HCL Chapter 118: A Deal Between Devils

Author’s Note

For some reason, Shinedown songs remind me of my stories lol. I just started listening to them again after… Idk how long it’s been rofl. Here’s some music if you’re interested.


“Okay, barely anybody went to Chaotica… What’s the big deal anyway? It all worked out in the end, right? Look! You’re a Worldly Deity, you can torture, eat and fuck all kinds of weird shit…” The three-meter long sword was slung over the huge woman’s spiky left shoulder, as she muttered “There’s even an all you can drink buffet of crazy celestial alcohol on Gluttony. I don’t see what the problem is…”

“I was raped… So many fucking times! And I don’t just mean sexually! The physical abuse I could handle… But the mental bullshit was just too ‘evil’.”

The skull-faced woman snickered, grumbling “Dude, you totally deserved it. I mean, come on… You’re literally the Devil. How many people are getting raped and tortured in this system right now? A trillion? Maybe more than that… Even back in the past, before the whole manapocalypse nonsense, Butter and Bunny were both assholes. In the apocalypse, how much horrible shit did the two of you do?”

After scowling for a minute, Belial finally yelled “Ugh, whatever! I’ll give you their souls, but I won’t do it for free!”

“I’m not licking your nasty asshole.”

“I didn’t ask you to!”

“Yeah, you totally did.”

“I fucking hate you Plague!”

The two of them swiftly retorted each other, before Minari eventually said “Fine~, I’ll tell you some information in exchange… Okay?”

“It better be pretty fucking awesomesauce…” Those spider-like legs slowly receded into Belial’s back, while the lights began returning to their usual brightness.

“First off, Ariel’s trying to kill you.” Minari’s skull-mask disappeared and she had a smirk on her crimson lips.

“Huba-durr~, she’s wanted me dead ever since I brought her homeworld to become one of Pride’s moons.” Belial snickered, then continued “Oh, and I also ass-raped her… And her son… And her father… And-”

Minari frowned, complaining “Yeah, I get the point! You’re literally one of the worst fucking people I know. But that Kitsune that Ariel captured is Coffee Cakes.”

“That bitch!”

“Well, she didn’t actually know that he was your friend. Her sinister plot is basically only at the level of ‘Oh hey, maybe I can destroy the Asura System if I piss off Inari Okami’ or something like that.” Minari snickered, then that massive sword floated out of her hand and began hovering a dozen meters in the air.

Belial sheathed those two Katanas behind her back, shouting “That dumb cunt!”

“Yep, yep… yep…” The woman with mismatched armor giggled, then whispered “Okay, so the second bit of info is about a planet called Elysium. One of your soul fragments is there wreaking havoc, et cetera… The point is that if you go collect her, you could probably have a better chance of making it to the Celestial Realm.”

“Elysium…” Belial crossed her arms and started rubbing her chin with her left hand, muttering “I think I heard about that shithole. I’ll send some losers to go bring my soul frag back, but I need something a bit more juicy if I’m going to make a deal with you Plague.”

“Seriously? Ugh, fine~…” A devious glint appeared in Minari’s crimson eyes, as she confidently said “Alright, I’ll tell you about Michael.”

The mostly-naked vampiress asked “Are you talking in third person now?”

“It wouldn’t be the first time, but no…” Minari snickered, then continued “No, I’m talking about your ex.”

“What?! Where is he?!” Belial suddenly summoned out two crismon fifty-caliber revolvers and aimed them both at the smiling woman’s face, while cautiously moving backwards even farther.

“I don’t know.” Minari shrugged as a silver submachine gun appeared in her right hand, while a golden desert eagle materialized in the left.

“Fuck you!” Belial fired half a dozen rounds out of anger, but they were deflected by the Purified Arcane Siegeblade that swooped down.

“But I know who does know.” That skull-mask rematerialized, as the massive sword began floating back up into the air.

Black veins bulged all over the vampiress’ pale face, as she screamed “Who is it?!”

Minari giggled, demanding “Give me those souls I asked for…”

After a few seconds of hesitation, Belial growled “Go get em yourself!”

