Chapter 114: Love Is Messy

“Pretty Old Lady~, please don’t throw me away nyah~! JJ is a good girl, meow~!” Jasmine was being carried towards the door by two Human Skeletons, and struggling frantically to escape.

The High-Elf let out a long sigh, before saying “Fine, but you need to behave yourself. Even if you’re a woman, it is still inappropriate for you to leer at other women. Also, I’m only seventy-four years old, so stop calling me ‘Old Lady.’ My name is Talia Aeris Ramirez, you may address me as Talia or Ms. Ramirez.”

Hearing that, Kelsey and Roycerus dropped the little girl onto the floor, and continued to walk out the front door. They were very thrilled to be able to ‘breath’ the outside air for the first time in their… ‘lives.’

Jasmine quickly stood up and wagged her tail back and forth a few times, before screaming “Nyah~?! I’m healed~?! Muahahahaha~! Fear me mortals~!” while jumping around happily. Both of her breasts had been completely restored to their former glory, which was surprisingly large for her stature.

Watching that vulgar display, Talia groaned, before turning back towards the harp in the corner of the living-room. She cringed as a loud scream was heard from upstairs “Fucking bastard! Stop running away and let me murder you!”

Then there were several loud ‘clanging’ noises, as if metal was clashing, and a man shouting “Goddamn it Sarah! Stop stabbing me in the dick! Ow-ow-ow, cut it out! Shit! That’s it, I’m gonna tear your tiny cunt out and shove it down your throat, you stupid bitch!”

A horrible shriek could be heard, as a combination of gold and purple liquid, along with a huge white wing and a wriggling obsidian tail, fell down the stairs. Several quiet thunderclaps rang out, and a thick black smog began falling into the living-room.

Talia didn’t say anything, but simply walked over and opened the door, before using her aura to create a draft. Jasmine however, yelled “Oh-oh oh~! I wanna watch the battle nyah~!” before scampering up the stairs: still completely naked.

When she reached the open door to Michael’s bedroom, she saw three fluffy white wings laying on the floor, along with a tiny Dark-Goblin leg. There was also a decent amount of smoke in the air, “Nyah~! There’s so many pee-pees and coochies! Meow~, ewwy, they’re still twitching~…”

Meanwhile, sliding down the house’s slimy esophagus, Sarah had the entire two-foot long hilt of an Arcane Siegeblade shoved down her throat, through the lining of her stomach and into her abdominal cavity. The Nephilim was telekinetically pulling it down towards him, while a tanto was embedded in his left eye, and his groin was harboring a serpentine dagger.

Michael roared “Damn it! I didn’t buy you all this fancy fucking gear, just so you can torture me with it!” as they emerged from the bottom of that tube. However, instead of being in a tiny bathroom, they were freefalling through the frigid clouds of the Necropolis.

She ‘Whispered’ “Okay, enough of this shit! Arg~, get this fucking thing outta me!” and he immediately did as she asked. Of course, the moment that her injuries were healed, she shouted “Never-mind, I’m still not finished with you yet!”

“Oh for fuck’s sake! It was just one, really long… series of five blowjobs! Why are you so pissed off?!” He quickly fired a bolt of lightning out of his Arcane Orb, and smacked the crazed woman away from him, using his shield of light.

However, he noticed that within the atmosphere of the Necropolis, his wings disintegrated, and ‘Lightening’ stopped working as well. Thus, he could only helplessly freefall, as the little girl was able to use the tentacles of Darkness coming out of her head, to latch onto his body.

Sarah growled “I don’t give a shit if she sucks your dick or you eat her pussy out! But… rah~! Every time I think about the two of you together like that!” while grabbing the tanto out of his eye-socket, and then retrieving the serpentine dagger from his groin.

Michael started snickering, while grinning at her, as his wounds rapidly healed; even the damaged equipment regenerated within the Player-Home. Her armor and weapons were suddenly absorbed into her flesh, as bright-blue tattoos, and he did the same.

The little Dark-Goblin wrapped her tail around his left leg, and the Nephilim reached his hands out, pulling Sarah against his chest. He pressed his golden and violet, blood-stained mouth against hers, forcing his large pink tongue against her small azure one.

A moment later, his back smashed against the frozen soil and created a small crater, which was filled with copious amounts of crimson liquid. His ribs had erupted from his chest and penetrated into hers, as they both screamed “Fucking cunt-whore bitch!?” telepathically: since they obviously couldn’t say anything with crushed lungs and destroyed jaws.

