HCL Chapter 121: The Plot-Armor Thickens

The battle was so out of control that all of Minari’s avatars were slaughtered in the crossfire, not to mention Belial’s ‘reinforcements’. Those two angelic wings were like massive black holes that no Souls were able to escape from. Whether they were on Pride or throughout the entire Asura System, everyone who died during that period of time, was devoured in a sense.

It wasn’t only Souls however. Minari was consuming copious amounts of mana from her surroundings. While Belial was also slurping up the blood from the massive turtle that they were fighting on… The end result was that the creature obviously died and the whole hellish Nexus began collapsing in upon itself!

“Hyahahaha~! I really do have to thank you Plague! I’ve been stuck at the peak of the Legendary Stage for centuries now, but with your help… I’m about to ascend to the Celestial Realm! Hahahahyahaha~!”

The skull-face woman giggled and said “Oh, congrats! But aren’t you even the slightest bit suspicious about the timing? Like, would you really be able to out Deus Ex Machina me?”

All three of those huge faces instantly started frowning, as she took a step back and looked around in every direction. The battlefield was gone. Her massive body had shrunk down to its original size. No, it didn’t even stop there. She was no longer a single entity.

“No… No! You bastard!” A short, blonde-haired and slightly chubby woman was screaming in rage. She had bright-blue eyes and freckles on her cheeks.

“Aw~, don’t be so sad~! You guys should be happy that you’re finally free from each other, right?” A tall, slightly tanned and extremely muscular man was standing across from those two people. He had short black hair, crimson irises and was only wearing a white t-shirt with black boxers.

“Plague, you’re a fucking dick.” Aside from the crying naked woman, the other person was a skinny and lanky man. He wore dark-blue jeans that were way too tight for his own good and a baggy grey hoodie. Light-grey irises, deathly pale skin and long brown hair, accentuated his already effeminate features.

Michael let out a long sigh, then looked around at the barren desert. After a few minutes, two suns started rising above the horizon and illuminating the endless orange sands. He casually asked “What do you guys think about this planet? Not bad, right? It’s called Geb… Gotta watch out for those suns, though.”

“What the hell did you do to us Mike?” Butter was surprisingly calm, “When did you bring us here?”

“Ah~, it’s been a while. I mean, I did kinda-sorta have to make these Mortal bodies from scratch. Oh, don’t worry, I didn’t destroy your Worldly Deity form.”

Bunny screamed “How much of that was real?! How did you capture our Souls so easily?!” Her chest and face was flushed red, while her vampiric fangs were slightly revealed. When the sunlight touched their skin, it didn’t incinerate them, but they were certainly uncomfortable because of the ultraviolet rays.

“Oh calm down~…” Michael snickered, explaining “Once you started breaking through, your fusion fell apart and the two of you split up into two separate Worldly Deities. Both of you were nearly swallowed up into Pride… You know, the fucking gas giant? Well, I could have obviously just let you guys die, but that would be kinda against the point, right? I saved you both. From each other and from yourselves. You’re like, low-level basic vamps at the moment. Practically human to be honest. If you wanna gain access to your Soul Realms, it’s going to take a while… And you’re gonna need to find a way off this planet. Anyway, good luck with that!”

Butter yelled “Wait! Plague! Give us some supplies at least!”

“Give me some fucking clothes goddamn it!” Bunny was totally naked and exposed, while Cameron was fully clothed.

The Nephilim smirked at the two of them, then pointed towards the ground and revealed “Don’t worry~, I wouldn’t want you guys to ruin those two bodies after I painstakingly constructed them, right? But ya ain’t gonna get anything for free, hehehe~! I buried two backpacks a few feet under the sand… Somewhere around here-ish. Have fun~, love ya, bye bye~! Hahahaha~!”

“Fuck!” As the blonde girl screamed, Michael had already vanished into thin air.

Cameron looked over at the naked woman and muttered “He should’ve at least dropped us on different planets…”

“It’s not like I want to see your ugly face either! Shit, I can’t even feel any mana in the air here…”

The two of them eventually stopped complaining and started digging through the sand, for the ‘supplies’ that didn’t actually exist.