“Good, then it’s a deal. Don’t try to stab me in the back later.” The skull-faced woman snickered, nodding her head.

“Give me a name, Plague Done!”

“Ariel knows…” Minari casually explained “Originally, she would have used that information to drive you insane and eventually kill you, getting revenge and all that cliche bullshit. But well, I give exactly negative five-thousand fucks about that hoebag.”

“This much is enough to buy that Ally kid, but Coffee Cakes is a Kitsune. He’s definitely worth more than this… Besides, I’d rather convert him to my side instead of returning him to that foxy twat!” Belial sneered, then asked “Do you still have Cain trapped in that Soul Cage?”

Minari sighed, grumbling “I’ve given you plenty Butter-Bunny. If you keep being stubborn, you’re gonna get hurt.”

“Plague, there’s a reason why pride…” Belial spun her revolvers around a few times, as crimson leather holsters appeared on her hips. Then she slid the guns inside, while saying “Is the deadliest sin.”

“I bet you’re recording this shit, right?” The skull-faced giantess looked around and saw a bunch of floating eyeballs near the ceiling.

“Well duh~, this is Hell! We stream everything here! People can bet on anything from domestic abuse to eating contests! This is basically where most of the actors, politicians and famous musicians from around the Galaxy are sent to…” Belial paused for a moment and sneered, “As you can imagine, there’s a lot of drama.”

“Is that a fucking joke? Of course I can imagine it! I can imagine anything!”

“You wanna fight bitch?! Come on! Let’s fuck-fight!”

“Even after all this time, I’m still better than you… Er, both of you! We’re still better than all of you!”

“Shut the fucking fuck up you fucking piece of shit! Goddamn it Plague, I hate you!”

Suddenly the whole room began shaking intensely, but not from the waves of mana that the two women were releasing.

Minari roared “Holy cuntnuggets! What did you do?!”

“Ah, oh shit! This is being streamed live! Which means that everyone that was tuning into my sex-show just found out that you’re here!” Belial grimaced, then waved her left hand and sent out thousands of tiny blood-red needles to destroy all the eyes in the room, including her brain-dead secretary’s.

“Motherfucking kittynipples! Chaotica’s coming…” Minari aimed both of her guns at the blinded secretary and started firing rapidly, as she screamed “And I mean that in basically every possible way!”

Then the tiny girl grew dozens of extra heads out of the holes in her swiftly expanding body, while millions of demonic cockroaches burst out of the those cat-like mouths. She roared “Nyah~! Da-da-da~ Daddy~! I fucking fuck shit, whore! Daddy~! I missed you so~ much, hehehe~!”

“Fucking shitballs! Kill it with fire!” Belial yelled, before breathing out a steady stream of pitch-black flames from her mouth. Meanwhile, Minari used telekinesis to hold the creature in place and bombarded it with Light-Element bullets for a few minutes. Eventually, there was nothing left of the mutated monstrosity, except for all the flying insects that were trying to escape from the superheated room.


6 thoughts on “HCL Chapter 118: A Deal Between Devils

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    • Not just dick lol. She wants his/her/their souls. Chaotica is one of their creations after all… Who the fuck knows what Michael/Minari did to her during those 500 years of writing crazy shit lol. Chaotica could very well be one of the many ‘Raptures’ out there or maybe an amalgamation of multiple ‘Raptures’ or quite possibly, just his attempt to create some sort of ‘ultimate evil’ in the context of his stories… It’s a mystery thus far, because I literally haven’t written it yet.

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      • i’d say he got sentimental for like a minute and tried to write his family back into the story but got lazy so made them one person so writing would be easier.
        then forgot about em and the time alone made em crazy.

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      • Chaotica is definitely an amalgamation of many different souls… too many. However, which souls and why, is still a mystery lol. Although, Arcana did reveal some stuff in HCOP and it’s kinda implied that Chaotica is related to Xiaotong from TDoE. Chaotica is almost certainly one of Jasmine’s disasters, erm, inspirational characters.


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