HCL Epilogue 1: The Troll Paradox Continues

It was a long and arduous undertaking, but Minari eventually asked for directions from the captain of a starship. He suggested that they should talk with a particular giant tree-man Worldly Deity and that guy led to a Dryadic Celestial Deity… The end result was that she had to travel millions of miles and visit hundreds of worlds, before finally finding the portal.

“Kana, you owe me a favor.”

Minari was wearing nothing but Elina’s golden sandals and Alice’s fiery robe. She was sitting at a small inconspicuous chess-table in the middle of a popular park in Nekoshire. Across from the demonic girl was an elderly Feline Dwarf. That old woman had grey hair and cataracts, but there was a potent Arcane aura flowing around her body at all times.

“This is our first meeting, so how could I possibly owe anything to you? I do not even know your name.” The mysterious lady had a faint smirk on her wrinkled face, as she used telekinesis to move one of her pawns forward two spaces.

The gazelle-horned girl casually moved one of her pawns and explained “You owe me a favor, because I created you. Or more precisely, I gave you the push you needed to make your first avatar and actually ‘live’. Which is about the same, right?”

“Intriguing…” Arcana chuckled, then whispered “Yet you possess no evidence to reinforce your claim. Thus, you are likely attempting to deceive me.”

“Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Kaniel. She didn’t know it yet, but the child was destined to become an Eternal Deity. Unfortunately, it was impossible to achieve greatness, without first experiencing adversity.” Minari narrated the beginning of one of her ‘stories’, as she moved a knight forward.

The old woman frowned, murmuring “My first incarnation was indeed named Kaniel. However, that is not nearly enough evidence to prove your conjecture to be true.”

Minari continued “Kana had a father named Michael and a mother named Anael. It was a fantastic tale of love between a hideous demon who was like God and a beautiful archangel who was like the Devil.”

“I am rather impressed that you managed to discover the identities of my first avatar’s parents…” Arcana sneered, moving her bishop diagonally and capturing a pawn. Then she whispered “That does not prove your claims to be true however.”

“Ya know what? I don’t fucking care anymore!” The beautiful elven woman stood up and stretched out her massive black angelic wings, before a shadowy potato-peeler appeared in her right hand. Within what seemed like an instant, she was suddenly standing behind the old Feline Dwarf. She grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back, holding the vicious instrument only a centimeter from her right eye.

Arcana chuckled, “Do you honestly believe that I value this avatar enough to succumb to your demands through violence? You are but a mere Worldly Deity… If I truly wished to stop you, I would have already.”

“Hahahahaha~, you think I’m threatening you?!” Minari thrust the potato-peeler straight through that useless right eye and then started twisting it around within the twitching body’s skull. However, the old woman didn’t die. Instead, a silverish liquid dropped from the handle of the blade, into the bloody wound.

“No! You… Rapture! Agh~!” It might have been the first time that Arcana had felt fear in eons, but there was nothing she could do at that point. It was already far too late. Rapture had already entered inside of her Soul Realm. Infecting an avatar directly was mostly just for show, because the ‘virus’ had already been implanted.

That old woman slowly dissolved down into a puddle of bubbling black goop, but then began transforming into the shape of a small obsidian-skinned elven baby. Minari picked up the child into her arms and happily said “Aww~, don’t worry Kana~… Mama’s gonna take real~ good care of ya, hehehe~! I promise, that you’re gonna be the awesomest cape ever!”

Then she looked up at the artificial sky and yelled “Kana! Hurry up and get your ass over here! We’ve got a lot of shit to do!”

A transparent woman, with a blurry face, instantly materialized before him. Her ethereal hair stretched up through the ceiling of Nekoshire and when she made her appearance, an absurdly powerful pressure weighed down on the entire park. She glared at Minari for a few moments, then growled “I do not enjoy being manipulated…”

“Oh, really? What a shock! Fucking asshole! How the hell do you think I’ve felt, huh?! You think I like having my entire life… All my lives being controlled by cunts like you?! Anyway, Cape-Kana, program her for me. Make sure she doesn’t remember any of this. Then I’ll wipe my own memory a bit.”

As the obsidian-skinned elven woman with blindingly-bright eyes appeared, Minari’s wings became pure-white. Both Arcanas frowned at him and asked “Why would you force us to control you and then forget that we were the ones who were being manipulated in the first place? This is totally illogical.”

“What the fuck just happened?! Oh goddamn it! Kana, what did you do?!” The demonic angel looked around and muttered “This looks like Nekoshire?”

“Argh~! Raf~! Arf!”

“Shit, Inari, what the…”

“Wah~, Mikey~, I don’t feel good!”

“Shut the fuck up, you noisy cunts!”

“Everyone should calm down. Why are we holding a baby? Whose child is this?”

“Ummm, dude, that’s totally Sarah’s, right?”

“Fuck no! It don’t even got a tail! Elly probably stole it from somewhere!”

Minari’s voice and face was constantly changing as she was arguing with herself, while the two avatars of Arcana were unable to even receive an answer to their question. Regardless of whether they wanted to or not, they were forced to follow the commands of their new ‘master’… Thus, the Arcane Goddess was swiftly placed into a similar position of confusion and irritation, with no recollection of what actually happened or why she had such a strong interest in this ‘minuscule’ Worldly Deity who suddenly arrived.

Author’s Note

What if Arcana orchestrated all of this? No, what if it was Chaotica? It probably wasn’t Inari… What if it was actually a different version of Michael?

Go down that rabbit-hole. Do it. I dare you.

Oh, you thought that those rabbits in the beginning were just random mobs?! Maybe they’re behind all of this!

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if in 1000 years, people are having crusades over my obscure stories lol.

In other news, I still haven’t finished editing Epilogue 2… Got totally distracted by a million other things rofl.


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