Chapter 115: The Basement of Darkness

The amount of mana required to create a rank-G skeletal golem out of a level-one corpse or carcass, was typically around one-hundred thousand. However, it was possible to speed up the process dramatically, by sacrificing large amounts of blood and flesh, while performing a variety of ‘depraved’ rituals.

Michael and Sarah only needed to fornicate violently for roughly two hours, before the level-two, rank-G Human Skeleton was created. Of course, the two of them had also been sacrificing large quantities of mana in the process.

If they had both equipped their armor and weapons, then their stats would have risen dramatically, but the ‘ritual’ would have been much less effective as well. It was better if they were both completely nude, so that Umbra would be able to observe a more interesting show.

“Necromancy Level 2: Capable of creating simple skeletal and zombified undead. Able to utilize 20% of their Aura stat every second, in order to form a mana-core. The Necromancer must be more than five levels above the remains, and the original mana-core must first be removed.”

The moment that he read that, Michael complained “Ugh~, let me guess, now you wanna make a zombie Mike?” His ‘girl-frenemy’ was laying on his surprisingly clean chest, as she struggled to stay awake: the spell ‘Devouring Shadow’ was incredibly useful.

Sarah murmured “Maybe later… Hey, ya bought that fucking cat-bitch a bed, but ya think I like sleepin on the floor?” while glaring at him, with her bright-blue eyes half-closed.

He massaged her smooth and taut back with both hands, for a few moments, before making her disappear into his second Companion-slot. After teleporting into the basement, he immediately took out a pitch-black bead and muttered “I’d like to purchase the Darkness bedroom set.”

Fifteen gold coins vanished from his currency tab, along with that rank-E, level-ten mana-core: which once belonged to a certain Boss monster. It was far more expensive than his Arcane kitchen or workshop had been, so he had fairly high hopes for the quality.

First was ironically, a lighting system; however, instead of bulbs, there were illusory, glowing, green skulls, which floated around randomly. They tended to stay near the ceiling, but when he thought about it, they would change color or travel to a specific place. The brightness could be manipulated, and he could even make them disappear completely, or return instantly.

He snickered as he set them to red, and watched the ground in the center of the room begin to cave in. After reaching a few feet deep, the stone transformed into obsidian and an inky liquid began seeping out of it.

Michael muttered “Oh great, a battery-acid jacuzzi… Well, it smells kinda citrusy, so maybe it isn’t so bad?” The moment that his left foot touched the fluid, he shouted “Holy fuck-balls! How the hell could something that hot, not give off any heat?!”

There was no steam, since it obviously wasn’t water, and it wasn’t boiling. The air in the room was actually fairly cold, so it was natural for him to be surprised: especially since his foot had suffered third-degree burns.

After the first dip, he tested it again, and his right foot became frostbitten almost instantaneously. He complained “Ugh, this vat of oil is more temperamental than Sarah.” as a strange rash started spreading up his calf and causing his skin to crystallize and fall off.

The obsidian chunks fell into the ‘tub’ and burst into green flames, as they dissolved. Michael felt more pain as the flesh was regrowing, than when he lost it, but it wasn’t much compared to his ‘sessions’ with the Dark-Goblin.

At that moment, the main purpose of the room had finally appeared. It was also circular, and placed in the exact same position as the ‘hot-tub,’ but on the ceiling, rather than the floor. The mattress seemed to be made out of pitch-black clouds, which were slightly solid, but also incredibly soft.

It was at that point, that all of the stone and wood began rapidly transforming into obsidian and he noticed a very strange sense of increased gravity. However, rather than forcing him only downward, his head was being pulled upwards, and his entire body was also being drawn to the wall that he was nearest to.

The closer he came to the western wall, the more force there was, causing his three-hundred and fifty pound frame to slam into it. Yet, his weight seemed to keep increasing at a rapid pace, until he was barely able to push his absurdly heavy body off of the wall.

He shouted “Normal gravity please!?” and his command was accepted. As soon as he took a few steps away, a statue suddenly erupted out of the ground.

A woman with the tail of a serpent, coiled beneath her; there were two fairly large and perky breasts on her chest, but there was no flesh on her abdomen. It was possible to see her spine and lower ribs, though no internal organs seemed to be exposed. Her two arms were long, slender and healthy.

The lamia’s delicate hands were holding a scythe, which was made out of bones, except for the blade; it was bright-blue and released an aura of frost, instead of death. That statue’s head, was a dragon’s skull, and the eye-sockets glowed with a dim violet luster.

Michael muttered “What the actual fuck is this thing for? Hmmm~, is there some kinda weird special effect that doesn’t show immediately? Well, whatever, hopefully Sarah likes it… What the hell?”

“Syncing with current Battleground streams… Downloading recent Battleground data… Connecting with Undead radio-stations… Would you like to use Projector-mode, Astral-Projection mode, or Telepathic-Connection mode?” A deep and raspy, feminine voice emanated from the statue’s draconic mouth, as the eastern wall suddenly transformed into an ivory screen.

