HCL Chapter 119: Bounty

“Well, there’s good news, bad news, worse news and terribad news!”

Belial sighed and materialized a massive bloody scimitar from the bones and flesh in her arms, which swiftly healed back into their original forms. Then she smiled wryly and turned to the skull-faced goddess to her left.

“Go on…” Minari put her two guns back into her Soul Realm and then grabbed the colossal sword that floated down into her right hand.

The vampiress snickered, before yelling “The good news is that the giant foxy bitch is kicking Violet’s crazy ass!”

“And?” The crimson eyes behind that skull-mask began glowing fiercely.

“You now have a bounty of a trillion souls on your head…” Belial swung the crimson scimitar back and forth a few times, sending out blades of fiery mana into the walls, ceiling and floor of the ‘bathroom’. The entire building trembled, as a deafening roar shook the whole demonic temple. All the surfaces were made out of flesh, blood, bones, hair and teeth… After being attacked, there would obviously be an immediate inflammatory response.

While the whole room was shrinking dramatically and violet tendrils began sweeping at the two women, Minari asked “Is that supposed to be a lot?”

“Along with a Legendary Worldly Deity weapon of their choosing.”

“That sounds tempting to a certain extent… But I doubt that anyone who doesn’t at least have a Legendary weapon is going to be able to kill me.” Minari snickered, then casually swept her siegeblade across those slimy tentacles.

Belial released a nova of obsidian flames from her heel, while grumbling “The worse news is that Ariel heard everything we said, so she’s totally fucking off right now… She also has Coffee Cakes and that girl Alicia that you wanted.”

“Goddamn it Bunny!” Minari’s wings flapped once and easily put out the strange fire that had enveloped the rapidly shrinking room. The floors, ceiling and walls were all throbbing violently, before popping like gigantic pimples. Massive amounts of putrid white puss began flooding in from every direction.

The heavily armored woman telekinetically forced all the filthy liquids away from her body, while Belial started absorbing the blood, semen, mucus and pus into her own rapidly expanding body.

Then she telepathically screamed “And the worst news is that I’m getting recalled back to the original Pride! So thank’s a fucking lot Plague! Before I have to go back to that shithole, I’m definitely gonna murder you!”

Minari snickered, “So just another day in Hell, huh?”

“Yeah pretty much.” Belial chuckled, as the ocean of bodily fluids vanished, revealing that they had been flushed out of the temple. The massive woman had grown twenty meters tall, had six arms, three heads and a huge bladed pink rat-like tail.

“Welp, guess it’s time for me to go on a good ole fashioned killing spree, huh? It’s been a while…” Dozens of demonic monstrosities were appearing all over the giant turtle-shell, while there were thousands of high-level Immortals forming ranks and surrounding the area. There were busty orcish ax-wielding harlots, all sorts of centaur variations, lamias with flails, tiny hydras, minotaurs with musical instruments, there was even a cactus dryad carrying a trombone made out of horse penises.

Due to the nature of Chaos, everyone was obviously unique in all sorts of strange and disturbing ways. However, there was one thing that they all had in common: They all wanted to kill Minari.

Author’s Note

This is a really short chapter, but I’m literally releasing the second chapter in a few seconds so… By the time you read this, it’ll already by out and this author’s note will have been totally pointless…


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