Chapter 58: A Reunion of Souls

Michael smiled at the beautiful cat-girl and asked “Anyway~, we should probably head over to the other rooms and try to find the rest of our harem, huh? Well, unless you wanna stay here for a while and play with the pretty flowers?”

She furrowed her brows and pouted, “Can you please take us out of this horrible place?” He shrugged and continued walking across the slimy floor with his bare feet, then finally reached a ‘door’, which appeared much more like a giant sphincter.

Elina grumbled “Ew~, no~, why do I have to go inside of there?!” as he struggled to push her body through. Once she yelped and was sucked into the enormous anus, he followed closely behind.

On the other side, there was a relatively ‘normal’ square hallway, with a stairwell in the center. To the left was a mysterious glass door and to the right was a colossal boulder within what seemed to be a cave entrance.

Michael gently placed his ‘wife’ onto the wooden floor as she asked “Doesn’t this seem a little ‘different’ from how it actually was? It’s kind of hard for me to remember… you know, cause it’s been years and we didn’t really spend that much time in our house?”

They walked around the stairwell and reached a pair of glowing dove-like wings, which swiftly retracted and revealed a rectangular golden door. The two of them placed their palms onto the flat piece of metal and were instantly teleported inside.

“Ah, wait, why the fuck did we come in here? This is ‘your’ place…” Once they arrived in the small white bedroom, the Nephilim realized how unnecessary it was for them to be there. However, they noticed that it wasn’t a total waste of time and energy.

Elina yelled “Ah! That, is this where all my stuff is stored!?” There was a book shelf on the wall, holding ‘The Teachings of Lux’ and several unfamiliar novels. A metal ‘battlestaff’ was stuck to the ceiling and shining like a florescent light. Then there was a huge fluffy bed, along with hundreds of colorful pillows and a few interesting ‘marital aids’.

After they looked around for a few minutes, the two of them nonchalantly used a floating cubic device to teleport into the first floor of their ‘house’. As they glanced around the living room, Michael immediately yelled “Holy fucking cuntmonkeys! This thing! I can’t even remember bringing this goddamn doomsday device with me!”

A gorgeous crystalline piano was resting in the corner of the room and across from it was an angelic harp, which was being played by a blonde-haired, green-eyed, extremely tall elven woman. Talia wore a yellow and white sundress, which was fairly loose and comfortable; there was a jade hairpin stuck through the knot in her ponytail. She also had a necklace, an emerald wedding ring, a flower-like bracelet on her left hand and her feet were covered by thin green, silken socks.

“Indeed, not only did you take this disastrous weapon of mass destruction with you… Alice has informed me that she decided to bring along a whole arsenal of terrible poisons and pathogens that she concocted ‘accidentally’. It is no surprise that your world has already fallen into ruin… Then there is that little devil and the tiny monster… ah!” As the High-Elf was complaining, Elina suddenly sprinted over and tackled her.

Hugging her ‘Companion’ tightly, the angelic woman had tears in her eyes as she shouted “Tali~! I had almost forgotten how amazing your scent is~! Ah~, I’m so sorry that I wasn’t able to be with you for all those years you had to spend alone~!”

Michael snickered, walking over and picking the two of them off of the ground. He pressed them against his chest and murmured “Even though it’s only been a few days for me… I still feel like I haven’t seen the two of you for an entire lifetime. I’m sorry for being away for so long… I love you both with two sevenths of my heart and soul.”

Talia sighed dramatically, hugging them back and muttering “Does that not mean that you reserved another seventh for someone else?”

He thought about it for a moment and shrugged, “I mean, I think I meant to say sixth, but seventh sounded cooler? Well, I guess technically, there’s my parents, brother, other miscellaneous family members, friends, ah, I think we have kids too? Yeah, I think my heart and soul is probably a bit bigger than I first anticipated… The point is that I love the two of you, so there’s no point in getting into finer details than that. Otherwise, it’ll definitely get too complicated and annoying. We have sex together, our souls are literally connected and merged, plus, we’ve all killed loads of people… That’s basically the most important part of a relationship anyway, right?”

Elina asked “Where’s JJ at? Jasmine~, are you here somewhere?!” She stopped embracing her husband and ‘wife’, before running over to the kitchen area. It was there that she found another one of her Companions.

There was a bronze-skinned elf-eared girl, with long, curly, fiery crimson locks and bright-red, serpentine eyes. Alice was holding a goblet in her right hand and casually drinking a pungent, foamy alcoholic beverage. The yellow liquid greatly resembled ‘beer’, though it was likely not quite that simple or ‘safe’.

“Oh hey~, I was wondering when you guys would finally show up… Do you want some ‘Hellfire Champagne’? It’s pretty good, but I’m kinda regretting using so much demon-pepper juice…” Even as she complained about it, she continued to guzzle down the dangerously spicy liquid.

The angelic woman immediately lunged forward and tightly embraced the red-robed Earth Fairy. However, the moment that Elina shoved her tongue past those scarlet lips, her eyes opened wide and she screamed “Ah~! What is that horrible agh~?! Ugh, so hot! Michael~, save me~! Ack~!?”

Her cheeks, nose and throat began glowing bright-yellow, as her golden blood rushed to her face. Silver foam bubbled out of her mouth, while her entire body felt as if it was literally on fire. She couldn’t help but use her fingernails to tear her own skin off, writhing on the ground and crying incessantly.

“Um, yeah, you aren’t dying, so stop freaking out… Hell, you aren’t even in a corporeal form! Relax~, you’re just having a panic attack… A really goddamn dramatic one.” Michael lifted the cat-girl off of the ground and laid her across the long wooden table. Her huge fluffy wings were constantly spasming, so he needed to tightly hold her down.

Alice snickered, “I had almost forgotten how funny Elina was… but yeah, you’re overreacting. This is a Soul Realm, remember? Whatever you ‘think’ will happen, does; so if you weren’t such a hypochondriac, then you would be totally fine right now.”

The Nephilim telekinetically removed the strange foam and then began kissing her passionately. His relatively large hands gently caressed her neck, chest and eventually her disproportionately small belly.

When Talia entered the room, she casually sat down at the end of the table and reached her incredibly long arms out. Her fingers dexterously fondled Elina’s feet, calves and she didn’t stop until she reached the inner thighs.

Alice was sitting across from where Michael was standing, so it was relatively easy for her to grope the panicking cat-girl. However, once the busty kitten was suitably aroused and distracted, she instinctively grabbed the Nephilim’s erection.

While stroking the inflated hunk of flesh, she also molested the barely covered, perky right breast of the gorgeous Earth Fairy. Eventually, Talia began directly inserting her ‘long’ fingers into the two pulsating angelic openings.

If Elina’s mouth wasn’t being penetrated by Michael’s tongue, she would have been moaning and purring incessantly. Her extremely skinny belly trembled uncontrollably, as she lifted her buttocks off of the table and thrust her pelvis into the air. A mercurial fluid sprayed from her urethra, splashing into the High-Elf’s eyes, mouth, and drenching her sundress; it seemed like she had a gallon of silver paint dumped onto her face and chest.

Talia sighed, using her slimy fingers to wipe the goo away and then glared at Alice. The bronze-skinned woman was laughing hysterically, as she asked “Why don’t you let me lick it-”

“Silence! I can remove this filth without your disgusting ‘assistance’!” As she shouted, the Huntress was engulfed in a violent and thick grey cloud for a moment and when it vanished, she was totally ‘clean’. Unfortunately, her dress was totally ruined, but what they were about to do, was a bit more ‘efficient’ without any clothing on either way.

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