Chapter 113: Domestic Disasters

The two Human Skeletons had an innate ability to communicate telepathically. Thus, once they became accustomed to their new bodies, they were able to ‘speak’ with Talia, and understand what she was telling them, by listening to her thoughts.

She was peeling a grapefruit with her fingers, while sitting at the crystalline table, along with Kelsey and Roycerus. They didn’t feel particularly upset that Michael literally killed the two of them, captured their souls, and even turned them into undead.

In fact, compared to the constant pain and suffering they experienced as disposable Demi-Goblins, becoming skeletons that didn’t need to eat, sleep or struggle to survive, was much more pleasant. Aside from that, they were at least six times stronger than they were before.

Their stats were the same as Michael’s had been when he first came into the world, though the physiology was obviously much different. When they were reborn, both of them received the title “Of the Eternal Darkness,” which raised their Luck and Willpower from zero, up to three.

When Talia raised the first grapefruit slice up to her mouth, a completely naked, blue-eyed cat-girl, jumped onto the table and smacked it out of her hand. She hissed loudly, jumping down to the floor and picking it up with her mouth, before hiding under a crystalline chair and eating it.

The High-Elf sighed dramatically, muttering “How is this feral Warbeast child more qualified to become one of his Companions than me?” When she picked off another slice, Jasmine attempted to steal it, but was grabbed by her long, black, wavy-hair, and scolded “No! Bad girl! If you want food, then ask for it!”

Even if the Huntress didn’t specialize in Strength, she was still level-seventeen, rank-E and had more physical training than most Humans would be able to experience in their whole life. She was wearing a tiger-fur belt around her relatively small breasts, a skirt that barely covered anything due to her extremely long legs, and two boots that actually fit somehow.

Talia scooted her chair out, placed the naked Dwarf over her lap and then began spanking her loudly. The little cat-girl cried “Nyah~! Meow~! Mew~! Ow~!” and when her eye-color changed back to yellow, “Stop it nyah~! I’m sorry nyah~?! To the left, meow~! Nyah~, yeah, right there~! Ahn~, a little harder nyah~!”

At that point the High-Elf grumbled “Ew… does he select his Companions based on their perversions?” as she nonchalantly tossed the ‘child’ onto the floor, and stared at her bright red palm for a few moments, before deciding to wash her hands.

Jasmine rolled around on the ground lazily, while grinning and giggling; she used that opportunity to peek up the Huntress’ skirt, and whined “Old Lady~, I’m hungry nyah~! Make me food~ please~?”

The green-eyed woman, glared at that irritating kitten who was laying between her legs, and unhesitantly stepped onto the girl’s face. She washed her hands swiftly and turned to the two skeletons, asking “There should be a decent amount of shade on the eastern side of the house… Can you throw this impertinent child outside for me?”

Hearing that, the little Gunslinger yelled “No~! Don’t throw me away, nyah~! Wah~! Old Lady is so~ mean~! Wah~, Mikey~, Lina~, Mahou Shoujo Kuro-chan~, help me~! No~, stay away from me~! Stop it~, if you keep being mean to me, I’m gonna get super-duper-angry nyah~?!”

At that moment, a small and shadowy figure suddenly appeared in the kitchen. The skull-faced Dark-Goblin woman had an obsidian tanto in her right hand, and a serpentine dagger in the left. Jasmine cheered “Yay~! Kuro-chan has come to the rescue, nyah~!” but was instantly disappointed, as her savior vanished in a puff of smoke.
Several minutes earlier, inside of the Arcane Prison; Michael had just been drenched in the tenth silver-shower since they began their oral-exercise. Elina coughed violently, before complaining “It does taste delicious, but can’t you warn me first?”

Silver liquid was tripping down the sides of her mouth, as she continued what she was doing before. The Nephilim’s hair was clumped together, and his face was literally painted silver from the excessive amount of fluids that had sprayed all over him.

He told her “I can’t believe I’m the one saying this… but we should probably stop now. Like, I seriously came at least five times already, and I think your pussy-juice might be an aphrodisiac. Well, my record as a Human was forty-three times in a day, so five times in an hour isn’t really that much. Hmmm~, anyway, Jasmine should be waking up soon, and I keep getting this really bad premonition every time I ejaculate…”

Elina moaned as he returned to giving her a tongue massage for a moment, but then she asked him “Michael, do you really love me?”

As if someone were waiting for that moment, the instant he replied “Yeah, of course I do.” a notification popped-up in front of his face.

“Insemination complete; do you wish to fertilize Elina Jacob’s egg? The racial compatibility between Nephilim and Feline Lesser Angels is very high, so the probability of producing a humanoid offspring is similarly very high; however, Luck will always play a large part during the breeding process.”

