Chapter 40: Quest Rewards

[Player Information

Name: Michael
Titles: The Nudist, The Noob, The Immortal, The Lurker, The Survivor
Level: 8
Experience: 4/80
Age: Adult
Race: Human
Rank: F
Class: None
Specialization: None
Profession: Leatherworker Level 3]


Health: 52.5/52.5
Mana: 30/30
Stamina: 30/30
Mana Regen per minute: 30
Health Regen per hour: 45

Strength: 6
Vitality: 4.5
Endurance: 6
Dexterity: 3
Agility: 5(+2)
Intelligence: 4(+2)
Wisdom: 3
Perception: 3
Charisma: 2

Willpower: 14
Luck: 14
Aura: 1.9

Attack Power: 30(+11.5)
Defense Rating: 3(+4)]

Continuing with his attempt to become a ‘Tank,’ Michael decided to place both stat-points into Endurance. After witnessing the Human leveling-up, Goliath chuckled, and said “It seems that the Goddesses have already rewarded you for assisting me… However, I don’t want you to think that I’m so shameless, that I can’t even afford to compensate you myself. Hmmm~, let me ask you a question… What is worth more to you: one gold coin, a rare sword, or a skill-book?”

Without a moment of hesitation he asked “Any item that isn’t Soulbound probably won’t last very long, and money is always easy to make in a world like this. Are there really people stupid enough to pick anything but the skill-book? It doesn’t even matter if I can use it or not.”

The giant turtle laughed heartily as it told him “Good, good, you’re a lot less shortsighted than most of the Humans that I’ve encountered. Of course, you’re also the first one that I haven’t eaten as well. Now, more importantly, would you prefer a spell or passive? Like you just mentioned, even though I can’t use them, I’ve still collected hundreds over the years…”

Michael smiled at the colossal turtle and said “As you can see, I have the Arcane Affinity; I was wondering if there were any passive techniques for increasing my Aura stat. I could obviously shove a bunch of mana-cores down my throat, but I’d prefer something a bit less horrible.”

Almost as soon as he finished talking, a vine suddenly erupted from the green pool, and pushed a small brown treasure-chest, onto the limestone platform. He immediately took a few steps forward and opened the surprisingly water-proof container.

Inside was only a single, thick, translucent, crystalline tome. When he opened it up, the words actually floated above the pages. As he read the holographic writing, Michael sighed and complained “I kinda expected to just, magically learn the shit instantaneously. Well, whatever… If this was a few years ago, I probably wouldn’t even bother, but I’ve been pretty addicted to reading lately anyway. Of course, this is more like a textbook than a fiction, but fuck it, magic is awesome.”

The title of the skill-book was “Introduction to the Arcane Arts” and judging from the index, he could tell that there were at least a dozen spells. Half of them were passives and the others were active; although, there was nothing too extreme, just basic techniques.

After shoving it into bag-slot two, he muttered “Hmmm~, ah, there it is.” as he opened up the ‘Contacts’ list. His Companions were automatically added, so he wasn’t sure if it was possible, but in the ‘Acquaintances’ section, Goliath’s name was written there.

Michael smiled and said “It’s been fun, but I gotta go feed my cat-girl now. I’ll be back though, and hopefully with something a bit more filling.” He wanted to save some things for later, so he didn’t take out the rest of his hoarded carcasses.

Goliath chuckled and told him “It’s been a pleasure doing business with you… Please, come again, as soon as possible. I still have plenty of skill-books left, so don’t forget about me.”

When Inari realized that her Companion wanted to leave, she quickly walked over to the huge, bright-blue root, and pressed her paws against it. When Michael touched her fur, the two of them were enveloped in an azure aura and teleported away.

Once they were back on the surface, the two of them slowly walked eastward. On the way, they only encountered a single, rank-G, level-9 ‘Bengal Tiger.’

After two Arcane Orb strikes, it was dead and the frightened vixen instinctively devoured its mana-core. Nothing else dared to approach the level-8 Human, regardless of the relatively weak Quad-Tailed Nature-Fox who was trotting next to him.

