Chapter 41: Evolving a Cat-Girl

She hesitated for a few seconds, but eventually Elina put the tiny bead in her mouth and slowly swallowed. Her cat-like eyes began glowing with a golden luster, as her brownish-tan skin started turning a white so pure that it seemed extremely unnatural.

The Priestess’ whole body began contorting uncontrollably, as she released a terrible scream, falling into Michael’s arms. However, he immediately shouted “Ow, shit, damn it!” as he dropped her onto the dirt and rocks.

He had third degree burns all over his chest, abdomen, forearms and hands. Even his health had dropped to 35/52.5.

All of the cat-girl’s bones and muscles were rippling, transforming, and growing slightly larger, but her body was also becoming slimmer. Her Strength wasn’t changing and neither was her Vitality or Endurance; rather than being heavier, her total weight was decreasing rapidly.

Her short and curly black-hair lengthened dramatically, and became wavy, with white stripes suddenly appearing. The fur on her ears and tail was the same, but Michael was a little disappointed by the changes.

Sarah complained “The hell… Is that it? I turn into fucking worm-monster, and this bitch just glows a bit, grows taller, and has perkier tits…”

When the transformation finally ended, twenty minutes later, Elina lost consciousness. All of her Stamina and Mana was completely drained, but her HP was still full.

Then a message popped up for Michael: “You have successfully evolved Elina Jacobs into a White-Tiger Cat-Tribe. Base stats have increased based on your Luck and the ‘White Bengal Tiger of Light’ that the mana­­-core originally belonged to: Aura +2, Charisma +3, Agility +2.”

[Companion Information

Name: Elina
Titles: Of the Undying Light
Level: 7
Experience: 54/70
Age: Adult
Race: White-Tiger Cat-Tribe
Rank: F
Class: Priestess of Light
Specialization: Healing
Profession: Enchanter Level 3]

Health: 25/25
Mana: 30/30
Stamina: 10/10
Mana Regen per minute: 40
Health Regen per hour: 30

Strength: 1
Vitality: 2(+1)
Endurance: 2
Dexterity: 2
Agility: 4
Intelligence: 5(+1)
Wisdom: 3(+1)
Perception: 2
Charisma: 4

Willpower: 6
Luck: 5
Aura: 3

Attack Power: 5
Defense Rating: 1(+1)]


Blessing of Good Health Level 3: Resists Level-3 infectious diseases, illnesses and curses. Effectiveness will automatically double at the expense of mana, when exposed to Level-4 or higher infectious diseases, illnesses or curses.

Light Affinity Level 6: Mana and Health recovery increases dramatically when exposed to Sunlight and Moonlight. Increases healing done to allies with the Light Affinity by 60%.

Holy Light Level 3: All healing spells cost 15% less, and healing done is increased by 30%, when exposed to Sunlight or Moonlight.]

Michael started laughing hysterically, then turned to the disgruntled worm-girl and explained “It’s because of Luck! When you stole the mana-core from me and took it on your own, you weren’t my Companion at the time, and so you had to rely on your own shitty three points of Luck. Hell, you’re probably what happens when a person fails at evolving! Hahahaha~, don’t worry, I still think you’re adorable…”

The little Shadow just sighed dramatically and said “Whatever, appearances aren’t important, all that matters is power; everything else is just a meaningless distraction. Not being able to see was the only problem that I had with this fucking body, otherwise it’s actually pretty damn useful. This tail can eat, shit, drink, and even be used as a weapon, so I’m thankful… not to you, you’re a cunt, but to Umbra.”

He snickered and told her “Well, your Goddess must really love you, cause if we had never met, you’d be zombie-food right about now. Plus, most people probably wouldn’t be able to put up with your bitchy attitude. Anyway, you can go back to sleep now, I’ll stay up and make sure that no slimes try to eat you.”

Sarah gazed into his glowing-red eyes and asked “What I still can’t understand… is what the fuck you’re gaining from this? It’s pretty obvious that you don’t actually need the two of us. If it’s about sex, then why the hell would you pick a Priestess, and someone like me?”

Michael reached down and picked up Elina and then easily carried her over to the cougar-pelt that she had been sleeping on before. Inari was playing around in the water as he replied “Hehe~, you’re so short-sighted. First of all, I wasn’t kidding when I said that I needed something to masturbate to, but I’m not a slut… I’ve only ever had one girlfriend, and that was a long time ago, so I consider myself a ‘Re-Virgin.’ That’s basically the point where a person can’t even remember what sex feels like anymore, and has given up on romantic relationships. Yeah, I know, pretty fucking depressing, right?

