Chapter 38: Emetophobia

“Oh great, now I’m vomiting lolis…” Laying in the bathtub was a fairly small, elf-eared, little girl with brown-skin, bronze irises and a freshly shaved head. The ‘child’ was totally naked and was staring up at the Nephilim, with confusion and irritation on her ‘adorable’ face.

“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me… What the hell just happened?! You, you’re that bastard, uh~, Michael something-something, right?” However, at that moment, he gagged and his jaw opened up so wide that it nearly broke. He appeared similar to a snake that was regurgitating an animal that was larger than it’s head.

In fact, his pupils even started to appear serpentine, as a second ‘little girl’ had escaped from his mouth. The pale-skinned ‘child’ had long crimson hair, ruby-red irises and regardless of the extremely ‘young’ state of her body, her breasts weren’t very small.

After that, Michael groaned and the entire building shook; he could see out the window, that a huge smoldering crater had just been created where the northernmost part of the fence used to be. One of the black tanks had managed to nearly strike the house, before being hit by a mortar round and disabled.

“No~! Oh god, no more~! Blagh~!” It seemed as if the man’s neck, chest and face were made out of a substance with greater elasticity than rubber. There were tears in his eyes, as a naked Asian boy erupted from his mouth and landed on top of the two little girls.

Watching that horrifying scene, Linda couldn’t help but scream in terror and shock. There was a war going on outside, which didn’t concern her at all, yet what she was witnessing was far more disturbing.

Finally, there was one more small boy, who had elven ears and porcelain skin. His head was shaved, but it was easy to see that his hair was blonde, while his eyes were bright-blue. When that last child had landed in the bathtub, Michael’s face, throat, ribs and chest had swiftly returned to their original condition.

Of course, he was kneeling on the ground and whimpering uncontrollably; eventually he grumbled “Why couldn’t I just give birth?! It’d be way less disgusting!” Considering that he had a legitimate phobia of vomiting, it was likely the most uncomfortable and horrible experience in his entire life thus far.

Linda yelled “What in God’s name did I jus see?! Mike, who are these kids and how’d ya hide em in yer stomach all this time?!”

Michael sighed dramatically, struggling to stand up, as the house was literally shaking. He complained “I made a mistake… I was trying to figure out a way to ‘explain’ what it felt like to have a bunch of stuff inside my weird extra-dimensional space or whatever, and yeah; it’s kinda like hitting your uvula outta curiosity, ugh~, except so~ much worse. Also, why the fuck do I have people in my special place?! Who the hell are you bastards?! How’d ya get inside of me?!”

The porcelain-skinned elven boy stared up at him and muttered “Mike? Wait, didn’t we just talk to each other not that long ago? There was this weird blue kitten, vampires, Atlantis… Then, ugh, that insane dragon-woman started using us as test subjects for her ridiculous drugs… I think I’m still a little drunk?”

“Luke, you fucking asshole! Get off of me!” That small ginger girl quickly escaped from the bathtub and screamed “What the shit happened to us?!” Then she instinctively reached over and grabbed a towel off of the rack on the wall.

“Linda, move…” A quiet and childish voice rang out from behind the goat-woman’s back, as a small brown-skinned girl with silver irises, pushed her way inside the crowded bathroom. Trixie was wearing a tiny bullet proof vest, a holster with several pistols, and all black camo clothing.

She glared at Michael for an instant, but immediately lost interest, then raised her eyebrow slightly at the three children in the bathtub. Tilting her head to the side momentarily, she whispered “Rear Admiral Kelsey King, Vice Admiral ‘Lee’ and… Admiral Luke Lucas; it is good that the three of you have managed to arrive safely. It appears that your physical bodies have been… altered, but not too dramatically. Your mutations seem… interesting. A lot has changed since the three of you were reported MIA; follow me, we have much to discuss.”

After briefly speaking to them, Trixie turned around and headed out of the room; it took a few seconds, before Philip got out of the tub and yelled “Yes Mam!” Linda sighed dramatically, as she watched the three little kids following her four-foot tall sister.

Iris finally noticed the gunshots and explosions, so she looked out the window and shouted “What the fuck is going on now?!” There was a three meter tall, gigantic tortoise ramming head-first into a charging pig, which was the size of a rhinoceros. The boar was knocked away and rolled across the street a few times, before getting shredded to pieces by a gatling-gun that was mounted on the back of the colossal reptile’s back.

Michael frowned, turning to Linda and asking “Ya know what? I honestly don’t give a fuck anymore… I just, I need to take a shower; do you guys have a bathroom with a shower in this house? Ew~, there’s hair stuck in my throat~! My mouth tastes like a pedophile’s wet dream… Ugah~!”

