HCL Chapter 110: Unease

“You really are a glutton, Arcana…”

The tiny bead that contained the Solar System was like a spec of dust compared to the universe that Arcana had just devoured. However, the seemingly microscopic avatar of Sariel was still carefully guarding it within her true form’s seventh tail.

Arcana smirked, whispering “What I do in order to survive is far more humane than the way that you abuse the Karma System…”

“Whatever, I’ve had enough of your nonsense for one figurative day. I’m leaving before you have a chance to try and trick me again. Here’s your stupid brat back!” Sariel waved her front right paw and a small purple rat-dragon flew into the giant woman’s hands. Chaotica was crying, while occasionally screaming obscenities, but it was far too quiet for the enormous beings to hear as anything more than soft squeaks.

After the massive nine-tailed fox began floating away, a small green serpentine dragon slithered out of Arcana’s crystalline hair. It stared at Sariel’s seventh tail for a moment, then snickered softly. His masculine voice echoed inside of the Goddess’ mind.

“Good ole Sari is as predictable as always, hehehe~… Whenever it comes to Yuri and Azra, she totally lets down her guard. The question is whether she’s serious right now, or if she’s just acting like an idiot to fuck with us?”

“I feel a strange sense of unease…” Arcana murmured, “The seeds were planted. They also sprouted properly. Rapture’s task is complete. Such a powerful soul… Even I would find it difficult to resist the temptation of consuming it. However, why does it feel as if I have made a critical error?”

The green snake slithered across her shoulder and then circled her right breast, before asking “What’s the worst that could happen? Anyway, I’m really fucking horny right now~… So~, I’m thinking, massive orgy at Chaotica’s place~?”

“Hmmm~, intriguing proposal… It has been several eons since I last indulged myself.”


“It seems that our original plans will need to be slightly altered.”

Meanwhile, within Minari’s egg yolk. An illusory woman appeared next to the humanoid silver skeleton that was floating around in the center.

“Hey Kana, I hate to tell you to fuck off, but I’m kinda in the middle of something right now… Ya know? I’m sure it isn’t that big of a deal, so I’ll talk to you later.”

Vital organs such as the heart, lungs and stomach were already starting to form, though it was a very slow process. However, it was similar to the ‘Summoning’ that Michael had performed before. It wasn’t that simple though. Jasmine’s knowledge of runes and Elina’s enchanting abilities were also being utilized in the process. Their skills had obviously improved greatly during the time they spent in their Soul Realms.

Arcana bluntly stated “You have been abducted.”

“Bullshit.” Although Minari said that, she did stop constructing her body in order to have an actual conversation with the illusory woman.

“This entire Solar System has been taken from me…” Arcana frowned, “Thus, I believe that you will find it extremely difficult to return.”

A pitch-black wisp appeared before the illusory woman and took on the shape of an irritated pale-skinned Nephilim man. Michael glared at her and asked “How is that even possible?”

The avatar of Arcana slowly explained “A being as powerful as my true self has forced my hand. It is unfortunate, but you aren’t valuable enough for me to fight with a Legendary Eternal Deity.”

“But wouldn’t that totally fuck up the timeline? Haven’t I already returned and-” Before he could finish speaking, the illusory woman interjected.

“Perhaps…” She frowned and then murmured “However, it is uncertain whether that was truly ‘you’. You are Rapture-777 after all. There were seven-hundred and seventy-six others…”

“What?! What the fucking fuck?! Oh goddamn it! You…” Two huge horns grew out of Michael’s head, as he grabbed her by the throat. Yet he quickly loosened his grip and coldly stated “No, there’s no point yelling at an avatar who isn’t much more than a fancy cell-phone, right?”

“I would have preferred if you simply shouted at me…” Arcana dejectedly muttered.

“There might have been loads of others before us, but that doesn’t change anything. We will eventually return to Arcana… To our family and home…” Michael let out a long sigh, then shook his head and smirked. He softly continued “No, we already have returned in a sense. The problem is that getting back will be a lot more complicated than we originally thought it might be.”

“Perhaps I would share your optimism…” The ethereal elf giggled, “ If it were not for the more likely scenario of our imminent demise.”

“Wait, what?”

Arcana elaborated “It is unfortunate… However, you were correct in your degrading comment earlier. I am merely a small fragment of Arcana… My fate has always been rather bleak. If your mission had been successful, then I would be absorbed and technically destroyed. Now that we have been captured by Sariel, it is likely that she will seal me away. It would not be surprising if you perished as well.”