He didn’t even have the chance to read it, before that message disappeared, and was replaced by a small carnival wheel. Michael yelled “Goddamn it Lux! This isn’t fucking funny!” as Elina quickly reoriented herself, facing him, with the spinning circle in-between them.

She asked “Wait, what is that thing?” and read aloud “Lesser Angel, Feline Lesser Angel, Nephilim, Feline Nephilim… Oh, it landed on the tiniest one!”

Then she received the notification: “Your egg has been fertilized by Michael C******. In three days, it will be completely formed and be ready for you to lay.”

Elina had to re-read it roughly twenty times before she understood, “How?! B-but we didn’t even do ‘it,’ right?! We aren’t even the same race! A-and how did I, wait, I’m going to lay an egg!?”

Michael sighed dramatically, before asking her “Do you think Mittens is a good name? Oh, maybe we could name it Midnight, if it’s black, and Tigger if it’s a tabby? Snowflake is good for a white one… Hehehe~, I’m kinda excited about being a father for some reason. Hmmm~, well, maybe it’s because you’re gonna lay an egg, and a kitten is gonna hatch from it eventually? Is that normal in this world?”

She screamed “Of course it isn’t! How is any of this normal?!” while separating from him, and flapping her wings lightly. Then she started crying loudly, as she floated towards the ‘ceiling.’

He gently flew up to her, smiling wryly and pulling her body against his. The silver-haired and golden-eyed man whispered “I was serious, ya know? I really do love you.” into the fluffy ears atop her head.

The cat-girl suddenly started to calm down, and placed both of her hands onto his cheeks, fondling his face for a moment, before he pressed his golden lips against hers. Their tongues lightly wrestled with each-other for a few moments, before a terrifying aura encompassed the entire room.

Elina vanished into his third Companion-slot, and Michael immediately equipped all of his weapons and armor. For the first time, he even activated his pants and shoes; they transformed into thick, milky-white metallic boots, greaves that covered his shins, knees, and glowing illusory thigh-plates, which also covered his groin.

His breastplate was shining brightly, and the silver gauntlet on his left hand began covering the rest of his arm with chains of light. An Arcane Orb floating above his head, next to the golden halo that was created by ‘Lightening,’ and a huge crystalline sword was tightly gripped in his right hand.

He activated ‘Stat-Boost’ on himself and re-applied his other buffs, before turning around and using his shield to block the incoming shuriken. Upon contact, it exploded into dozens of icy shards, and his body was knocked backwards, due to the lack of gravity.

Michael yelled “It’s not what you think! We just sixty-nined!” before an obsidian wakizashi stabbed through his tailbone and out of his groin. He shouted “Holy fucking cunt-monkeys! That really, really~ hurts!” while flapping his wings and soaring forward.

Shadowy figure appeared in front of him, and pierced a poisoned, serpentine dagger into the left side of his throat. However, the toxins were completely counteracted by the house, and the moment that her blades were removed from his body, the wounds healed almost instantaneously.

Sarah screamed “I don’t fucking care! I just want you to die! Grah~!” as he grabbed her neck, with his left hand, and slammed her into the floor at a hundred miles per hour. Her sword turned into a tanto, and then she used both weapons to continuously stab into his chest and abdomen.

Each attack was causing his HP to plummet, but the recovery was much faster than the damage. At that point he cast ‘Electrocution,’ and caused her to lose control of her motor-functions momentarily.

Then he pushed away from the little skull-faced girl, while grinning, “Ya know~, I can teleport too~!”

His body disappeared and the moment that she recovered, Sarah roared “I’m gonna tear your fucking dick off, you bastard!” as she vanished in a plume of black smoke: polluting that room even more.

33 thoughts on “Chapter 113: Domestic Disasters

  1. What kind of super juice does he have, impregnating her through oral? Wow!
    On a side note, I remember hearing a joke about a girl that was told that babies come from where sperm goes in, and she started crying about her teeth getting knocked out 🙂

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  2. well then….. i guess lux wants another little one to play imaginary friend to~ lol
    I really hope her and his kid dosnt get killed off i think it would be cute for those two~ who knows she might finally fuck him instead of just blowing him XD
    and sarah …. its kinda cute that shes jealous

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      • ya umm…. any1 that shoves a barbed worm up there ass and uses the others corpse for “fun time” would never have a healthy relationship . But who the fk cares if that is what makes them happy so long as no1 other than themselves get hurt for there enjoyment how healthy or unhealthy there relationship is just fine after all with his personality i would be extremely shocked to see him in a “healthy” relationship.
        if anything it can be considered “unhealthy” to have Elina on the side with Sarah as the main course considering what her personality is like. even if he is just being completely honest with his feelings he should first make sure that possessive girl has enough “toys(a few stacks of his corpses)” and is willing to share first. (always make sure the scary girl in a harem is happy or she will go crazy as seen here in this chapter)

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