HCL Chapter 117: Pride

Out of the seven planets of the Asura System, the largest and most dangerous was Asura-1: Pride. It was a massive golden gas giant, which was surrounded by hundreds of moons; each of them being close to the size of Earth. Many had literally been dragged from other universes or galaxies in order to become ‘arenas’, where the original inhabitants were thrust into hellish world-wide death games against their will.

Of course, there was a requirement for entering Chaotica’s Coliseum. Unless a Soul had enough negative Karma, they wouldn’t be able to reincarnate there. It was ‘Hell’ after all. Thus, most of the ‘games’ didn’t actually take place on Pride or its many moons. Instead, there were portals that led to other ‘fresh’ worlds within the Milky Way Galaxy.

Although the golden gas giant had no definitive surface, there were actually many ‘islands’ floating around in the atmosphere. These were planets, planetoids and demonic monstrosities that were able to thrive off of the thick Chaotic mana. Many of them had the strength of a Worldly Deity, but were actually just Immortals with ranks over ‘A’. Although they would never be able to become strong enough to contend with a Celestial Deity, they also wouldn’t be under the same constraints as Deities.

Resting upon the liquid hydrogen ocean was an enormous silver temple, on the back of a colossal crimson turtleshell. Between the absurdly high temperatures, atmospheric density and gravity, high-ranked Immortals could barely survive. However, the ones who were as powerful as Worldly Deities were able to live as if they were Mortals again. The main difference being that they were still ageless and had all sorts of magical abilities to aid them in their everyday lives.

Birds, stingrays, cows and small dragons were flying around in the sky, while there were plenty of purple tentacle-trees wiggling about on the back of the turtleshell. The air was so dense that it would obviously be impossible for Mortals to even survive in, but stronger Immortals were not only able to breathe it comfortably, they could also see rather father in the ‘fog’.

Within the silver temple, the atmosphere was closer to that of Earth ‘post-manapocalypse’. Thus, it was possible for even Mortals to ‘visit’ the home of the most powerful being that lived within the Asura System.

The space within the superstructure was actually far larger than it should have been, based on the size of the temple itself. However, since extradimensional technology was rather widespread, it wasn’t particularly strange for the home of a Deity to have plenty of special features. If it was really necessary, it would have been possible to create a planet-sized space within the temple… But there were plenty of other places like that already, so it would have been redundant.

Although the structure was built like an ancient Greek temple on the outside, the inside was covered in flesh, blood, spikes and tentacles. There were thousands of huge rooms where demonic monsters dwelled, alongside millions of Immortals who worked for the current controller of the Asura System.

In one of the many filthy rooms, there was a beautiful pale-skinned elven woman with pure-white hair, bathing in a pool of blood and semen. Dozens of humanoid corpses floated around her, which she occasionally took a bite out of every now and then. There were even a handful of quivering high-ranked Immortal servants at the side. They were powerful demons, who were used to the carnage and violence, so they weren’t quivering because of fear.

The naked woman licked the crimson liquid off her lips and then glared at a small blue goblin boy, who was standing at the edge of the pool. He was lanky and weak, but he was actually a fairly famous Water Mage from one of the many moons of Pride.

“Hmmm~… I’ve heard that you’re pretty fucking good at water manipulation for a kid. Come here and prove your worth! I want you to separate the cum from the blood… Fuck my asshole with a giant cock made out of cum and my pussy with a bloody tentacle! If you’re able to get me off, I’ll suck your dick for a few seconds. If not, then I don’t mind having a little gobbo snack before breakfast, hyahahaha~!”

“Yes! Yes Mistress! Right away!” After stammering a bit, the nude blue boy lifted his hands and started sending his mana into the pool of viscous liquid. However, he underestimated the difficulty of the task he was given. Since his opponent was a Deity, it was nearly impossible for him to even slightly penetrate either of her orifices!

“Ugh, lame! Looks like you’re going inside me through the second method, huh?”

Before he could even yelp, the goblin was grabbed by a thick bloody tentacle that surged up from between Belial’s legs. The worm-like creature opened its mouth in five different partitions, with blade-like teeth whirling around inside. It swallowed the boy whole and was then sucked back inside of the tiny woman’s anus.

She giggled, then looked at the remaining men with a coquettish smile on her flawless pure-white face…

“Mistress Belial… I’ve just received a message from ‘Him’.”

A small brown-skinned female goblin casually announced from the other side of the pool, as she kicked her feet around and fiddled with the holographic screens in front of her face. She was playing a card game with her left hand, while simultaneously texting twenty different people with the right.

“Shit! What the fuck does that bastard want this time?” Belial waved her right hand and all the men who were gathered at the side, instantly had all their skin ripped off. Then dozens of tentacles reached out of the pool and pulled them into the murky depths.

The tiny secretary yawned softly, before slowly answering “Apparently, there’s a girl named Alicia Healy and… That Kitsune that Ariel captured.”

“Hah~! Tell Plague to go fuck himself! Wait, no, don’t… Tell him that if he eats my ass, I’ll think about it!” Belial chuckled to herself, then six giant crimson spider-like legs erupted from her back and swiftly lifted her out of the bloody pool.

“Umm… He agreed.” The secretary looked past her mistress, but her entire body was frozen in place. She was no longer able to speak, hear or even think.

Of course, Belial was far too self-centered to notice that anything was wrong with her secretary. She just yelled “What?! Shit… Ugh, tell him that it has to be in the arena! Hmph~! If I let that cuntbag meet me alone, I might get ganked and sent back to Chaotica!”

“As classy as ever, Bunny.” Black smoke coalesced into the form of a two-meter tall woman, with massive pitch-black angelic wings and an obsidian skull-like face. Six tendrils wiggled around behind her head, in concert with the huge serpentine tail that extended from the base of her spine.

“Goddamnit Plague! Don’t fucking call me that!” Belial immediately retorted as she turned around and jumped dozens of meters backwards. Within moments, her whole deathly pale body lit up with crimson runes.

“Fine~, would you prefer ‘Butter’?” After Minari spoke, seven glowing marbles began orbiting her right hand.

Belial growled “Stop!” Then a dark-red metallic bikini appeared, barely covering her genitals. While her veins and muscles bulged, pulsating slowly. Those bright-red irises released a decent amount of light, but the room became darker by the second.

“Whatever, Lilah Williams, hehehe~!” However, with a casual flap of those two obsidian wings, the whole room became blindingly bright.

“How did you get in here?! And you… You’re a Worldly Deity now?!” The almost-naked vampiress clenched her fists and two black katanas appeared within her grasp.

“Yep~, pretty much! Sexy, right? Anyway, don’t worry about the minor details Bunny, just give me those two Souls and I’ll go fuck off…” Those seven marbles began orbiting Minari’s head like a halo, while the Purified Arcane Siegeblade appeared in her right hand.

The angry vampiress growled “Hell no! After what you did to ‘us’, I’ll never forgive you!”

“Oh come on~! It was an honest mistake, okay? I was led to believe that all the souls I captured would be sent straight into Arcana for the whole Noobaggedon fiasco, but-”

Before Minari could finish speaking, Belial interjected “But you gave us to Chaotica to play with!”


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