However, within moments, the shattered bones, torn muscles and ripped apart skin was mended and completely returned to its normal state. Of course, they were still covered in copious amounts of blood and gore, but at least they were no longer in any pain.

Sarah took out a level-two, rank-F, Human corpse and plopped it down next to them, before laying her back onto Michael’s chest and abdomen. He wrapped his arms around her, and nonchalantly thrust his relatively large reproductive organ, inside of hers. The girl moaned loudly, before yelling “I fucking hate you so much!” while smiling faintly.

As her tail slithered into his body, he whispered “I love you too, my adorable little psychopath~…”
“Look what I found, nyah~!” Jasmine was running down the wooden stairs, while holding a small collection of genitals in her tiny hands. From the open back door, a dog-sized green fox, with four tails, excitedly ran inside.

Talia was still using her aura to send the smoke out, so she wasn’t able to keep the strange animal from sprinting into the living-room. The little girl screamed “No~! Go~ away~! Help, meow~!” as Inari rammed into the extremely light Feline Dwarf: knocking her onto the floor.

Then the relatively large kit, began devouring the tasty flesh of her Companions. After that, it continued to lick the blood off of the stairs, while whimpering loudly.

The High-Elf just sighed dramatically, as three greenish-brown wolves quickly entered into the room, tracking plenty of mud and dirt. After sniffing around, they ran to the squirming tentacle and twitching wing and started tearing them apart.

Jasmine crawled across the floor and latched onto Talia’s left leg, while crying “Wah~! Lia~, make the scary doggies go away~! Hurry~, I can feel Lil Meow-Meow trying to come out again~! JJ doesn’t wanna be a bad girl~, but, but I… Nyah~! Hiss~!” The moment her irises turned blue, the girl’s expression changed completely.

She immediately turned around and began attempting to threaten the canines that had invaded her territory. However, the moment that Inari growled at her, she yelled “Maerw~!” while scampering up the stairs. As soon as she made it into Michael’s room, she ran straight towards the severed Dark-Goblin leg and started nibbling on it.

Once the smoke was finally cleared out of the house, Talia grumbled “I suppose I should attempt to curry favor… by cleaning up this mess. Ugh~, perhaps it would be best to wait for the beasts to finish first. Hmmm, I should ask those two for assistance… but he might actually choose one of those pitiful children over myself.”

Even if she couldn’t stand Michael or any of his Companions, she was still willing to put up with them in order to ‘recruit’ him. After all, her country was currently engulfed in a civil war, and it was only a matter of time until her Clan and family were endangered.

The Theocracy of Aeris was a political faction within the United Elven States that were relatively pacifistic, and had little to no military power. Her father was considered to be a seasoned veteran in the church’s espionage department, and he had never had to kill a person: Even after a hundred years and over a thousand missions.

On the other hand, the National Defense Administration had been left up to the Ignis Alliance. Considering how antagonistic the relationship between those two parties had been, Talia felt that there wasn’t much hope for her side to win, even if she managed to convince Michael to help.

However, “Our Goddess Aeris is far more kind and caring than the others… If she believes that disgusting man is the key to our salvation, then I should do what is necessary…” she had resolved herself to become a housekeeper or maid, as long as it would secure her spot as the sixth Companion.

76 thoughts on “Chapter 114: Love Is Messy

  1. Loving the hell out of this story!!
    btw how did jj enter his bedroom, thought he had access only for Elina n Sarah? or was that limited to the act of opening the door compared to walking through it when already opened??


  2. well i guess these last 2 chaps were outstanding in many ways in their own right though poor elina couldnt get what she yearned for:P i hope chaos wont envolved in sarah’s intercorse this time though im sure she d:D

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      • It’s not the same at all lol. System-Assisted impregnation doesn’t have anything to do with what is physically happening. As long as the two sides a considered to be ‘mating’ it will ask one or both parties, then it will do the rest. Even if it has to alter the person’s body in the process(In the case that a human man gets impregnated with a human baby, it would probably alter the mans body so that he could have the baby lol.)


      • inb4 baby comes out of mans chest like one of those face huger aliens from…..alien

        Why? Cause he was chaotic aligned



  3. hey mike random thought i had…. can….that stupidly op piano oneshot a goddess since its damage is so high on max volume if one was around when it had the misfortune to be played

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  4. I really don’t want the elf as a complainion for Michael.
    Dark Elves are the best!
    Who even says they have to have the darkness affinity?
    It could just be their skin color!
    Just not Talia. She’s annoying~
    Thanks for the chapter


      • Can’t beat an authentic dark elf though.
        Besides fuck Talia. Though i’m just biased towards her because she’s more fussy than me( and i complain a lot, although about stupid shit).
        Plus she reminds me of a gold digger.
        If not how about Siamese twins? One body two status’s!
        I can also say with 100% certainty that i’ve never seen a siamese twin character in any story i’ve ever read.

