Chapter 75: Beds are the Gifts that Keep on Giving

“Wait, what just happened?” Elina was staring at the blindingly bright bed, with a confused expression.

Talia asked “How did you do that?” She was wearing the tiger-fur skirt that Michael had given to the Priestess, along with a dark-green undershirt and boots.

Michael snickered, replying “As long as I have gold and mana-cores, this house can furnish itself. Hehehe~, I wonder what I should buy next? We need so much shit, it’s kinda hard to decide.”

The cat-girl stored her staff and then Unequipped her robe, before diving into the bed and rolling around in the incredibly soft sheets. She giggled and yelled “Finally! After ten years, we meet again! Ahn~, so fluffy and cozy~!”

Seeing that indecent display, the High-Elf quickly turned away from the beautiful, naked woman and glared at Michael. He asked her “Why are you lookin at me like that? It’s not my fault that she’s fucking crazy.”

Elina shouted “I am not!” as she sat upright and explained “Ten years ago, when I was still at the Priestess Convent, I used to have a ‘Light-Bed’ just like this one… Well, it was a lot smaller, and not nearly as comfortable. I thought that I would never get to sleep on one again for the rest of my life! Also, it’s completely normal for an innocent Priestess like myself, to sleep in the nude~.”

Then he said “Ah! I almost forgot to tell you, umm~, oh yeah, Talia… Wait, why did I have so much trouble remembering your name, while I was staring at it? Damn it, I keep getting distracted! Downstairs, you can pick one of the guest-rooms and live there.”

Hearing that, the High-Elf immediately asked “Can I have my own bed?” while trying to ignore the purring cat-girl.

Michael sent his wisp-form down into the southern guest-room, and spent five gold, plus a Silverback Gorilla mana-core. He nodded to her question, and told her “Yep, it’s a queen-sized, relatively normal-looking bed. No idea how comfortable it is, but it should be pretty good.”

Since her Stamina was nearly depleted, and she was mentally exhausted from everything that she experienced during the day, Talia thanked him and excused herself. Once the man and cat-woman were alone together, he said “Have I ever mentioned that you have a perfect asshole? Even before you evolved, it was still pretty awesome, hehe~.”

Eline frowned and asked “You didn’t defile that Angel’s corpse, right?” After seeing how grateful the people he saved were, the Priestess had almost forgotten about that.

He sighed, then answered “Of course I didn’t… Ugh, I think I broke my record for not masturbating. It’s been like, two days!”

The naked cat-girl smirked and sprawled out onto the bed, before purring quietly and saying “You should give me another massage~.” as she turned onto her stomach. He Unequipped his armor and jumped onto the bed, next to her, but didn’t bounce.

Michael crawled over to Elina and asked “Are you really a virgin? I mean, you do have a hymen, but that doesn’t really mean much in a world with healing magic.”

She pouted, and quietly muttered “I’ve never had sex… with a man before.” After a long pause, she continued “When I was young and stupid, I made a terrible mistake. Normally, Priestesses would stay in the convent until they were twenty-one, at least, before leaving. However, I kind of got kicked out… for fooling around with my roommate.”

He snickered as he began gently caressing her lower-back, dangerously close to the base of her tail. The cat-girl purred faintly and moaned a bit, while he started kneading the muscles around her hips.

Then Michael told her “Everything happens for a reason; there are no mistakes or accidents.” moving his lips next to her twitching left cat-like ear. His fingers slowly ran up her spine, before starting to massage her shoulder-blades.

Elina complained “You’re trying to seduce me~, ahn~. It’s not fair~…” as she quickly flipped over onto her back and stared up at the smirking, lightly-bearded man. He placed his right hand on her extremely-large left breast and gently caressed it, while he was ‘massaging’ himself with his other hand.

The Priestess ran her fingers down his chest and abdominal muscles, before stopping near his navel. Then she said “You know, after I broke my vow of celibacy, that’s when my life started to fall apart. I always thought that I was just getting punished for sinning… Aside from not being able to make any more progress with my Light Affinity, the moment I returned to my Clan, we were attacked by a Boss. My two younger brothers, my father, aunts, uncles, grandparents, just about everyone I ever cared about had died overnight.”

