This is an actual break day, from writing, posting and maybe even reading… So for the past week or longer, my eyes have been all screwed up.  Basically, it’s eye-strain, from staring at a computer screen all day every day.  It’s not really surprising, and this is probably the third or fourth time I’ve had this problem.

Also, I finally decided to go through and hardcore edit “Immortal Soul”.  The first chapter is only a bit more than 3700 words but… Yeah, there were so~ many annoying problems and it took forever.  It was almost like re-writing it, but I barely changed any of the ‘actual’ content.  The only things I altered were the oh so many glaring and obvious errors in grammar, or the awkward way that I used to write dialogue…

I mean, even though I did write Harem Reaper for a month and a half before starting “Immortal Soul”, chapter 1 of IS was practically the first thing that I seriously wrote.  Everything before that was like practice, and even then, my first chapter had so many mistakes…

I did add some sentences and remove some others, because there were some… continuity issues lol.  Also, after going back and reading that first chapter, I feel like I have no idea how people could even think that the two Michaels were the same person.  They do have some similarities, sure, but the differences are just too severe.  The most important part though, is that HCOP Mike is practically never serious at all, while IS Michael has no chill at all.  Idk, maybe as I go through and edit things I’ll notice more similarities…

This is just a weird side-note, but when I read Michael’s chapters of IS out loud, I subconsciously speak in a super-deep voice.  On the other hand, I read Lorelei’s chapters in a ridiculously high-pitched voice roflmao.  When I write a story from first person perspective, I definitely get into character…

If I didn’t have chronic sinus problems, I’d totally make audio-books.  I’m always either sniffling or coughing :(.  Well, maybe I could convince one of my friends to do it…

Anyway, the main purpose of this post was just to let you guys know that I won’t be posting chapter 37 tomorrow?  Or maybe it’s today depending on where you live lol.  I need to rest my eyes… if that’s even possible with my reading and writing addictions.

12 thoughts on “Break-Day

  1. Sell for more than .99 at least:) 2.99 to 6.00 sounds like a fair price for a good addictive book (with higher prices the longer and more addictive it is). Although most ebooks I read are ones I rent from Digital library sources.

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  2. A hardcore nap day! I guess I’ll wait till you eventually do the torture that is “Hardcore Editing” for IS before I catch up. If the quality is gonna jump up if you wait for a while, why squander it by not waiting?

    Seriously though, it’s 2:27 AM and I’m still up. I have a serious problem if I wake up at 6 AM and go to bed around 3 AM consistently.

    I make it my job to make long comments on the most random things on your site now. It’s my new hobby.

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    • Oh, well, I’m editing the first Volume of IS, “Black Mithril”, in order to turn it into an Ebook and publish it on Amazon. So, idk when or if I’ll be fixing up the stuff that’s posted already. I mean, I would but… most of the chapters are posted like 3 or more times. So it’d be a hardcore pain in my ass to fix all that nonsense. Besides, I’m hoping that this might be a mild incentive for people to actually buy the book when it comes out, otherwise, couldn’t they just read it all for free?

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      • I’m just a dirty leecher at the end of the day. I’m just so broke that I rarely spend any of my literal “Spending Money” or else I would buy books on Amazon to support authors, or donate.

        I have adblock turned off for your site and any other site that is not a .wordpress site (Since if it’s a private domain, you guys get the ad revenue right?) if that helps at all.

        The reason I said that about waiting for the edits of IS is purely, and I mean purely, for the sake of procrastinating in reading it. I usually get in these slumps where I consumed all the media that I want to read/watch like;
        books/webnovels, anime and youtube. But I’ve actually managed to find some many things, that I have literally been swamped with things to read soooo much so, that I literally lost 100% track of time… Even with it being in the corner of my screen all day long.

        I’m probably going to go to sleep now though, so yeah. Nap-day sounds break right about now…

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      • Yeah, I know how you feel lol. Maybe some day, I’ll actually be able to support other authors, but at the moment I can’t even support myself roflmao. My question is… how much should do you think a volume of Immortal Soul would be able to sell for? I’ve seen a lot of books for 99 cents on Amazon, but then I see others that are like 4-20 dollars and I just don’t know what the standard is lol.

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      • Now that my friend, I really can’t answer since I barely know anything about the subject! The biggest question would be a self imposed one (That massive bitch slap one too) where the question is: “How much do you think your book is worth?”

        But seriously, I wish I won the lottery so I could be lazy and survive for a few years at least.

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        Lmao, yeah, I hope I win the lottery too… but until then, I need to try and make money the old fashioned way: books?

        Anyway, from what that thing said, I should be pricing my books at like 2.99 at least. I mean, I feel like .99 cents might be better… but at the same time, the volumes of Immortal Soul are each around the length of a normal novel. First one is 76k words, second is 87k, third is 66k(But I’ll be adding at least 10k or more before I’m done with it.) and the forth was like 85k or more. To put it in perspective, the first book of Harry Potter was like 75k-ish.

        Of course, Idk, I might do .99 but it just bothers me that I’ll only be receiving 35% of the money… That basically means that even if I sell 1000 books for .99, it’d only be 346 dollars lol. If I sold 160 for 2.99 I’d make about the same. It all depends though… I mean, it’d be different if I couldn’t sell very many at 2.99, but at .99 I managed to sell like 10,000 or something ridiculous like that roflmao.

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