Chapter 68: New Tokyo

“Welp, that was fucking horrible! Oh hey, sorry about taking so long… I um, you really don’t wanna know. Also, it took me like ten minutes to figure out how to get the door to open.” Michael walked into the locker room, wearing a crimson robe, golden sandals and a white wedding band on his left ring finger. His face was effeminate, but still closer to that of a young Italian boy, than a Japanese woman.

Those crimson irises became maple brown rather swiftly and his wet, wavy black hair was all the way down to his waist. Cracking his neck back and forth, the Nephilim sighed dramatically. He muttered “It’s kinda annoying to maintain a ‘different’ appearance than this one, so I’m just gonna pass myself off as a random white kid. I assume that regardless of the ‘Tokyo’ in the name of this place… not everyone is Asian, right?”

Hiro stared at the boy and his robotic red eye carefully scanned the area around his body. When he saw the nanites that were ‘swarming’ around the child, he felt a surge of instinctual terror. Such a dense concentration should never have been possible, except when they were attacking or defending something. “Umm, if you’re trying not to stand out, there’s a much bigger problem than that… What did you do to those N-1’s? They normally look like well, tiny spheres, but now they’re closer to N-7’s.”

Michael frowned, complaining “Dafuck does that even mean? What’re ya looking at anyway? If you’re trying to see through my clothes, it probably isn’t possible… Wait, are you a shotacon?”

The cyborg sighed dramatically and explained “No, of course not! Ugh, look, you’re being surrounded by loads of nanites… like, way more than normal. Not only that, but they’re starting to ‘combine’ into complex shapes. Basically, they’re turning from single-celled organisms, into higher forms of non-organic life! Instead of little balls, they look like tiny bugs… I can see you don’t quite understand why that’s a problem. Well, I’m not the only person in New Tokyo who has a synthetic eye, or more than one. Even if you looked like a yeti, people would still just think ‘Oh, must be some guy in a costume.’ But if you had millions of nano-wasps swarming around your body all the time, they would instantly realize you’re some kinda monster! If you want to fit in, then you need to ‘hide’ them or do something about those N-7’s. Not only that, but you need to stop causing all of the nanites around you to mutate like that…”

Suddenly, Hiro felt as if he was suffocating to death. In fact, it was worse than just lacking oxygen; there was no air at all. With a casual thought, the Nephilim had sucked the whole room’s atmosphere into his inventory space.

Fortunately, before any significant damage could be done to his new friend, a gust of fresh air erupted from his left hand. Michael snickered, “Sorry bout that, but ya told me ta ‘get rid of them’ and since they were pretty much infesting this whole place-”

After coughing violently, Hiro yelled “They’re still there!” Once he calmed down a bit, he continued “They’re inside your body… so every time you exhale, thousands of them come out. You’ve become a ‘hive’ now. Ugh, I’ve seen some stuff similar to this, but my knowledge of nanotech really isn’t enough to figure this out… Hell, there are probably only a handful of people in the world who would know how to umm, ‘fix’ your problem. Unfortunately, all of those experts are Azriel’s lab assistants. Ah, what the?!”

Once Michael was able to ‘see’ those tiny ‘bugs’ floating around him and feel the ones crawling underneath his skin, he scowled. However, as soon as he thought “Stop acting weird you stupid little cunts!” a telepathic message was relayed into their AI and they reverted to their ‘normal’ programming. All of the insects broke apart into orbs and began ‘pretending’ as if they were the same as all of the other nanites. Of course, they still stayed relatively close to him, but it wasn’t dramatic enough for anyone to notice.

“Well, it’s fine now, right? Let’s go~, I wanna see what this ‘New Tokyo’ place is like!” With the little boy rushing him, Hiro quickly pulled his belt out of the locker and put it around his waist. There was a relatively small, nine-millimeter Glock handgun holstered on the right side and a decent amount of extra ammo clips being hung on the belt.

Instead of a typical police force, they had disciplinary drones, which could control nanites. If someone was caught trying to break the law, they would be ‘punished’ immediately. There were no trials or judiciary system, they simply carried out judgement on the spot, without ‘human’ interference or compassion. Of course, that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

If someone was caught jaywalking, they might receive a fine or a simple warning, depending on the severity. On the other hand, if someone tried to rob a store at gunpoint or threatened the lives of other civilians for ‘unlawful’ reasons, they would be summarily executed without remorse.

As Michael casually glanced at the gun, Hiro explained “Firearms and most other types of ‘weapons’ are prohibited for ordinary citizens, but since I’m a security officer, I get to carry one… Well, not in government buildings and a lot of stores have policies against it.”

The Nephilim snickered and muttered “Good ole human stupidity, hehehe~… Allowing themselves to be in a position of weakness, in order to maintain a false sense of safety and peace. Peace is always an illusion… Anyway~, it doesn’t really matter to me though.”

“Yeah, people are idiots… but it really is pretty nice here, compared to out there. Although, I guess that’s all kind of relative too, since some people prefer the constant battles and excitement. Actually, if it wasn’t for my sister and her girlfriend, I probably never would have come here in the first place.” The two of them walked over to the southern side of the locker room and used the two, steel, double-doors to go outside.

A gust of warm air rushed over them and Michael took a deep breath, glancing around at the massive orchard that surrounded them and smirking. They were growing everything from palms to maple trees, because it was practically a tropical environment. Since the rest of the world was infested with mana, they couldn’t even hunt monsters outside the walls for food. Thus, everything had to be farmed and created within the enormous barrier.

There was a small parking lot, made out of asphalt, but it wasn’t fenced in or partitioned from what was essentially a carefully spaced out forest. As they were walking over to an obnoxious orange jeep, which didn’t have doors, a roof or windows, a pink motorscooter suddenly parked next to them.

“Oh~! I’m surprised you’re still here Hiro~! I got the call like, an hour ago to come over and replace you… Aw~, who’s this little cutie-pie?! Wah~, so kawaii~!” What got off of the vehicle had the face of a young Japanese girl, but the body was almost entirely mechanical. Although she appeared robotic, she was actually just a very advanced cyborg. Within her head was an organic brain, though the skull was made out of a titanium alloy. Her hair was ‘real’, although it was actually just an expensive wig. The neck was basically just a metal spine, with wires and tubes wrapped around it, then there was a clear rubbery material, being used in place of skin.

She was wearing nothing but light-blue booty-shorts and a black sports bra, so nearly her entire body was visible. There were no veins, because nanites were responsible for supplying her brain with oxygen. Everything else was synthetic, but she was certainly ‘shaped’ like a human girl, in the sense that she had black carbon nanofibers that acted like muscles and tendons, while her bones were shiny and silver. As for organs, there were some, but they were more like motors, gears, hydraulic pumps and batteries.

Michael gasped and realized something incredibly important: “Holy shitballs, I totally forgot! None of us are robots?!” He didn’t say it out loud, but the six girls in his mind could definitely hear his shocked voice.

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