Since she started crying, Michael stopped masturbating and fondling her, as she told him “The only reason that my mother survived, was because she divorced my father and left the Clan a few weeks before I returned. Richard used to be so gentle, but after everything that happened, he completely changed into a violent jerk. Lily was even worse… When we traveled together, she would always be ‘Charming’ men, before stealing from them, or just killing them for experience. I’ve been blaming myself for everything terrible that’s happened to us for the past ten years, but I only recently discovered… it was all pointless!”

Elina’s hands were covering her face, as she constantly sniffled, and Michael sighed dramatically. He suddenly wrapped his arms around her body, and pulled the relatively large cat-girl into his chest, while slowly petting her head with his right hand.

It was something he had done a hundred times before, and seemed so natural that the Priestess didn’t even try to reject his embrace. He grumbled “This is why harems are fucking bullshit.” Comforting a single person was so exhausting, and he knew from experience, that the young woman was going to need at least a few months before she was emotionally stable: unless he managed to find those two siblings.

Snot and tears were being smeared all over his shoulder and chest, but he managed to ignore it somehow. Of course, even during that whole ordeal, he was still incredibly aroused and wishing that he had just masturbated in his room and gotten it over with.

By the time she finally calmed down, Elina actually fell asleep. Michael sat-up, but continued to gently caress her hair, while faintly smiling and began singing quietly: a song about love, death and sadness.

After sighing, then staring at his eternal-erection, he decided to finally deal with it. Instead of using his wisp-mode to peep on the wide variety of interesting residents, he simply crawled around behind the unconscious cat-girl and admired the view.

When he was ‘finished,’ he noticed that all the snot, tears and other fluids had been disintegrated by the blindingly bright comforter. Michael gently lifted Elina with one arm and then slowly placed her under the covers, resting her head against one of the fluffy white pillows.

He quietly asked “Did you enjoy the show?” as he turned towards the obsidian-skinned Dark-Goblin. She couldn’t actually get close to the bed, without burning herself, so she just glared at him from a distance.

Sarah was scowling, “Why the hell are there so many assholes camping out near my cave? I was trying to practice Necromancy in peace, but those Goddess-damned noisy birds won’t shut the fuck up… When I tried to kill them, I received a ‘Friendly-Fire’ message!”

Michael snickered and told her “Yeah, about that… I kinda-sorta saved a bunch of people from the Temple of Asura to complete my Class-Quest. Well, I figured that most of them would fuck-off somewhere afterwards, but they just decided to stick around. Then I bought this whole damn plateau and the waterfall, plus those caves… Basically, only allies are allowed inside of here, so obviously you aren’t allowed to kill them, hehe~.”

The naked man stood up off of the bed and walked towards the Goblin-girl, creating a shadow and blocking her from the light. She sneered, while gazing up at him and asked “Did you really think that whiny bitch would be able to satisfy you?”

He smirked at her, then teleported into the pitch-dark basement, and was immediately followed by a Shadow-Step. Sarah latched onto his back and bit down onto his left ear, actually managing to draw blood.

Michael reached back and grabbed her tail, saying “If you’re trying to turn me on, I just came less than a minute ago… so give me like two seconds.” Her mouthful of small but incredibly sharp fangs, quickly sank into his left jugular, but only did five points of damage.

However, even when she bit down harder and started draining his blood at a ridiculous pace, it regenerated almost instantaneously. It hurt a bit, but not too much for him to enjoy it. He casually suggested “Ya know, if you really wanna ‘devour’ me so badly, there are other places you could suck on…”

14 thoughts on “Chapter 75: Beds are the Gifts that Keep on Giving

  1. Ohhh a mix of a vampire/Medusa is good!! Vampires are definitely one of the sexiest!! I havent heard a vampire mentioned in this story, dont tell me.. they dont exist?!!! I would be hugely disappointed if that’s the case…

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  2. Someone asked if there was romance in this story… is this considered romantic? I think it kinda was? Welp, the next chapter is probably one of my favorites, so good luck… lol. Is a disclaimer necessary? Nah, whatever, it’s fine lol

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