Chapter 116: Astral-Possession

While the live stream was playing, on the southern side of the room, the wooden ladder disappeared and was replaced by a swirling, shadowy cloud. Along the sides of the eerie statue, which acted as a projector, there were a decent amount of bookshelves which were created out of obsidian.

Near the Gateway to the Necropolis, was a sliding door, that Michael walked over to and opened out of curiosity. He muttered “Isn’t this kinda excessive for a fucking closet?” as he walked inside.

It was roughly the same size as Sarah’s bedroom, but instead of obsidian, the walls and floors were all made out of grey stones. The temperature was relatively cool, and there were a dozen ghastly specters floating around, which illuminated the space.

Along the walls were plenty of places to hang weapons, armor, clothing, and shelves for miscellaneous items. The center of the room had a myriad of strange and horrifying torture devices, and there were a variety of cages hanging from the ceiling.

Michael sighed dramatically, as he returned to the bedroom and turned off the projector. Then he activated the strange gravity, and jumped a few meters in the air, slamming onto the inverted floor.

He crawled over to the fluffy, circular, pitch-black bed and laid down onto it, as he complained “Ugh, it’s probably because of my Light Affinity, but it feels like I’m getting really weak… Nope, my stats are actually being lowered, terrific.” It wasn’t permanent, but the feeling of discomfort was rather significant.

After a few seconds, he released Sarah from his Companion-slot and she suddenly appeared, comfortably laying on his chest like before. He smiled at her, “Are ya fucking happy now? Not just a bed, I got you a whole goddamn bedroom set!”

The exhausted Dark-Goblin glanced around for a few moments, before closing her eyes and sinking her teeth into the left side of his neck. She was slightly surprised at how easy it was for her to penetrate his skin, but just continued to drink the gushing crimson liquid, while moaning quietly. He grumbled “You’re fucking welcome, Bitch.” while hugging her tiny body tightly.

While he was unconsciously embracing Sarah in the basement, his wisp form flew into the Necropolis and entered into the mana-core of that level-2, rank-G Human Skeleton. As he glanced around, Michael noticed that he could still feel his Nephilim body, but his main focus was within that new, skeletal one.

He couldn’t actually see with his eyes, since he didn’t have any, but there was certainly some sort of photo-reception. As he unsteadily walked towards the exit, he tripped several times and had trouble maintaining his balance.

“Oh for fuck’s sake! How come those other two were able to figure this shit out so quickly?” Strangely enough, his voice did emerge from his mouth, but it sounded as if it were played through a broken speaker.

Utilizing his Arcane aura, he was actually able to cause the air within his skull to vibrate at the proper frequency, so that he could verbally communicate… with himself. The reason that Kelsey and Roycerus were able to manipulate their new bodies so quickly, was because their souls were only controlling that single form: his was also connected to his actual mana-core.

By the time that Michael made it out of the Necropolis, Sarah had already fallen asleep, and stopped drinking his blood; the Nephilim was also unconscious. As he glanced up at the two people who were laying on the ceiling, he muttered “So~ creepy…” as he passed by them and headed towards the southern wall.

When he approached it, his body was attracted by enough gravity that he was able to crawl up to the ceiling fairly easily. Once he entered that mysterious, shadowy whirlpool, he was teleported into the center of the living-room.

He glanced around and felt that it was eerily quiet in the house. Both of the doors were closed, which was normal, and the floor, stairs, everything seemed just as clean as when he had last seen it. There wasn’t even a hint of smoke in the air or clinging to the wood, which made him feel slightly confused.

Michael walked up to the second floor, and noticed that all of the blood and gore had been removed somehow. There was a two-meter tall High-Elven woman patiently waiting next to his open bedroom door, while staring helplessly inside.

An invisible barrier was preventing her from actually entering, so she could only coldly glare at the annoying cat-girl who was casually sleeping on that giant-tongue. When she heard his feet making loud clicking noises, Talia murmured “Kelsey, don’t worry, I can clean up this mess by myself… go play with Roycerus outside.”

The five and a half foot tall skeleton asked “So you were the one who cleaned up after us, huh?” as he allowed her access to his bedroom. Since she was leaning against that transparent force-field, she fell through and nearly landed in a puddle of disgusting fluids.

She recognized the voice, but was surprised when she saw that he was controlling a Darkness Golem. He warned her “Ya probably shouldn’t go into the bathroom, cause there’s a weird tentacle monster… Plus, ya have the Nature Affinity, so any of this Chaotic shit might try to eat or fuck you, hahaha~!”

Talia quickly regained her balance and made a serious expression, “What will it take for you to accept me as one of your Companions? I am obviously female, so I know that I at least have a chance at being selected… However, I fear that I may be too mentally stable and thus-”

“You’re a Huntress who uses bows, right? What’s your maximum range?” Michael interrupted her question, with one of his own.

She immediately responded “Indeed, my specialty is long-ranged combat… I may not have been a Marksman like my father, but my Archery Mastery has reached the first level of the Advanced stage. Range is typically dependent on the Quality of the weapon and ammunition… Utilizing my old Rare, level-ten longbow, I was typically able to strike a stationary magical beast, which was less than one kilometer away.”

