Chapter 77: Evolution of a MC

“Well, it’s not the first time I’ve had kidney stones before… Of course, these will be a lot bigger, but at least I can use them to buy you furniture?” Michael started laughing hysterically, and felt terrified by the fact that there was even a possibility for him to get pregnant with a Human or Goblin somehow.

Sarah let out a sigh of relief and told him “I was just tryin ta fuck with you… I didn’t really mean to pick yes. I’m never havin’ kids, ever.”

He snickered, then quietly said “Well, you’re still young… really young. Actually, if you were Human, you would still be considered a child. Anyway, my point is that you’ll probably change your mind eventually. Hell, it’s not like I wanna be a father any time soon either, and while I may have had a few disturbing dreams about being a mother~… I think I’ll pass.”

The little girl rolled off his chest and plopped down onto the bloody floor, laying on her side and facing away from him. A skeleton suddenly appeared in front of her and she gently embraced its rib-cage, while whispering “Ya know, I’m not like that whiny little bitch upstairs… I don’t need you to sing me to sleep or do any ah that pussy-shit. Even if I’m passed out the next time ya get horny, just shove yer dick in my tail and satisfy yourself that way. Now get the fuck out and let me meditate in peace. I can’t concentrate when you’re here.”

Michael snickered as he ran his right hand through her slimy hair, then vanished into thin air. Sarah suddenly heard a hoarse cackling noise behind her, then a raspy voice asked “How does it feel to finally become a woman?”

She immediately replied “Stronger, and satisfied… for now. I’ve eaten too much though, so I really need ta shit. Also, I’m pretty sure I pissed myself like, seven times and now I’m lying in it. Maybe dirty is the best way to describe this feeling?”

Umbra chuckled, and then whispered “Don’t worry child, Mama will give you a little present.”

Suddenly, a message appeared: “You have received Body of Darkness Level 1: Completely breaks-down waste in the large intestines and bladder, transforming it into mana, which is used to satiate hunger. When Stamina becomes dangerously low, mana is consumed to slowly replenish it. The Aura stat determines the rate of decomposition.”

Another quickly popped up as well: “You have learned Devouring Shadow Level 1: The caster uses their aura to envelop organic material in Darkness mana and slowly consume it. Health and Stamina are replenished depending on the quality and quantity of ‘food’ that has been devoured. Can be used on living organisms that have less than ten percent of the caster’s Aura stat. Costs one mana per second. Speed of consumption is based on the Aura stat.”

Sarah grinned as she began using her newly acquired skill and slowly started ‘cleaning-up’ the mess that surrounded her body. However, the process was incredibly slow, so she was determined to raise the level as quickly as possible.
After Michael finished taking a ‘shower’ in the beam of blinding light, he was surprised at how all the blood, urine, gore and grime had been completely obliterated. He went up to his bedroom and said “Welp, time to masturbate… or not. Nah, I’ve fucked around for long enough. It’s time to finally do this shit!”

Pulling a brightly-glowing, tiny bead out of his inventory, he unhesitantly shoved it into his mouth and swallowed. Five seconds later, he receive a notification: “Congratulations on reaching Rank E; please choose your desired evolution.

“Human: Most people would not wish to change their race. By choosing this path, you will be given ten stat-points, which you can invest however you wish.

“Lesser Angel: There are many variations of the angelic race, and this is the weakest possible version, but if you continue to follow this path, you may one day become a mighty Seraphim. Appearance is similar to Humans, but with two large, dove-like wings that spread from behind their shoulder-blades. Weight will be reduced by seventy-percent from the original value. Aura +7, Agility +4, Charisma +3, Perception +2, Luck +1, Willpower +1, -1 Strength, -1 Vitality, -1 Endurance.

“Nephilim: When an Angel and a Human successfully produce an offspring, it will be something in-between. Appearance is nearly identical to Humans, under normal circumstances. They have a Racial Skill, which allows them to sprout large dove-like wings from behind their shoulder-blades. Physical stature will increase slightly. Aura +3, Strength +3, Vitality +3, Endurance +3, Perception +1, Charisma +1.”

