • Thanks 🙂 And yeah, my stories have always been deeply rooted in ‘Reincarnation’, ‘Immortality’ and ‘Transcendence’ lol. It’s important to have contrast in a story though, which is why it’s more enjoyable to read about a ‘normal’ person ascending beyond what they believed to be possible. Of course, I also enjoy when a transcendent being descends down into a mundane world and shapes it to their will lol. Also, I’m kinda scarred from reading/watching stories and shows with shitty endings. You invest so much time into a story, only to have the author kill off your favorite characters or actors want to leave the show, and totally ruin the entire storyline/continuity.

      Some people enjoy the finality of permanent death, but I personally, hate it. It’s lazy and boring from my perspective. Whether they’re a total piece of shit or a literal saint, a general theme is that souls can’t be erased from existence… Kinda like the conservation of mass, except souls and information lol.

      Anyway, I talk about souls a lot in my stories, pretty much all of them have that aspect.

      Tower Defense Deities has a lot of the characters from Immortal Soul in it, except for Michael. While in The Dao of Eros, “Leviathan” is the main character. Leviathan is one of Michael’s seven personalities/souls.

      Chaotica’s Coliseum is a story about “Iris Angelica Healy”, who is also one of Michael’s souls lol. She appears quite a few times in Immortal Soul, though I don’t know if you’ve seen her yet in the currently edited/released episodes on Tapas.

      By the way, I’ve written 4 books and a chapter of book 1 of “Immortal Soul”. So the total number of episodes should be a bit over 330 if my math is correct?

      Of course, if you’re looking for something directly related to Immortal Soul, then read “Questing”. One of the main characters is Coffee. Although, it might have some spoilers from later on in the story, so idk. Or maybe it doesn’t? I can’t remember. It starts in Lorthon, but they quickly head out into the desert.

      “Hardcore OP-ness” is probably my ‘masterpiece’ though rofl. Sure, it’s got lots of weird and raunchy comedy, it also doesn’t take itself very seriously most of the time. However, it’s the glue that holds all my stories together in many ways. Especially “Hardcore Legacies”.

      I just recently finished writing “Hardcore Legacies”. It was 120 chapters, with 2 epilogues. If you add to that, the first 294 chapters and 1 epilogue, it’s like… 418 chapters roflmao. Roughly 630,000 words total, and it’s not even over yet. Hell, this is probably only the beginning.

      Anyway, I’m in this FB group and show up there a lot lol.

      We basically just read and talk about translated Asian novels most of the time.

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      • Thanks I will join the group later today. And thursday or friday upcoming I will pledge to your patreon since I it seems only half is on tapas. Oh heads up the editors are not perfect still a lot of mistakes in Immortal soul on tapas but that is okay (it kinda adds to the good mundane-ness like Michael of the story wrote it and we can’t expect him to remember english as perfect with all those lives haha) I started reading questing but I will wan’t to wait. Maybe I will read chaoticas coliseum first (I basically read a couple lines of it all already but I just could not choose).
        I do not know much about asian novels though but maybe I get introduced to more things I will love. (Always try before judging.)

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      • Thanks 🙂 And yeah, Immortal Soul had a lot of errors and even after they ‘edited’ it, they didn’t really fix much lol. Depending on how far back you go, my writing abilities change a lot rofl. Immortal Soul was 2014-2015, Hardcore OP-ness was 2015-2016, Hardcore Legacies was 2016-2017. TDoE/TDoDK/CC were all in 2016 and TDD was 2016-2017.

        Yeah, you’re gonna get super addicted to translated novels lol.


      • I started writing a book XD 800 words so far. I am going with reincarnation aswell but it is me who reincarnates and I will have my own adventures and symbols and deeper meanings. Maybe after I wrote some more you could read it if you want I will put it on my blog most likely if somewhere else I will let you know.

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