HCL Chapter 120: Unwanted Salvation

“Hardcore Legacies, festering slowly, like a disease! I thought it’d be a quick vacation, but it turned out to be, Eternal Damnation! Hardcore Legacies~, gets under your skin, like demonic fleas~! I thought it might be fun to see, a happy reunion with my family~!”

Minari was dancing around the battlefield, while singing a beautiful song about her most recent adventures. Regardless of how loud the explosions, roars, screams, moans and other noises were, her voice was unable to be hindered by anything. It directly penetrated into the minds of everyone within the entire Asura System, including the two Eternal Deities that were wrestling a few hundred million miles away from Pride.

“It started with a cum-bucket~! A bit of blood and I forget~! It’s been about a hundred years~! You can’t expect me to remember the tears~! Wait a second, never mind~! I don’t think that I ever cried~! I’m like eighty-percent psychopath, and my boner never died~!”

Against the unending horde of demons, Minari didn’t hold anything back. She split her consciousness into seven parts and began using her abilities continuously! The Purified Arcane Siegeblade was being telekinetically controlled and fighting against Belial in the distance, while that disk-shaped halo was flying around and decapitating Immortals.

“Wait, actually… Now that I think about it! Elly and JJ are both crybabies. Jasmine is crazy, Ally was high, Michael was horny and I don’t know why. Inari might have caught chaotic rabies, but at least it wasn’t as bad as Sarah’s undead scabies!”

“Oh for fuck’s sake, just stop! Ya can’t rap! Stop trying!” At that moment, Sarah appeared in the form of her obsidian raven trinket. However, rather than taking the form of her normal body, she was shaped like a colossal pitch-black pheonix! She let out a deafening screech and released a massive Frost Nova, which was able to kill a decent amount of the weaker Immortals with ease.

Of course, it didn’t stop at death… Because those frozen corpses and carcasses were immediately reanimated. Although they still had their souls intact, they were in a state of frenzy and confusion upon becoming undead. They were slightly weaker than when they were alive, but their main purpose was to be cannon fodder.

At the same time, a three-meter tall, green-barked, dryadic woman materialized to Minari’s left. She had a nearly invisible sword in her right hand, while a huge longbow was held in her left, yet there was still a third arm on her lower-right side that was significantly smaller than the others. Thus, she was able to fire her bow and wield her blade simultaneously.

“Nyahahahahahaha~! Fear the power of JJ’s awesomesauce Legion of Chaos! Meow~!” A tiny blue kitten suddenly erupted from Minari’s mouth and landed off in the distance, surrounded by thousands of low-level Immortals. As her body abruptly exploded into a frosty hellstorm, half a million demonic stuffed animals started flying out of the vortex. They weren’t very large, but their individual strength was comparable to the Immortal goblins, imps and rat-people who were swarming the whole turtleshell.

“There are millions of Worldly Deities and billions of Immortals coming over from Chaotica’s six galaxies! No matter what tricks you’ve got up your sleeves, there’s only one way this can end Plague!” Belial let out a furious growl, as she charged forwards and knocked the siegeblade away. The middle hands were holding giant revolvers, the upper ones carried a huge scimitar, while the lower ones were wielding black katanas.

Minari chuckled and continued singing in an extremely high-pitched tone: “Nothing ever ends~! This only the beginning~! I killed all my friends~! But at least I’m winning~!”

“Goddamn it Plague! Stop singing! And you assholes! Whose side are you on?! Why are you bastards playing instruments and singing along?!” Belial looked around and noticed that many of those Worldly Deities were slaughtering each other, while there was a huge orchestral band performing upon a nearby elevated platform.

Although Chaotica placed a bounty on Minari’s head… Most people had just come to enjoy the show or to deal with old enemies. Aside from that, there was normally a lot of traffic in the area, so there were even a few huge battleships that were hovering above the Nexus of Pride.

“Hardcore Legacies, I’m gonna punch you, in both your knees~! Okay, I give up! I’m gonna stop fucking singing and just kill you now!” The relatively tiny woman charged forwards, flapping her massive wings and aimed straight for Belial’s right kneecap. There was a small bit of resistance, before the whole colossal leg was ripped in half!