“Wait wait wait a fucking second…” Michael stammered, “Earlier you mentioned ‘Legendary Eternal Deity’. Didn’t you tell me that I was a Deity before? What the hell does that mean? I haven’t finished making my body yet, but even when I do…”

“There are nine Deity Realms. You are at most…” The translucent woman sneered, revealing “Nearing the Worldly Deity Realm. The three Realms that I had told you about in the past… They were perhaps slightly inaccurate.”

The naked Nephilim complained “Were you programmed to lie all the fucking time, or is that just a basic character trait of Kana?”

“I did not lie. In that Lesser Universe, the level of power was minuscule. Generally, it is very difficult for a being such as myself to interact with Mortals, Immortals and Lesser Deities.” Arcana smiled wryly, “That is the reason why there are ‘Realms’. We need to create avatars such as this one, in order to raise…”

“Livestock?” Michael interjected, “That’s basically what we are, right? Food. For fuck’s sake! All this shit was basically just to feed Kana! I knew it, but I figured that we were at least friendly enough that she wouldn’t just throw me away like that!”

She murmured “We are friends…”

“Oh… So that’s how it is.” The naked illusory man suddenly grinned.

“It is rather embarrassing to admit…” Arcana muttered “However, I have been the one you conversed with all the while. You were important enough for Arcana to create me. No… It was not simply Arcana who had a vested interest in you. The other Eternal Deities in her court were the same.”

“Well yeah. I also had a vested interest in my pocket-pussy and dildo collection! It didn’t mean I actually gave a fuck about them though.” Michael patted the ethereal elf on the head and then casually said “Anyway, forget about that for a second and get back to the original purpose of this fucking conversation… What the hell were we talking about again?”

She immediately swatted the relatively large hand off of her head and coldly stated “Unless you wish to be destroyed or devoured, I suggest that we form some sort of arrangement with Inari Okami.”


Arcana reiterated “Sariel is most commonly known as Inari Okami…”

Michael snickered, grumbling “Yeah, that’s confusing. Didn’t she just steal that name from my Inari? Seems like copyright infringement…”

“Inari Okami has existed for almost as long as Arcana. Did you not name your Companion after herself?” Those translucent eyes glowed brightly and her body seemed to become corporeal. Then the two of them found themselves within Minari’s Soul Realm.

The Nephilim transformed into a huge muscular orange-scaled dragoness, then sat down on a comfortable stone sofa. All around them, there were volcanoes erupting and hellish storms raging in the distance. The ground constantly quaked and demonic beasts roamed around, trying to devour each other.

“Ah, you’re probably right. Well, just call her Sariel, because it’s still confusing.” Alice chuckled, pulling a black goblet out of thin air and taking a swig of some mysterious liquid.

“Very well.” The obsidian-skinned elven woman sat down on a smooth rock and a pure-white gown abruptly appeared to cover her naked body.

“Anyway, you’re right about making a deal…” The dragoness snickered, suggesting “But can’t we just like, run away?”

“Where would we flee? We are currently within the Chaotic Void. We have no vessel that will be able to protect our souls and bodies within that environment. Much less a means of navigation. Like Arcana, Sariel will have plenty of ways to ‘use’ someone like you…”

Alice retorted “I like fucking, but I’m not a whore.”

“No…” The obsidian elf smirked, “However, you are a mercenary of sorts. Also, you currently possess a few souls that I am certain the Goddess of Agriculture would be interested in obtaining.”

“Ah, you’re right, hehehe~… Honestly though, I would fuck a Goddess if it really came to that though.” The dragoness grinned, revealing her many long and sharp fangs.

Author’s Note

Holy shit this took me forever to edit lol. Mainly because that whole conversation between Arcana and Minari was just dialogue when I started… It’s so fucking hard to write a conversation when you have OCD and can’t just use their names twice in a row. No, not just the names, I also have to come up with a different word to describe the way they’re talking every time too… Even if someone is whispering a whole conversation, I’ll switch between ‘whisper’, ‘murmur’, ‘mutter’, ‘softly spoke’ or ‘softly said’…

Plus, there was really no setting or anything and I added in various physical interactions. Basically, I ended up going from 1200 words to almost 1600 words by just adding some small details here and there. It’s not like I’m trying to meet some fucking wordcount though. Even if I subtracted 200 words, I’d be fine, but that just isn’t possible lol.

There’s a huge difference between adding superfluous filler and adding the basic explanation of what’s happening during a conversation. How often do real-life conversations have neither person involved making any sort of movements, expressions, gestures or physical transformations? Okay, so maybe people might not transmogrify in reality, but it’s weird to read a conversation that’s like a text message conversation… Unless it’s an actual text message conversation; then it’s fine.

Alright, I’m way too tired to keep thinking or doing constructive things, so I should just go to sleep now lol. Goodnight 😛


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