“Anyway, that’s not as important as the fact that you’re a stealthy melee DPS, and she’s an OP healing Priestess. Sure, at the moment, I can solo things relatively easily… Okay, I still die way too often, but that’s beside the point. In the future, I’ll probably end up mostly Tanking, though I can probably fill in for whatever were lacking at the time. The giant fox, I have no idea what she’s gonna be, but that isn’t really a big deal at the moment. You claim to crave power… Well, I’m planning on beating all the endgame content. Obviously, that means I’m gonna need a full group of rank-SSS, ridiculously high-leveled Companions, and hopefully it’s possible to become World Bosses.”

Hearing all of that, Sarah finally showed a surprised reaction. She glared at him with her completely pitch-black eyes and asked “Then what? After we become the most powerful beings in this world aside from the Goddesses, what the fuck do we do then?”

He took a deep breath, looked up at the Moon, and sighed dramatically. Then he told her “Who knows? Maybe they’ll make an expansion? We could probably re-roll somehow, or maybe there are other planets in this solar system that we can explore? Anyway, the most important thing in life, is to enjoy yourself. I can promise you this: Even if I live for an eternity, I’ll still find plenty of things to do.”

The worm-girl smirked and said “I have no fuckin clue what you’re talkin about, but whatever, I just ran out of shits to give. Here, take these… I don’t wanna end up filling my damn bag-space with mana-cores, and I sure as hell ain’t gonna be dumb enough to take another one of these. If you find a Darkness Affinity rank-E core, that’s a different story, but I’m just gonna train normally.”

Michael grabbed the single black and five white beads from her palm; then immediately used two of the rank-G, level-ten mana-cores to increase both of his Companions’ bag-slots by one. After that he sacrificed the Stealthy Boa-Constrictor’s core, and gave Sarah a third slot.

After that he was able to store the other three white beads into his fifth inventory-space. The slimy red-skinned Goblin-Woman smiled at the messages she received, but she didn’t thank him.

Sarah turned around and walked towards a massive vine-covered boulder, which was half submerged in the shallow water, and then ‘Shadow-Stepped’ onto it. When she sat down, her pitch-black eyes closed tightly, and an ominous darkness started cloaking her whole body.

It wasn’t a spell, but merely her aura leaking out slightly and polluting the pure mana that was in her surroundings. As Michael was about to open his mouth, she yelled “Don’t you fucking sing!”

He sighed and stored his blood-soaked kilt, boots and belt in his bag, before wading into the water and using a bar of orange soap to furiously scrub his entire body. By the time that he was finally done taking his ‘bath,’ Inari was laying on the riverbed, next to the sleeping cat-girl.

The tiger-pelt that he had placed down in the morning, was still coated with a thick layer of slime-juice, so he wasn’t planning on ever using that again. Michael decided to turn one of the other level-six Bengal Tiger corpses into a fur that he could lay on.

However, rather than placing it near the soaking wet, giant fox and the unconscious Priestess, he chose the spot closest to the ‘Meditating’ Bloodworm-Goblin. They were still separated by a few meters of height, and he was on the shore, while that boulder was sitting in the slightly deep water, but Sarah still opened her eyes to glare at him.

After smirking at her, he laid on his back, while withdrawing “Introduction to the Arcane Arts” and opening it. Then he grumbled “Nah, I need to masturbate first.” switching into his wisp-form and hovering over to the unconscious cat-girl.

The irritated ‘Shadow’ watched him for a few minutes, before closing her eyes again and making her filthy leather armor disappear into her inventory. Noticing that, Michael asked “Can you actually see my astral body?”

Sarah stared at the pitch-black orb that floated uncomfortably close to her, and told him “I’ve lived most of my life in a shitty village, filled with ugly-ass Goblin nudists… I honestly don’t care if you see me naked, but just, shut up! Stop talking to yourself, and let me fucking Meditate!”

As he listened to all the howling, chirping, cawing, roaring, and all kinds of other noises, he asked “Okay then… do you know any other yoga positions? Never-mind, I’ll just go inside of the boulder and look up from there.”

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