HCOP Book 2, Chapter 96: The Hard Way

Author’s Note

After writing “Chaotica’s Coliseum” I kinda felt conflicted while editing/reading this chapter… Also, if you read any of “The Dao of Eros”, then you might have some ‘insights’ into various characters. Anyway, here’s a fighting song that I think is kind of appropriate lol. Well, it’s a playlist, so there’s like 143 other songs on there too.


As she soared over to the giant and punched him in the chest, Iris roared “I might not have cataclysmic queefs, but I can definitely beat the shit outta your ass!”

Michael flipped around dozens of times, attempting to reorient himself. However, she just swooped down and stomped onto his back, sending the demonic man flailing helplessly towards the ground. It didn’t take long for him to smash into a gigantic purple humanoid treant.

The enormous wooden man exploded into millions of splinters, which rained down upon the nearby colossal worms and maggots. A massive scarlet orb appeared in Iris’ left hand and swiftly transformed into hundreds of fiery serpents, which bathed the entire forest with hellfire.

“That’s probably gonna be really hard, cause I don’t actually shit anymore!” A three-meter tall man appeared behind the six-winged angel. The moment she turned around, a huge golden heel smacked into the top of her helmet.

There was an explosion, yet Iris was only forced downwards a few feet, while Michael was thrown hundreds of meters up into the sky. She screamed “I’ve been waiting for this day for a long fucking time!” A magical crimson staff appeared in her right hand, as she clenched her left fist and caused the man’s body to be totally locked in place.

He struggled to break free of her control, but he was stuck facing up towards Luna. Although he was relatively helpless, he was still able to bring both of his bronze claws over to defend his face.

“Shitballs!” The moment he shouted, there was a blinding flash on one of the Moon’s largest mountains. It required ten seconds for a small black bullet to pierce through the atmosphere and smash into the backs of his gauntlets. There was practically no resistance, as they were obliterated, along with his head.

Fortunately, he had plenty of time to move his mana-cores from his brain, all the way to his abdomen. In fact, the tiny beads were constantly moving around and never stayed in the same place for very long. It would be impossible for more ‘stable’ bodies to accomplish, but with Inari and Jasmine combined into the mix, it wasn’t too difficult for him to perform such a simple survival tactic.

His giant body exploded into pink sludge and reassembled itself into a six-foot tall man. It was his usual and most familiar Nephilim form, without any parts belonging to his six Companions. He muttered “Oh shit, that can’t be good…” Although he was still relatively powerful, there was a massive difference in physical capabilities.

While he appeared similar to a human on the outside, he still had an extra heart in his abdomen, along with back-ups of various other vital organs. Not only that, but because of Jasmine’s ‘Slime-Body’ Passive, his liquid brain was constantly flowing around throughout his veins, arteries and capillaries. Every muscle and bone was incredibly durable; the only reason why he was so helpless, was because his enemies were even stronger.

Iris grumbled “Damn it! Trixie, I told you that I’d kill him on my own! Ugh, now those assholes are gonna come over here and start shit!” Then she yelled “Hey Mike, can ya do me a favor and die faster?! Trust me, you definitely don’t wanna be alive when my daughter gets here!”

“Yeah~, I’m gonna pass on that and make a counteroffer… Why don’t you give me your mana-core to play with?”

Michael’s naked body was swiftly covered by a glowing white t-shirt and jeans. Then his arms were coated with bronze, while his feet looked like they belonged to a golden dragon. His legs and groin were protected by ivory armor plating, as his chest, abdomen and back were encased in a milky rubber-like material. A mercurial liquid erupted from his nostrils, ears, eyes and mouth, which transformed into the shape of a silver helmet that mostly defended the back of his head. He coughed out a shadowy smog, that almost instantly turned into an obsidian skull-mask.

When the last piece of ‘armor’ was equipped, the space around the Nephilim and fiery angel seemed to warp and twist. A deafening voice emerged from the void that surrounded them.

“I am the devourer of worlds, the illusion of fate, the creator of Karma, and the Guardian of Arcana. Death is ephemeral, life is eternal; seek damnation and receive salvation. Who is like God? Do not trust what you cannot believe. Seven is the key to Heavenly Hell; Nine leads to the Hellish Heaven. The truth lies in contradictory agreement. I love you… Iris.”

Michael asked “Umm, so yeah, do you have any fucking clue what any of that means? Also, why is my cape in love with you?”