He snickered, then muttered “Well, first of all… fuck humanity. Ain’t no way in hell I’m picking that. Plus, it even has the worst stat bonuses. Lesser Angel is meh, and even though I don’t really need to sleep… I definitely don’t wanna be in a situation, where I can’t even lay on my back without crushing my extremely fragile wings.”

Michael smirked as he made his decision, and said “Muhuahahaha! Finally! All those years when I still desperately believed that I could keep growing taller… I finally win! Hahahahaha, ow, ow, ah~! Ouch, ugh, ow, argh, ummm~, nope, ow, shit, fuck, cunt-bitch-whore-slut!”

As his bones, muscles, and skin began tearing apart, while rapidly expanding, he felt like lightning was running throughout his body. Immediately falling to the floor and spasming violently, he could only maintain consciousness for a few moments before his wisp was expelled from his forehead.

Unfortunately, just because he was ‘technically’ unconscious, it didn’t mean that his suffering would end. His pitch-black astral form was strangely being engulfed by a halo of white-light. It was oscillating around his orb-like figure, and making extraordinarily loud and high-pitched noises, as he continued to feel all the pain that his body was suffering from.

Michael screamed “Fuck~! Ow-ow-ow, ah! What the fucking fuck! Goddamn it! Argh, faster! Why can’t I make the fucking time go faster!?” Even if he could ‘tolerate’ the agony that he was experiencing, it didn’t mean that he could completely ignore it.

His telepathic voice reverberated in his mind as he continued to shout, yell and generally just make lots of noise. There wasn’t much else that he could do, as he ‘patiently’ waited for the transformation to slowly progress.

In the end, his height had only increased to six feet, and his overall musculature-structure appeared to remain the same. His weight had went from two-hundred pounds, all the way up to three hundred though.

Essentially, while his stature didn’t increase by an absurd degree, his body’s density did. When he opened his eyes, he noticed that his irises remained crimson.

While his Charisma changed, his facial structure and proportions stayed the same. Even his hair remained pitch-black, which made him feel a little strange.

Michael muttered “How the hell did my skin manage to get even paler? I feel like, I’m whiter than a human could possible become: Maybe I was originally part vampire? Hmm, my veins aren’t golden though. Well, whatever, at least I got taller and raised my stats by a decent amount. Oh hey, a new title…”

“The Heretic: Nephilim were once a proud race, born between the children of Lux and Humans. However, at some point, they became despised for their mixed heritage and hated by both Angels and Humans. Thus, one of the harshest crimes that a person can commit, is willingly becoming such an abomination. Another one of the worst sins, is when a person with the Light Affinity, fornicates with an agent of Darkness. For daring to defy the foolishness of mortals, you have been rewarded with one point of Wisdom.”

He also received two Racial Skills: “Lightening Level 1: Reduces the caster’s weight by 10%. Duration is dependent on the Agility stat. Costs ten mana to cast.

“Angelic Grace Level 1: The caster sprouts a pair of large, dove-like wings from behind their shoulder-blades. Duration is dependent on the Vitality stat. Defense Rating will be applied to the newly created limbs. Costs 10% of the caster’s maximum health. Once the spell ends, 5% of maximum health will be restored.”

The newly evolved Nephilim stretched his arms out wide and then looked down at his groin, while smirking. Michael muttered “Welp, it’s been at least six hours; guess it’s time to go see if worm-girl was really serious about her offer…”

41 thoughts on “Chapter 77: Evolution of a MC

  1. Yay! Other one “Pulling a brightly-glowing, tiny beat” bead*
    It’s not something big I’m amazed it passed 6 months without being detected
    It’s a shame he doesn’t stay small, I laughed a bit how he get shorter every time, first was short then small and next tiny, I mas expecting him being micro next
    Thanks for the chapters! I think I will binge read a bit, because I have nothing better to do today

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    • Lmao, thanks, yeah I have editors but they miss a lot of stuff and I do edit things myself as well, but it’s practically impossible for one person to completely edit something to perfection :P.


