Chapter 36: Learning How to Use Magic Again

“Mike, ya really need ta learn how ta control your aura! It ain’t just you either; all these stupid bastards are just lettin their mana fly away like its nothin! Seriously, they haven’t even condensed their mana-cores yet! They’re still level-zero, rankless noobs! The only motherfucking reason that this place hasn’t been overrun by magical-beasts or demons yet, is cause I’ve been cloaking the whole damn neighborhood at night… It wasn’t so bad at first, but I’m gettin really run down lately.” The naked obsidian-elf was laying her cheek against Michael’s chest, as she angrily explained the reason why that little cul-de-sac hadn’t been destroyed yet.

He asked “Wait, how the hell am I supposed to keep my ‘aura’ from spilling out? Is it something I should be able to see?”

Sarah grumbled “Obviously! Ugh, you’re so annoying when ya can’t remember shit… Just focus on using your eyes ta look at that bitch. Stare at her till ya can see a brownish haze wafting off uh her skin. Most of it comes outta her mouth though.”

As Michael glanced at the confused and slightly frightened goat-girl, sitting in the chair to his left, his irises abruptly started glowing with a bright-red luster. She gasped and was about to aim her gun at him, when he yelled “Holy shit, there really is a bunch of weird brown stuff floating around her!”

Hearing that, she complained “W-what’re ya talkin bout?! Ya sayin I stink?! Wait, how’d ya do that… eye thingy?”

“Ah, it was actually pretty easy. I guess when ‘mana’ surges through your body, it feels a lot like an adrenaline rush. You just kinda, channel all that into a single sense and boom! That’s how the magic happens, hehehehe~…” Listening to that description, Sarah groaned and smacked her forehead against his chest, but didn’t bother to try explaining it more accurately.

However, she did turn her face towards the ‘sheepish’ goat-girl and told her “Before ya worry bout learnin spells an shit, ya need ta form a mana-core. Like, just go meditate for a few days, in total isolation… You’ve already got the Earth Affinity, so ya should stay in the basement. Well, you ‘could’ go out and dig a hole in the ground, I guess just sleep there every night. I honestly don’t know too much bout Earth Affinity…”

Michael snickered, “Hmmm~, it probably doesn’t really matter ‘where’ you do it, cause there doesn’t really seem to be much brown stuff coming from the ground anyway. Just don’t accidentally give yourself an aneurysm, hahaha~! I mean, from what I can see, it looks like my skin is radiating loads of white light… How the hell do I stop it though?”

He suddenly felt a cold, moist and slimy sensation and couldn’t help but stare at the point where the little girl’s groin had been grinding against his boxers. Sarah moaned, “Just shut up and fuck me!”

Linda stood up with a ceramic plate in her hands and hurriedly walked over to the door, muttering “Umm, uh, thanks fer, yeah, Imma get goin now…” It’s not as if she were a virgin, but it was certainly the first time she had ever seen two other people having sex in front of her before. Not to mention that one of them was a strange obsidian-skinned, worm-tailed elf-girl.

After leaving the room, she headed to the kitchen and a saw a middle-aged, human, with light-green skin. That deathly skinny woman had a bald head and was only a little taller than herself.

“Mama, ya really need ta eat somethin more substantial than that… Ya aren’t gettin enough calories with jus lettuce an kale!” Unfortunately, her mother seemed to be in a trance, as she slowly walked over to a large circular table and sat down onto a wooden chair. Linda sighed, placing the dish in the sink and rinsing it off, before putting it into the dishwasher.

She walked over to the window and stared out towards the ominous forest. Only a few hundred meters away from her front yard, she could see a huge three-story house, which had dozens of trees bursting out of its roof. On the bark of each tree was a familiar, pained and agonized face; if it was a few months earlier, she would have just assumed that they were carved there… but she obviously knew the truth.

Linda’s cul-de-sac was only a mile or so away from a major highway that lead away from Topeka. During the chaos, tens of thousands of people attempted to flee by bus, car, and eventually ended up simply running and hiding in the neighborhood. However, there was nowhere for them to go, and no way for them to ever escape from the parasitic spores that had already infected their bodies.