“Gah~! Fuck you Plague Done!” Eight giant spider-like legs grew out of the giant demoness’ back instantly and plunged into the ground. Then she started shooting, stabbing and slashing crazily at Minari.

However, it was extremely easy for the smaller girl to avoid all the attacks and deflect or parry the ones she couldn’t dodge. She giggled and shouted “The bigger you are, the larger your hitbox becomes! You should know better~!”

Each one of those bullets were at least two meters in diameter and made out of concentrated Chaotic Dragon Blood… Thus, every time they smashed into the ground, it created a deafening explosion that bordered on tactical nuclear blast! Thousands of Immortal minotaurs, centaurs and tentacle monsters were slaughtered with every shot.

When Belial slashed down that gigantic scimitar, it actually cut a hole into the ground so deep… That blood sprayed from the gaping crack in the enormous turtleshell! That beast which was thousands of miles long, was protected by a myriad of powerful arrays and barriers. Yet, they were all meant to defend against external attacks. That whole bubble was technically a blind spot and glaring weakness.

“Oh fuck! No! Plague~! What the hell did you do?!” She hurriedly stopped her attack and jumped backwards, but failed to avoid the tiny fist that punched a hole straight through one of her spider-legs.

Minari giggled, “Did I mention that I created this whole ‘Asura System’ myself? I even orchestrated everything that’s happening right now… So what? Did you think you could actually win against me just because you’ve had a few thousand years of dicking around in Hell? I’m the fucking MC of this story goddamn it! I have more plot armor than you could possibly imagine! Muhuahahahaha~! Nyahahahahahaha~!”

“Shut up! Shit! What’s happening?! Agh~!” The Purified Arcane siegeblade plunged straight through the back of her central head and out her mouth while she was trying to speak, bringing with it a torrent of blood, bone chips, cerebrospinal fluid and brain matter. Of course, it wasn’t enough to kill her, but it was still able to incapacitate the demonic behemoth for a moment.

“Ya know, Bunny… I didn’t just come here to save Alicia and Coffee Cakes.” Minari smiled wryly, murmuring “I came here to fix some mistakes that I made. One of them was you.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!” Belial’s wounds hadn’t healed yet, but she had two extra heads and necks to use anyway.

The skull-faced woman snickered, whispering “I’m here to save you from this hell… From Chaotica’s toxic embrace… From all the insanity and abuse you’ve had to endure all this time. I’m here to rescue you from yourself.”

“Hah~, bullshit! Since when did I ask for your help Plague?! I’m going to kill you, suck out your soul and hand it over to Arcana!” The giantess stabbed both of her katanas out at the same time, screaming “If you really want to save me, then stop fighting and just die!”

“You’ll thank me later! Assuming that you even remember this by then!” Minari flew up into the sky, grabbed the Purified Arcane Siegeblade with both hands and met those two swords head-on. With an absurdly heavy downward slash, the ground below Belial’s feet exploded into massive shell fragments and copious amounts of demonic blood began flooding the land.

Ten colossal bright-green nature-foxes emerged from those gigantic pitch-black wings and started devouring all of that purple liquid at a rapid pace. Meanwhile, the two ‘Goddesses’ started attacking each other with even more ferocity. Everywhere they went, everyone and everything in their vicinity was decimated.

Occasionally, those crimson eyes behind Minari’s skull-mask would turn golden and release two terrifyingly powerful beams of elemental Light mana. It was strong enough to not only burn holes through Belial’s gargantuan body, but also penetrated through the atmosphere and those magical barriers. When those beams hit the super-dense hydrogen and helium, horrifying whirlwinds were stirred up. Some of the huge battleships that were observing the situation from above the barrier were swept up in the chaotic hellstorms and crashed into each other or sank down deeper into the planet. A few directly crashed into the barrier and weakened it greatly.

Author’s Note

The most dangerous enemy for any character in a story to face, is the author of that story…

Think about this for a second though. The reason the MC has plot armor, is because he/they wrote their own story and made themselves the MC. Of course, that plot armor only extends to the story where they’re the MC lmfao. Since the MC wrote a fuckton of other stories too, it’s safe to say that once Minari/Michael appears in someone else’s story, they’re totally fucked lol.

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