“Thanks for letting me hitch a ride Sari… But maybe you could like, I don’t know, lend me a spare ship that can travel through the Chaotic Void?” Minari was sitting on top of a single golden hair on Inari Okami’s supermassive head. Of course, it was so large that it would have been possible to fit a planetoid on it. Not to mention the fact that the nine-tailed fox literally had more mass than a thousand of Earth’s Suns. Fortunately, gravity didn’t work the same way in the Chaotic Void, or the skull-masked woman would have been crushed.

“Hohohoho~, this is but a small matter… However, are you certain that you wish to return to Arcana through the Temple of Gaea? The coordinates are a bit unpredictable. It will allow you to enter one of Arcana’s universes, but I can’t make any promises as to which one you’ll land in… Even if you make it to the same universe and planet you’re hoping for, I doubt that you’ll arrive within the same time period that you left.”

Sariel’s voice was telepathically transmitted directly into the woman’s mind, since there was no atmosphere for sound to pass through. Even if there was air, it would have been impossible for the Eternal Deity to actually speak anyway.

Minari snickered, muttering “Isn’t that kinda the point? Besides, you totally ignored my request… I want a space ship!”

“We’re here!” The giant fox shouted, as she approached a small green ball of light. At least it was tiny compared to her body, but from her passenger’s perspective, it was millions of miles in diameter.

“Fucking shitballs… It’s like ten times the size of Sol. Well, before the manapocolypse. Sometimes I feel like I went a little overboard with the sizes of everything. Like, half the time I just didn’t give a fuck. Eternal Deities? They should be bigger than universes! But at the same time, from the outside perspective of the Chaotic Void, an entire universe could literally be the size of JJ’s asshole.”

The golden fox ignored the rambling woman and created a tunnel with the mana-barrier around her body, then said “Thank you for helping me with Chamuel. I’ll make sure that he reincarnates somewhere special… Oh, and I’ll deliver your daughter to Earth as well. Good luck Rapture, I hope we don’t see each other again for another few eons.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll definitely be seeing each other a lot more often. Well, not necessarily me, or you even… More like, other versions of us? Avatars, et cetera, you get the fucking point. Whatever, I’ll see ya later Sari. Try not to fall for anymore of Arcana’s schemes!” Minari giggled, then flapped her wings as she kicked off of Sariel’s hair-follicle. Her body soared through the tunnel at an absurd speed… Although it appeared as if she wasn’t moving at all, since her target was half a billion miles away.

“I’m just going to give you a little push, hohoho~!” Inari Okami let out a soft ‘breath’, which had the force of a planet exploding. The cataclysmic wave of air enabled Minari to use her wings to propel herself faster towards the distant green orb. However, it was long enough that she had to take a nap at least five times before finally passing through the outer layer of that spherical blob of highly concentrated Nature mana.

On the other side, there was an entire universe. Yet, the specific spot that she ended up in was a system called ‘The Temple of Gaea’. It was an oak tree… Which had thousands of roots with the thickness of gas giants, wrapped around dozens of stars. The smallest were white dwarfs, while the largest was a huge red giant on the verge of going supernova.

“Umm… This is gonna take a while.” Each of the billions of leaves were actually planets or planetoids. There were also plenty of ‘fruits’, which produced enough light and energy for most of those worlds to survive and thrive. Not to mention the copious amounts of Nature aura that gravitated from all over the universe, towards that singular spot.

It was an Elemental Deity, the sixth stage of the Deity Realm. Unfortunately, that didn’t mean much, since Gaea didn’t communicate or interact with anyone in reality. She just sort of existed like that, for eons, slowly ‘meditating’ and becoming one with the universe.

“Hey Kana, do you know where the portal is? I totally forgot.” Minari knew that it was on a particular planet, but there were far too many to go through and check.

Arcana softly chuckled, then suggested “Perhaps you should ask for directions? There are many beings traveling between those worlds… It is likely that some of them could possibly know the answer.”

Author’s Note

This is the last ‘chapter’, but there are 2 epilogues.

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