Hardcore OP-ness Art

I’ve been putting this off for a really long time… mainly because I can’t really decide on what I want lol.  However, I’m making this post so that you guys(the readers) can help me choose.

Anything from cover art, to arc art, I want your opinions.  Just write a comment, suggesting what you want or think I should do.

For example, in Arc 1, Michael and Inari are pretty much the only characters lol.  Sarah makes a brief appearance, but it’s hard to tell if she’s just a random trash mob or someone of actual importance.  Thus, a picture of an adorable Fennec Fox brutally ripping apart a rabbit carcass, could pass as an acceptable picture for Arc 1 lol.  Either that or a picture of a bunch of blood-soaked rabbits devouring a human corpse roflmao.

Anyway, just write whatever comes to mind and once there are a decent amount of ideas, I’ll make some polls and have you guys vote on which ones you like the best.

12 thoughts on “Hardcore OP-ness Art

  1. Hmm seeing the house being abandoned, mike playing go fish with arcana, mike as a wisp looking down into sarahs shitty hut

    there are a lot of thing wich would be a good pic lol

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  2. Obligatory rant about how different the main cast is from our image “this illustration is horrible, this is not mai waifu” and then 2 more paragraph of weird delusional comment about how her “inner beauty” that cant possibly be expressed on a 2D medium

    Easy way out: leave out the hair and face or just background scenery and weapon art


    Hard way out: kidnap hayao miyazaki

    And also… Killer bunny!

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