They weren’t exactly rushing back to the waterfall, and leisurely walked: Michael was singing loudly the entire time. When Inari found a raspberry-bush, they stayed there for almost an hour picking and eating them all.

He couldn’t help but wonder “Is this jungle actually artificial?” because there were so many different species of animals and plants: Most of which, typically lived in different environments. However, the planet that he was on wasn’t Earth, but rather named after the Goddess Arcana, whom was said to have created everything. After urinating and defecating, the two of them still needed another thirty minutes before they managed to reach that familiar riverbank, with the gigantic waterfall in the distance.

Michael wasn’t even singing at that point, but making deafening “Awooo~” noises in concert with the giant fox. Since the vixen wouldn’t stop crying, barking and trying to copy him, he couldn’t even remember the lyrics anymore; he was forced to just howl out the notes, and try to tune-out the annoying kit.

By the time they finally arrived, Sarah screamed “Shut the fuck up!” while throwing a rock at his face. Ironically, since his Defense Rating was so high that he couldn’t possible be seriously wounded by such a weak attack, it wasn’t even prevented.

Fortunately, with his improved reaction-speed from having seven Agility-points, he was actually able to catch it with his right hand. Elina and herself had been sleeping soundly, until the noisy duo started getting closer.

What none of them realized, was that they hadn’t been alone, and if not for all of that howling, the two of them would have certainly been killed. Above the water, the New Moon was high in the sky; although, compared to the illumination from the plants and insects, it wasn’t quite that radiant.

Sarah complained “Do you have any idea how bored I was, listening to this asshole, bitch and whine about how shitty her fucking life is?!” Then the two of them noticed the gigantic, bio-luminescent, bright-green fox.

The worm-girl immediately equipped her Obsidian Wakizashi, but Elina just exclaimed “Aw~! It’s so~ adorable!” as she stood up and ran over to the massive kit. Inari happily jumped around the relatively small Priestess, while barking and rubbing against her.

When Sarah sighed and withdrew the blade back into her palm, Michael smirked and asked “Oi, Brat, what did you just do?” It was obviously a lot different than the typical instantaneous storage.

She snickered and then glared at him, while holding out her right hand, and bragging “You haven’t even figured out how to Unequip yet? It only took me five seconds after receiving my Soulbound weapon.”

After pulling out his glowing crystal-ball, he tried to do something similar, but rather than being absorbed into his body, it simply started hovering behind his head. There was still a message which told him “Throwing-Weapon has been Unequipped.” and when he reached back to touch it, his hand just passed right through.

Michael muttered “It seems like each Element has their own way of doing things…” Then he turned to Elina, who was scratching the giant vixen’s stomach, and announced “Little Kitty-Cat, it’s finally time for you to evolve!”

The Priestess stopped playing with Inari, and looked up at the smirking man, who suddenly made a glowing, pure-white pearl, appear in the palm of his right hand. She immediately used her ‘Scan’ to identify the item, and asked “How did the two of you manage to kill a level-nine, rank-F, Elite?”

He snickered and explained “Ah, it was a pain in the ass… The little puppy was insta-killed in the very beginning, so I had to solo it. Of course, I died three fucking times, but in the end, I won.” as he handed her the mana-core.

Elina bit her lip and furrowed her brows, before staring intently at the tiny bead, pressed between her index finger and thumb. Then Sarah started laughing hysterically, and told her “Don’t worry, evolving doesn’t hurt…”

At that, Michael sighed and said “No, it’ll probably suck pretty badly. Like appendicitis, combined with menstruation, having your eyes gouged out, and being anally penetrated by a horse… All of those things would most likely be more pleasant, but ya don’t really get anything outta them. Well, unless you’re really into that kinda shit.”

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18 thoughts on “Chapter 40: Quest Rewards

  1. cant jinx you. you need to laugh for 76 hours straight to die from laughing. (unless you are eating or drinking then youll choke… Dont eat while reading Insania we need you alive)


  2. What a good(?) Way to describe the feeling of evolution!!

    Thank for the chap!!