  2. Please tell me he ends up a fallen angel later and gains darkness affinity on top of his light affinity just to be a bitch and smack everyone around. Arcane light and darkness and he’d be pretty set.

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    • Well, that’d be against the rules lol. You can’t have Light and Darkness or Nature and Chaos at the same time. At least not unless you do some really game-breaky bullshit 😛


  3. It’s your story so you can write what you like (and a great story so far), but to be honest your weird sexual fantasies are getting very disturbing so if feedback counts at all I would appreciate less disturbing sex (or none at all) in the future.

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  4. Thanks for the Chapter!! So he’s not an Angel, but a Nephilim huh, both races is the same for me though….

    Also, Yeah SCREW HUMANITY! If I am given a chance to change race in reality or games I would pick other races, but there are races that I hate more than the human race, like dwarves umm… because they are short? &etc. Lol

    Anyway Thanks Again for the Chapter!!

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    • Lmfao, true, I wouldn’t wanna be a Dwarf, because I’m already short enough. Nephilim are kinda like part-time Angels? lol Also they’re relatively bigger and beefier; of course, most Angels are already like 2 meters tall on average, so ‘normal’ Nephilim, are usually really huge lol. It’s just that the MC started off at like 5’6″ so he only increased in size by 6 inches roflmao.

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  5. In a normal world, where ‘light’ is actually ‘good’ and the rules have relevance, I would hesitate to pick Nephilim.

    In that world though, where the rules are arbitrary and the gods are practically panting for his attention so he can entertain them? Hell yeah nephilim!

    Also, agreed about ‘screw humanity’. Who would intentionally pick ‘human’? What a waste.

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    • I know right? Well, there wouldn’t be any pain from evolving though, so that’s one reason. Plus, most ppl would probably pick to stay Human, because they fear change lol.


      • There’s only detriment to remaining human though. You’re objectively inferior. Humanity may be famed as a race that survives and thrives off of ingenuity, creativity, and adaptability, but once you properly value all that there’s only downside to remaining human, and even more so in a world like this one where power is everything and the gods are just fucking around. I might choose to remain human in other worlds where I value being incognito, but this story’s world is not the time nor the place for being afraid of exposure, so those people fearing change are basically suicidal fools.

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      • Well, there are some Humans who are really OP, just like there are Dwarves and other races that are really OP. Obviously, a race like the Tyranosaurus-Tribe would be super OP at lower levels, but there are all kinds of crazy skills, and the base stats eventually end up being inconsequential lol. Sometimes being gigantic is good, but it also makes you an easier target :P. Assuming that you don’t have the Soulbound gear that ‘drops,’ it would be really fucking hard to make armor and weapons if you’re like 7 meters tall lol.


      • There are humanoid races that are direct upgrades though. Nephilim as an obvious example, as they clearly aren’t directly inclined towards a single affinity, and give flight, as well as having no downsides other than useless prejudice, and beastmen have fangs, claws, sensitive hearing, etc. depending on what they’re a variation of with little to no downsides. I mean, it’s your story, but honestly being a human seems to suck other than the fact that humanity has the advantage of an absurdly high reproductive rates, giving them more of those one in a million chances of having a genius, and once the genius exists I don’t see any reason not to upgrade them to a more powerful race.

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      • Nehpilim are mostly of the Light Affinity, but it isn’t impossible for them to be born with Darkness Affinity: same with Angels, Humans ect. Yeah, like I said, at the beginning, Humans aren’t really that great in the base-stats department lol. They aren’t terrible though, and they’re a hell of a lot better off than Goblins, Gnomes, and other similar races :P. However, you’re forgetting that stats exist lol. Heightened senses… anyone can get those if they invest into Perception, Humans can become just as ‘beautiful’ or ‘handsome’ as Elves, as long as they have Charisma. Humans can get super-beefy if they focus on training their bodies, and keep raising their Strength, Vitality and Endurance. Most people wouldn’t want to change their race though, because it’s a pretty big social taboo lol. Even if they have ways to ‘safely’ evolve, by using potions, healing magic or whatever; people would usually keep within the ‘social norms,’ rather than going against their religion, culture, and family, to change themselves like that lol.