Iris grinded her teeth, glaring at the enormous and sinister cat-like crimson eyes that were floating in the darkness behind the Nephilim’s back. When he turned around, he was unable to see anything there, but his enemy seemed to totally ignore him and roared “You bastard! No, this isn’t real! Shit, I’m trapped in an illusion!”

The disembodied voice bellowed “You cannot escape from fate! No matter how much you hate me… hate yourself, we are what we are! Your resistance is meaningless!”

She screamed “No! You don’t exist! You’re just something conjured from my nightmares! This whole fucking illusion can’t hurt me Mike! Didn’t you know that illusion magic is my specialty?! Hahahaha~! After I break outta this hellhole, I’m gonna make you regret doing this to me! Don’t worry, I won’t kill ya! I’m just gonna give you to my daughter to play with!”

However, when she tried to soar over to the Nephilim, he suddenly vanished into the darkness. As she frantically glanced around the void, that ominous ‘entity’ whispered “Iris… this isn’t something that you can fight. Why are you so afraid of us? Just trust me, okay? I’m your closest friend… I’m the only one who truly knows who and what you are. Please just come with me, there’s nothing left for you here. You’ll see everyone else again… eventually. You need to leave that body now though. It was a trap… Your soul has been sealed inside of there. Unless you want Karma to get her hands on you again, you need to come back to us now.”

“Fuck you! Grah~! Lying piece of shit! Michael~! You can’t hide from me~!” Iris’ fiery aura exploded outwards, revealing the Nephilim that was floating to her left. He was holding a longsword in his right hand and a gladius in his left. Both weapons were stabbing towards her face at the same time, but she swung her staff out and parried the vicious sneak-attack.

Obsidian chains erupted from the darkness, wrapping around her wrists, forearms, shoulders, chest, neck, waist, ankles and thighs. Michael yelled “Yeah, I suck at sneaky shit! Now just die already, for fuck’s sake!” He teleported behind her back and swiftly hacked off all six of those fiery red angelic wings.

“Ow! You think I need those?!” She immediately turned around and stabbed the bottom of her staff straight through his chest. However, that only made her constraints grow tighter and she was quickly locked into place.

No matter how hard she tried to move, those chains just ate away at her aura and even started to freeze her skin. Michael snickered, shouting “Sarah, keep up the good work! Hmm, actually, Inari, you should help her out a bit too!”

Dozens of green vines emerged from the void and burrowed deeply into the fresh wounds on Iris’ back. Then he muttered “Elly, I could use a little help as well…” He grabbed the crimson pole and pushed himself away, but before any blood could spill from his gaping wound, a bright golden light engulfed his entire body. Once the radiance died down, his armor and injury had been totally reconstructed.

That ominous voice growled “Iris! Enough fucking around! I won’t let you screw the rest of us over! You’re coming back, whether you want to or not! After all the horrible shit you did to me, you don’t deserve to be free!”

She screamed “Shut up! Shut the fuck up~! Get outta my head!” Her eyes literally transformed into two tiny bright-green stars and six new wings burst out of her back, instantaneously disintegrating those vines. The ruby on the end of her staff melted and reformed into the shape of a long and curved crimson blade. Her helmet disappeared and her fiery red hair started spreading out in every direction.

Iris used her fingers to twirl the naginata and broke apart some of the chains that were binding her, before releasing a massive wave of fiery scarlet mana. Michael was blasted hundreds of meters away, as the strange illusory influence of his cape was actually broken.

There were two colossal jet-black wings attached to the Nephilim’s back, which were covered with a beautiful and terrifying starscape. All of the mana within a thousand miles of his body was being rapidly pulled towards the center of his chest.

He sighed dramatically as the furious angel was soaring over and about to impale him again. Then he asked “Are you really gonna make me do this the hard way? Or maybe I should say the really gross and deeply disturbing way?”

“Die!” The naginata plunged into his lower abdomen, missing his rapidly moving mana-cores by less than a millimeter. Michael opened the skull-mask’s obsidian teeth and a putrid smog emerged, which subsequently transformed into a Spectral Raven. Sarah actually managed to dive directly inside of Iris’ mouth.

Immediately after that, the Nephilim also vomited out a tiny blue ball of fluff. The adorable kitten yelled “Nyahahahaha~! JJ~ Super-Duper Awesomesauce Cataclysmic Chilly Meow Meow Explosion~!”


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