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      • I was gonna reply but I got distracted by my thoughts when I realized I had to reply to my comment instead of yours. lol.
        btw if you ever need insults to call people i can give you some, since you use plenty of them in the story.

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    • i just assumed that the wolves was that family of gnomes or whatever they were that he saved in the chaos town… didn’t they turn into wolves and dig a hole as a home?

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      • Assuming Arcana, Lux, etc are more like admins than a god– a Player?

        It’d be interesting for the MC’s first companion to become the world’s only other Player. And ‘evolving’ from a lowly no-rank NPC at that~

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      • Not really how it works lol. Being a Player has more to do with the soul. Even if Michael’s body is destroyed, he can still control his soul and make it do stuff. On the other hand, NPC souls go into hybernation, and even when they’re in the form of ghosts, they’re still only semi-conscious.

        Also, God and Goddess are titles, and they aren’t necessarily that difficult to obtain. Elven Deities are typically only rank-S or SS at the most and Raid to World Boss. Hell, Michael died 21 times and received the Shinigami title lol(Means Death God in Japanese)


      • So there’s nothing in the system that allows a soul to change it’s behavior and become able to be controlled before reincarnation?

        Oh well.

        Deities being Rank-S (at the lowest) is a bit of a surprise.

        And titles don’t mean anything~! XD

        Nice talking to the author, thanks for responding all these times~

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      • Yeah, I respond to a lot of questions every day QQ. No, it’s kinda the opposite; the reason that the NPCs are able to stay in the world for so long, is probably because of the way the system works. Player souls are too free and unrestrained in a sense, which makes them more unstable lol.


      • Hmm, cool! Will things related to souls be further explained as MC progresses with summoning?

        Or will the love juices get the area too messy first!?

        Find out next time…


    • preggers:

      A absolutely retarded way of saying pregnant. If it’s slang used mainly by guys, it’s obviously gay ones who didn’t get the chick knocked up in the first place, because that’s how it sounds. No man should ever use that phrase…EVER.


      • My prerogative to state it as such, also I fail to see how the word is mentally handicapped due to being slang or shortened form, languages change all the time to make them easier or faster.

        lest we all end up writing with thou’s and words like betwixt.

        Get over it and just chill man

        Welcome to the internet btw

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      • lol anhrefn Its more like a giant lake, you jump in, fall in, or get tossed in, flounder about for a bit~ and if you get lucky you can find gold or jewels at the bottom~

        Unfortunately said ‘lake’ is absolutely massive even if you had a guide you will still get lost~ way i see it~ just have fun and remember if you find someone where you are as well treat them as you would like to be treated and try not to instigate or say ‘X is stupid cause Blah’ since at the end of the day its highly likely they like you care about similar things and in the end most of it is opinions 😉

        basically what im trying to say in a TL;DR way is just have fun and try not to poke people 😛

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      • You really shouldn’t jump to small minded conclusions. The only ones I’ve ever heard say ‘preggers’ in real life were women. Two of my aunts, among them. I have no idea where the term comes from, but your hate comment is extremely misplaced.

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      • How the heck did you manage to read 114 chapters of this series and still get offended by ‘preggers’… o.o

        I’m pretty sure cunt-waffle was a bit worse. Maybe?


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      • Did I say cunt-waffle? I think I used cunt-muffin? Idk, I’ve used a lot of weird combo curse-words so far, and I can’t really remember them all lol. Cuntsauce is one of my favorites.

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      • Probably cunt-muffin then. Some pretty obscure ones floating around in this series.

        I’d love to see the mc and Sarah have a Swear Off competition hosted by Chaos… Haha. That would be purely glorious ~

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      • True, but Michael and Sarah are really similar in a lot of ways… though he’s similar to Elina in a decent amount of ways as well. Hell, everyone’s similar in a lot of ways roflmao.

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      • By that you mean crazy, perverted, slightly insane, and abnormal, then yes they’re similar. I wonder how long it would take to corrupt the elf. Until the elf becomes corrupted like cat girl then she’s not gonna become his companion anytime soon. Though she doesn’t need to be since he has nature from little (big) fox.
        Would be funny if the fox evolves into a Demi-human fox. >_> too bad it can’t become a 9-tail fox. That would be awesome. Smoking hot Demi-human fox babe with 9 tails. >~> MC will totally have some perverted ideas XD


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