It took him a moment to quietly contemplate, then he muttered “Hmmm~, I’m mainly a Tank, Inari is… who the fuck knows, Sara’s melee deeps and stealthy, Elina’s pure-heals, and the loli-Gunslinger is probably only ever gonna be mid-ranged. I honestly have no idea what a fucking Elementalist is, so I’m gonna guess it’s something like a Shaman or Mage, but either way, she’s probably gonna mainly be AoE and pure magic damage…”

The blonde woman furrowed her brows, while glaring at him with her bright-green eyes, “I have been in this world for much longer than yourself, or any of your other Companions… There are things that I can help you with, the others couldn’t possibly know about. The Elves generally do not share their secrets with short-lived races, and even if you are an Otherworlder, it will be difficult to interact with them as ‘equals.’ However, if you have myself as a Companion-”

Michael waved his skeletal right hand and interjected “Nah~, I don’t give a flying fuck about that kinda shit. Also, it isn’t my goddamn fault! I didn’t try to make a harem! I really fucking didn’t! Anyway~, it is true that our group kinda does need a normal-ish person, and an Elf would certainly make us more racially diverse… Plus, you are really, really, like, unnaturally sexy. Although, I guess all Elves are kinda like that… I mean, if I liked penises, then your father would have definitely been my type.

“Of course, I don’t wanna have sex with you, cause I can already barely keep up with Elina and Sarah. Hell, I grabbed Jasmine mainly to keep the angelic cat-girl from cheating on me… which is ironic, for so~ many reasons. Oh yeah, I almost forgot what I was gonna say there for a second, hahaha~! Okay, fine, after you finish with this room… when that floating orb in my ‘workshop’ turns black, go inside of it. If you manage to clean out all the weird fluids that are floating around, I’ll make you my sixth Companion.”

Without hesitation, she nodded her head and confidently told him “You will not regret this decision.” before turning around and getting to work.

As Michael was walking back down the stairs, he yelled “Probably not, but you~ definitely will~ hahahaha~!”

37 thoughts on “Chapter 116: Astral-Possession

  1. I had been waiting to see if you might have the goddesses grant him some special gifts for being the “first” player in a while. Some sort of bonus for being the first guy and being so.. unique. Maybe another companion slot. Or cheaper still a familiar slot which he can add on to as he levels that works just like his companion slots only those that are bound as familiars actually have to obey him if he orders them to. Good for punishment and “punish-training” them into being forgiven and working with them.

    This was also initially thought of as a way to grab hold of Lilly and Rick maybe for their sisters sake. The thought started with Sarah but somehow that felt too cruel…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. this might seem like a out of place comment but a thought just struck me what the heck is arcanas herald i mean lux got helel umbras got the dracolich nature got the giant ass tree im wondering what it is tell me anything you can without ruining what little plot this story actually has

    Liked by 1 person

    • Arcana deals mostly with dungeons and raids, remember? All the other vendors deal with battlegrounds, but Arcana only does PvE, so she probably has a shit-ton of really OP ones. They’re just all in the dungeons and raids lol


  3. Mike I think that innocent title might be lost with all the stuff Talia has seen and been tough the last feel chapters. Also Michael should prob give a warning to Talia about likely losing that title if she really does join them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, she hasn’t had sex and she hasn’t murdered anyone lol. Manslaughter or just normal killing wouldn’t count btw, only murder. A blowjob or even getting fingered might count as ‘sex’ though.


  4. A fairly balanced party all around. Especially since evolution and class changes will fill in any obvious gaps, and they will all end up with uber gear anyway.

    I am kind of curious what gear Inari will end up with. Collar instead of helm? Saddle and harness instead of cloak? Barding for armor?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, typically magical-beasts can’t create weapons or armor for themselves, and they don’t receive ‘drops’ from killing elites or bosses. However, it’s not as if they can’t use equipment to a certain extent. For example, warhorses were usually equipped with steel plate armor, along with the knights who rode upon them. The shape of the body doesn’t really matter that much, especially when there’s transformable gear. It’s all about ‘balancing’ though. For example, Elites and Bosses that aren’t considered ‘Humanoid’ have a huge advantage… in theory. However, there are ‘monsters’ which aren’t considered humanoid, and can evolve more easily and level-up from eating cores rather than killing: such as undead.

      Undead can obviously wear gear, since many of them are humanoid in shape. Basically, what I’m saying is yes, the adorable fox will probably get gear in the near future(Near future from chapter 140…) lol.


    • Idk, I kinda feel like Talia might be a hardcore Sadist… Jasmine is definitely a hard M lol. Michael and Sarah are both Sadomasochists… While Elina is fairly normal? Well, she definitely has a ‘wing’ fetish lol.


    • I didn’t really like Talia at first, but then I started to feel bad for her… cause she’s kinda like the only serious person there. Sarah is kinda-sorta serious, but not really lol. Talia reminds me of the Chaperon, who has to take care of a bunch of sex-crazed teenagers, with anger issues and tendencies towards homicidal rampages…


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