The goat-girl turned towards her mother, murmuring “Mike an dat lil demon… The heck is a mana-core anyways?”


“Are you ‘sure’ you can’t get pregnant? Cause, it isn’t really a good time to raise a kid…” After Michael had ejaculated a few times into the obsidian-skinned elven girl, she had transformed back into a raven and perched herself on his left shoulder.

Sarah snickered, “Who the fuck knows? Probably not though… It’d jus end up dyin the moment I went back to this shitty form either way.”

He sighed, his eyes were still bright-red, but they weren’t glowing anymore. Even when he glanced down at his bare chest and unclothed groin, he didn’t notice any blinding radiance or odd colors.

That black bird suddenly burst into pure Darkness-mana and entered inside of his body. She grumbled “Anyway, I’ve been guarding ya for a whole month now,,, I’m tired as shit, so I’m gonna go the fuck ta sleep.”

Michael smiled wryly, whispering “Goodnight, my adorable little psycho-loli girlfriend… I love you.”

“Yeah, whatever…” After saying that, Sarah totally submerged herself into the pitch-black bead, resting near the man’s cerebral cortex. He was in fact, no longer Human, though his race was currently ‘indeterminate’; however, his current appearance was nearly identical to his Nephilim form. He sighed, while he watched the glowing blue goop on his genitals being absorbed into his flesh, as a faint shadowy aura wafted up into the air.

“Fuck my life… I really have to piss now, but my legs are still broken. Well, even though I did cum away a decent amount of mana, I probably still have enough to heal myself… maybe? It should be pretty simple; just focus all my weird hyper-energy feelings into my gimpy shins.” As he was talking to himself, Michael unwrapped the bandages and removed the thin metal splints.

He tossed it all onto the floor and closed his eyes, while sitting with his feet pressing against each other. Then he gently massaged his slightly hairy, extremely pale calves, quivering in agony and an odd ecstasy from the sharp pains.

The oversized boxers and shirt were laying on the right side of the bed, as he hummed in a deep and powerful voice. That buzzing seemed relatively quiet in the room, but somehow echoed for nearly a mile out the window and caused the magical beasts that were hiding in the cornfield to be frightened.

Michael stopped and opened his left eye, glancing down at his severely swollen shins. Then he continued to channel as much mana as he could muster through the veins and arteries. It took a few minutes, but he actually did manage to accelerate the localized cellular regeneration rather significantly; the bones were totally solid and even after using his fingers to poke or prod them, he didn’t feel any discomfort.

As he was about to start working on his bruised or fractured ribs, the Nephilim yelled “Holy shit, I’m about to piss myself!” With nothing but a single thought, a pure-white t-shirt and pitch-black boxers abruptly materialized over his flesh. He quickly pushed off of the bed with his right hand and landed heavily onto the hardwood floor.

Grabbing the doorknob, he quickly noticed a serious problem: It was locked from the outside. Of course, he could have easily escaped through a myriad of simple means, but he didn’t have enough time to think about any of them. Michael shamelessly walked over to the window, removed his penis from his underwear and began urinating into the pink rose-garden below.

Once he fully ‘relieved’ himself, he heard a deep and familiar hum; he gazed out at the horizon and smirked, “Seems like every time I wake up lately, there’s always some sorta ridiculously bullshit about to happen… When was the last time that I could just, play videogames and relax? Never mind, I usually just rage quit everything, cause I have anger issues and ran outta patience around the same time I gave away my last fuck. Ugh, I just came like three times earlier, but now I’m super-horny again. Maybe I have some kinda weird mana-sack next to my prostate and every time I use magic, I get an erection? Nah, that’d be kinda silly… right?”

6 thoughts on “Chapter 36: Learning How to Use Magic Again

  1. The first thing I thought when I saw this chapter title was “You mean, he knew how to use magic beforehand? I thought he just random guessed all that shit and it worked!”

    Did you just give him…. A new organ? It would indeed explain his Sexual… Everything. And how it’s so absurdly high, that it literally makes no sense, even with magic!

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