He started laughing hysterically, as he selected the normal Projector-mode. The whole wall was covered with small squares, and each of them was showing a different conflict, somewhere on the continent.

It was essentially every battlefield that he was allowed to select and participate in, and when he zoomed in on one, he could hear two voices commentating on the fight. One was a woman and the other was a man, but both seemed rather raspy.

“This is the standard case of ‘morons who don’t know what the fuck they’re doing!’ Goddess damn-it! Oi, you dumb bastards, the gate’s open! Why the hell are ya still tryin ta climb the fuckin walls?!” The man was clearly irritated by the incompetence that he was witnessing.

However, the woman calmly explained “Rick, they’re just skeletal golems… their masters are dead, so they’re just following the last commands that they received. Oh! It seems like the banshees are beginning to enter the fray!”

He complained “Shit, well, guess that’s the end of the siege. It was a long-ass battle, but not very fuckin surprising. The Southern Legion of Kanaka has managed to capture Castle Ezekiel, from the Northern Legion of Aurai. Hmm, up next, were comin to ya live-er undead, from the Swamp of Forsaken Souls with a report from my slutty sister.”

Michael muttered “No fuckin way…” as the screen changed to a relatively beautiful woman, with black cat-ears, deathly pale skin, excessively large breasts, and a low-cut, bright-red gown. She had a large crystalline, crimson staff in her left hand and was standing on the top of an unreasonably tall wall.

Along the ramparts, it was possible to see constant fighting between undead Goblins, Orcs and living Dark-Elves, but they all seemed to completely ignore that smiling girl. Her vibrant, yellow, cat-like eyes were glowing brightly, as she retorted “Fuck you Rick; anyway~, the situation here is getting pretty dire for the Elves. The Great Wall protecting the Umbra Theocracy is completely overrun with fairly powerful Undead, but they seem to be persevering quite well! Oh~, look! Over here~!”

The black-haired cat-woman suddenly became ecstatic, waving her hands and jumping up and down, when she saw a very effeminate Angel, who had raven-like wings and a full set of obsidian armor. He was about to start fighting with the enemies, but when he saw the reporter, he immediately swooped down next to her.

His skin was pale, he had crimson irises, and elven ears, with long, ebony hair. After landing, he casually waved his giant icy scythe around a few times, and froze all of the nearby undead that were being noisy.

He grinned, revealing his pure-white and vampire-like teeth, “Lilly, you should have told me you were coming by… I would’ve cleaned up the place a bit more.”

As soon as he stopped talking, the woman giggled happily, “I wanted to surprise you~, hehehe~… So yeah~, Commander~ Azrael, do you have time for an interview?”

The Angel glanced around the violently raging battlefield for a few moments, and then told her “Of course! Hmm~, afterwards, how about I give you an ‘exclusive’ in my penthouse suite?” while stealthily groping her fluffy tail.

At that point Michael wondered “Who the fuck is actually watching this shit besides me?”

23 thoughts on “Chapter 115: The Basement of Darkness

      • I know, right? When I’m writing this story, or even editing it, there are many occasions where I’ve wondered “What the actual fuck just happened?” lol


      • Lmfao, I feel like that might possibly be slightly true? Well, I’ve been trying not to write ‘while horny’ lately, and there haven’t been nearly as many sex-scenes lol. Well, it also has to do with the fact that, even though there is sex, it’s just not as much of a big deal anymore? Cause, in the beginning of a relationship, everything always seems like it’s the most important thing in the world…. but then, you’re getting fucked in the ass by a giant dildo while the girl’s caning your back, and you’re just like “I wonder if I should cook fish-fillets or make teriyaki chicken-liver tonight?”

        Okay, I’ve never even had regular anal sex, so I obviously just made that last bit up, but you get what I mean though, right? Lmao, at first, kissing seems intense, but then you’re getting a blowjob and eating her out, while thinking about how to beat a Heroic Raid-Boss…(This one is much closer to reality lol.)


      • I’m a romantic at heart myself so I can’t really say how I’d react to something like that.
        But yeah, you can pretty much get used to anything so I can imagine relationships like that.

        Dunno about other readers but I don’t really mind the sex scenes (yes, even the weird as fuck ones) so you can write as much as you want.
        Would want to read more fight scenes personally but I’ve read authors complaining about them being hard to write so no need to write too many of them, wouldn’t want to burn all that brain juice, if that’s even possible in your case.

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      • There are fight-scenes and combat… Actually, it’s easier for me to write fight scenes than anything else :P. When writing chapters with a lot of action, my writing speed increases dramatically lol


      • oy oy where the hell come this type of answers from the hell i was dumbfounded by live battlegrounds but you two’s comments r more hilarious 😀

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