        Obviously, I’m part of the faction that would ‘evolve’ without a moment of hesitation lol. Hell, I’d be willing to turn into a giant tree-bear-man, rather than stay Human :P.


      • I’d stay humanoid for the ease of doing things, but why not have wings, a couple extra sets of arms, and maybe a tail that can basically act as a tentacle? I’m guessing that with enough time and effort players can do things like become a slime to abuse slime’s infinite adaptability and growth potential to have the regenerative ability of a slime, defense of a dragon, wings, tentacles, extra sets of arms, and do it all while seeming to be in humanoid form. It’d even make perfect sense if they were able to consume enough cores, buff the nucleus, and essentially turn it into a homogeneous body that’s large enough to be split many times over while still retaining full mental functions, making a hyper-fast regenerating slime draconian eldritch abomination practically impossible to kill. Players and people already invested into certain affinities can basically ignore the downsides of races, making humans essentially effectively inferior. The only reason the social taboo towards race changing exists is probably because they’re terrified of their inferiority. Sure, many of the monsters have a worse starting point, but they also don’t have to worry about throwing out pointless social brainwashing to begin with as a rather nice thing. I’m definitely in the faction that would go all out mad scientist. Also, you should definitely make sure that people in the universe of your story know the true terror of slimes. The main problem I see in most stories is that their only instincts are reproduction and survival, but strengthening is ignored. Give your slimes natural strengthening instinct and they’ll be cheatsy as fuck. What other mobs can grow, split, and grow further off of nothing but water and cannibalism? What other monster has even half of the variation potential slimes do? Even dopplegangers are shit compared to slimes, because slimes have a natural aptitude towards transformation, absorption, and enhancement rather than only transformation.

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      • For every strength, there will always be a glaring weakness lol. Slimes are definitely cool, but I feel like you’re forgetting that with enough stats, it doesn’t really matter what the creature ‘looks’ like or what race they are. Affinities, passives and spells are all really important, and can make a human, superhuman to an absurd degree lol. Hell, there’s probably spells that can temporarily turn humans into slimes etc.


      • Aye. For the most part I’m talking starting point, ease of reaching the end-game, and comparative racial abilities here. Everything has the potential to reach the same power of end-game, but some species are just far better suited to properly rushing it. Over the very long term the points tend towards converging, but it’s just easier to break the system from point E or H sometimes instead of point A. Slimes are initially equipped with safe core consumption, transformation, absorption, essentially no need for food, no need to worry about waste, and a natural tendency towards adaptation and assimilation rather than changing and full evolution in exchange for having a lower power initial starting point. They also tend to have infinite lifespans if not forcefully ended. They’re extremely suited for exponential power growth while humans have to take rather extreme methods, borrow power, and/or push the limits of their lifespan unless they’re immortal like the MC. In this case the slime starting point is probably a far better starting point assuming both are piloted by a human-level intellect, and evolving to a slime is probably the best option for a human that really wants to acquire power quickly. Of course, if you talk about the end-game absolutely everyone is completely broken, but the majority of the armies are consisting of the mid-game, and that’s where racial differences shine.

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      • Didn’t we already establish that humanoid races are in general xenophobic asses that tend to be extremely afraid of trying new things like 3-5 comments ago? I’ve been arguing the efficiency and effective superiority of not being a human since that was established.

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      • well most ppl fear change lots of them fear pain but im a bit sad about mc screw angels and demons he d go for draconian that idiot michael.D

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      • nah not some stupid lizardman man .something like in cd linley’s transformation like werewolfs or that nephilim of yours:Dthough he evolved into a nephilim i d like to see what he d become if he were to gulp down some nice dragon magic cores.:?

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