As he gagged, a dozen thin vines shot out of his throat, whipping around, breaking the mirror and ceiling light, before the tendrils were sucked back into his body. His irises turned bright-blue for a moment, but swiftly returned to their ‘normal’ dark-red luster.

The goat-girl gasped and jumped backwards, smacking into the hallway wall and hurriedly stammered “Y-yeah, d-downstairs! The-there’s two showers downstairs!”

Once Michael left the bathroom, Iris closed the door and let that towel fall to the ground. She mumbled “Ugh, where the fuck is this place supposed to be anyway? Ow~! Damn it!” as she accidentally stepped on some broken glass.


After following Trixie to the first floor, the three ‘children’ were led into the heavily fortified basement. It was more like a nuclear fallout shelter, but each of the five houses in the cul-de-sac contained something similar.

There were corridors which led to the other four underground bunkers as well; however, at the very center of the ‘neighborhood’, was a huge elevator. Unless it was an absolute emergency and the entire complex was on the verge of destruction, it was best to avoid using that ‘elevator’.

A huge and furry, eight-foot tall, gorilla-like man, wearing an enormous tuxedo, immediately came over to the basement’s entrance and asked “General Beatrix, who are these naked kids? Shouldn’t you be topside, commanding the troops?”

She glared at him with those cold, silver eyes, and murmured “The battle has already ended, no casualties, flawless victory… Lieutenant General Gabriel, please acquisition the Admiral and his subordinates some clothing. I’ll be waiting for the four of you in the briefing room.”

“Holy shit, Gabe! What happened to you?!” The bald-headed, brown-skinned elven girl was the first to react, but the other two were similarly shocked.

Luke chuckled, complimenting “Congrats Man! You were always struggling to gain some muscle mass and complaining about being a scrawny, five-foot tall brat; now you’re a freaking giant!”

Lee smiled, “Aside from the physical changes, I can also sense that you’ve finally awakened your latent psychic abilities…”

Gabriel smirked, gazing down at the three of them and saying “Hahaha~, if I remember correctly, Kelsey, didn’t you always make fun of me for being a ‘Mexican Shorty’?”

However, she just shrugged and retorted “Now ya look like a giant, ugly-ass ape! I’d still never fuck ya!”

A soft voice was blasted over the intercom on the ceiling: “Enough small-talk, get dressed and get over here, now.”

The huge gorilla-man sighed dramatically and quickly led the three little elves into their own ‘personal’ rooms. They weren’t very large, but each one contained a queen-sized bed, a closet, cabinets, an office desk with an extremely expensive computer, plus a small bathroom.

Throughout the entire underground base, there were two general barracks’, which could house up to one-hundred ‘human’ soldiers in total. However, there were also a few dozen officer quarters, which were far more spacious.

There was an enormous armory, with all kinds of weaponry, food and fuel stockpiles, a special tunnel that could potentially be used to travel all the way to Topeka, and a geothermal power generator. Unfortunately, regardless of how much potential the place had, it was completely empty.

When Luke, Philip and Kelsey were finally dressed up in their ‘child-sized’ black camo pants and shirts, they walked over to the ‘briefing room’. The huge table seemed rather desolate with only five of the twenty-one chairs being used, but it was still rather impressive that even that many of the original members of their little group had managed to survive so far.

Beatrix was sitting on one end, while the boy with porcelain skin was reclined on the other end. She whispered “I shall now commence my report…”

14 thoughts on “Chapter 38: Emetophobia

  1. I had to Google the title… Again. I swear, you give me weird title names that I have to google to get the meaning of sometimes. Also, didn’t you spell “Paedophile” wrong? Fairly certain it’s not “Pedofile”, just saying man.

    I was seriously horrified by the mental image of a “Oral Birth” of child sized elven freeloaders. Some things you just don’t need to see… I also didn’t know who or what the fuck they were till they talked, I was soooooo confused man…

    Thanks for the chapter~

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      • Force fed them alcoholic Mana-core to cause evolution? Well, her head did explode when she tested it out… Alice, you make being a immortal junkie dragon look safe and fun.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Her entire body exploded, but that was because she drank what was essentially uber dragon poison lol. Who even knows what they took inside of Alice’s Soul Realm? It’s a mystery… even they don’t know roflmao.

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      • I swear dude, I thought you said “Even I don’t know!” and was losing my shit because I was going “BUT YOU’RE THE DAMN AUTHOR! HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW WHAT YOU DID TO YOUR OWN CHARACTERS!?” I shit you not.

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      • She turned them into the human-form versions of her from what I can tell… And children at that. So does that mean she turned them into a type of Draconic Elf and their child like body reflects their real age if converted to elf years? You don’t need to answer that, but seriously.

        I just got a flashback to how the “Came out” and I’m going to have nightmares because of it now! It’s like reverse vore, that nobody wanted or expected! Does this book have a “Horror” tag? Because this scene alone evokes pure terror into me.

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