    And i was thinking if how mickey would play ball with the giant turtle until it dea…. ehm i mean tired!! How wicked of me!!

    Liked by 3 people

      • well the turtle is strengthening him with skill books.
        I wonder what he could get if he fed him a rank E mob corpse.
        O.O -LIGHTBULB-
        Just got a twisted idea. How about he feeds inari to the turtle. Michael would has an infinite supply of rank E corpses and cores then. yes messed up but Inari wouldnt even notice since her INT is low she pretty much carefree and ignorant of many things.

        He also could imprison the turtle then grab all the loot thats around. His prison does have a time-freeze effect.

        Or he can offer Immortality to turtle. Though pointless since he is strong. He a A rank RAID BOSS even if he is old his strength would be at least a B++ RAID BOSS. thats if he get weaker with age though looks like he does.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Lmao, he wouldn’t do that, even if he could. Also, I haven’t really mentioned this in the story, but it’s impossible to imprison something if its level is too much higher than the Player’s. In the case that there wasn’t a huge difference, then he would need the turtles permission, or wait until it was unconscious. Besides, the MC isn’t a thief, and I don’t mean the Class.

        There are no pluses btw lol… rank determines the amount of stat-points per level that the creature receives. Elite/Boss determines how many mana-cores they have, and adds a multiplier to their Health, Stamina and Mana… Raid Boss = Six lol

        Also, skills and passives usually take a long time to improve, so an ancient turtle would obviously be ridiculously OP.


      • doesnt that mean that the Turtle would have close to an S rank Raid Boss strength due to skills being so high leveled from him training them for couple thousand years?

        Also he could feed Inari own core to her. Loophope- goddess said PLAYERS cant eat their own core since they are immortal but what about NPCs? They cant eat their own cores normally so the gods might not have set this system up for NPCs since they cant be immortal without unorthodox or ancient methods or super rare abilities.
        Even the turtle said he isnt immortal. he only lived so long by being smart and using water and nature magic since he is a Treant.

        Here an idea for later in the story. The Turtle gives Mc a Turtle Treant seed as a reward so he will have another companion or just make it OP and turn it into a crystal farm for Inari. yes im cruel since its for Inari XP

        I wonder if Michael could fuse other 8 elements back into Arcane. I realized earlier that if other elements were once one then Michael arcane is only at 1/9 full strength. I also remember the other name for arcane magic which was soul magic. This explain why he can damage their life directly.

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      • When did I say that the turtle was a treant? Also, what makes you think that it’s possible for a person to purposefully kill themselves or their Companions? More Elements isn’t always better lol. Having one Element isn’t always better either :P. Also, assuming that SSS is the highest rank, then it would be impossible to gain more than a total of 7… Most importantly, it would be way easier and more pleasant to just farm mana-cores the old fashioned way: Killing random magical-beasts in the gigantic forest filled with magical-beasts lol.


      • for the elements i meant actually fusing them with arcane not having separate elements. Kinda like upgrading arcane to its true power. does that make sense?

        i thought turtle was part treant since it has nature attribute.

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      • Having Nature Affinity doesn’t make something a treant lol. A treant is a type of plant that gained a mana-core and evolved: typically a tree.

        Also, I get what you’re trying to say, but it wouldn’t really be possible. Hmmm, I should stop talking now, I feel like I almost gave a bunch of spoilers rofl. Let’s just say, I’m 34 chapters ahead of this one, so I get confused about how much I’ve actually explained in the released part of the story so far lol.


      • Fun chatting with you. Hope you post more soon.
        Also the person Warhax is a writer who posted Insania Online in Royal Road site. good story to read (WARNING- MIGHT DIE FROM LAUGHTER). This writer makes MC do crazy/funny things that you wouldnt think of. It might help you if you ever get a writer block. or just ask me. I can think of few good ideas for this story.

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