Chapter 56: Be Careful What You Eat

“He’s a fucking monster! Hit him with an RPG! He’s wearing some kinda armor, so aim for his head!” The fat man was barking out orders, while continuing to fire shotgun slugs at Michael’s body, but his accuracy was rather low.

That woman retreated to the side of the tank and fired fully automatic at the slowly approaching Nephilim. Meanwhile, someone crawled out of the vehicle, pulled their mask off and started vomiting blood all over the ground.

Michael sighed dramatically, put away the ‘Whisper Booster’ and complained “Ugh, seriously, that actually kinda hurts! You’re all gonna die, even if I don’t do anything myself. Still, you might as well let me earn some spare change in the process, right? Hehehe~…”

Sadly enough, ‘he’ was actually the ‘good-guy’ in this particular situation. However, it was difficult to hear the people screaming inside of that trucking container, since there were so many loud gunshots and constant yelling outside.

When the Nephilim was within ten feet of the fat man, a pitch-black wakizashi appeared in his right hand and he smiled, “Nick Sabitoni, you’re under arrest… Hahaha~, just kidding~! Now stay still so I can cut the money out of your blubbery head!”

That shotgun was yanked away by some mysterious force and sucked into Michael’s left palm, before he lunged forward and unceremoniously decapitated the portly man. A terrifyingly putrid stench wafted from the corpse, as it rapidly deteriorated and melted into a puddle of obsidian sludge.

Fortunately, he was able to snatch the silver coin from Nick’s rotting brain, by only using a bit of Telekinesis. He laughed hysterically, even as bullets were bouncing off of his metallic shoulders and arms, “How the fuck did I go the first twenty-three years of my life without magic?”

After that, he placed his left palm onto the empty tank’s wreckage, asking “Hey, Ally, how much ‘mana’ do you think this thing is worth? I’m not sure if it would be better to ‘store’ it, or just ‘recycle’ the piece of shit…” Even if the damage to the exterior was quite extensive, the interior was intact, so a lot of the parts could still be used.

“Um~, I don’t know Mike~… Why don’t you just store it for now or better yet, send it over to Jasmine, hehe~.” That raspy feminine voice reverberated through his mind and caused him to temporarily feel slightly tipsy, but a moment later, he started coughing violently as if he had just inhaled a puff of toxic fumes.

He used his arms to protect his head from the onslaught of bullets, while trying to regain his composure. Eventually, he reached out and that huge tank instantly vanished into thin air. Unfortunately, that meant the other tank’s cannon was easily able to fire an artillery round, which passed straight through the center of his chest and exploded on the asphalt behind him.

Michael couldn’t even scream in pain, as he was launched through the air and became impaled on the barrel of that giant black vehicle. The Nephilim’s blood oozed out all over the thick steel plating, but it wasn’t crimson. That strange pink liquid congealed and eventually transformed into the shape of an adorable, three-foot tall, naked cat-girl.

“Nyahahaha~! It is I~, the super-OP JJ~! Hero of justice, defender of umm justice, savior of… Meow~, stop shooting so much~, I’m trying to give my awesome speech~! Wah~, Mikey~, they’re being mean and trying to murder me~!” Since the man seemed pretty dead, everyone focused their attention on the little monster who had seemingly spawned from his corpse.

Even though there were bullets hitting her, they just passed straight through her abdomen and chest. She didn’t even feel any pain as a large hole was opened up on her forehead and the back of her skull; her liquid brain only splattered out a few meters, before being sucked back into her body.

Suddenly, the tank disappeared and Michael plopped down, face-first, onto the ground. The cat-girl landed in the hole on his back and melted down onto a bright-pink blob of goo; within moments, the enormous gaping wound had vanished and was replaced by new flesh, blood, bone and internal organs.

After that, he coughed violently and glared at the woman who had finally ran out of bullets to fire at him. Next to her was a fairly tall and lanky man, wearing a totally black outfit, with a gas mask covering his face. He had a small SMG, but it was also out of ammo, so the two of them could only helplessly stare at the seemingly ‘immortal’ demon.

Michael’s fiery robe swiftly regenerated itself and continued to cover his chest and back again. He glanced over at the person who was crawling across the ground and trying to escape into the woods; without even bothering to kill him first, the Nephilim reached out with his left hand and telekinetically ‘retrieved’ the copper coin that was hidden in the dying man’s brain.

“Wait, stop, please, agh~?!” That woman screamed in horror as tiny piece of metal erupted from her bulletproof vest, flying off into the outstretched bronze claw. Immediately afterwards, the last remaining person’s head exploded and a few copper coins escaped from the gory mess.

Once he placed all of the mana-coins into his inventory, Michael started walking towards that overturned truck. When he heard the screaming and shouting from inside of the container, he frowned, muttering “Are they innocent bystanders or random monsters? Welp, only one way to find out…”

Suddenly, he felt a horrible pain shooting down his spine and he fell down onto his knees. The red robe vanished in a fiery explosion, as it transformed into a crimson orb at the center of his chest, then faded into his flesh. His gauntlets and boots subsequently disappeared as well, and he let out a deep, incredibly loud roar, that reverberated for dozens of miles in every direction.


As he fell down onto the mud and lost consciousness, his soul appeared inside of a large white cubic room. There were a myriad of ‘items’ in that place, which he had so casually stored: the broken tank, a few dozen guns, and plenty of ammo.

However, what he didn’t realize, was that if he placed a fully functional tank, along with the crew inside who could operate it, into his inventory… they could fire the cannon into the walls. He screamed “You fucking assholes! Cut that shit out!” as a shell exploded against the blackened barrier behind his wisp.

It felt similar to a migraine, except the damage wasn’t physical, so he couldn’t just take some painkillers to get over it. Thus, that obsidian orb transformed into a four-meter tall, demonic man, with horns coming out of his temples, a huge serpentine tail whipping around his back and glowing crimson, snake-like eyes.

He roared “Cunt-bitch-whore-cock-grah?!” and grabbed the cannon with both hands. Since he was technically inside of his own Soul Realm, it was easy for him to create a physical avatar. However, when he was about to just throw the entire tank across the room, he realized that it would probably hurt just as bad as the artillery shells. There was also the fact that it was still a perfectly functional vehicle and he didn’t want to totally trash it if he didn’t need to.

His shape immediately transformed into what was essentially just a thick and toxic mist, which seeped inside of the tank and directly entered into the lungs of all five people who were in there. Their gas-masks and rebreathers were unable to stop the acidic and corrosive cloud of chaotic death.

Once he was finished dealing with that mild internal issue, the naked man pushed himself off of the ground and groaned in agony. He could immediately tell that Alice and Jasmine were no longer in his subconscious and had returned to their own mana-cores.

“Ow~, so basically, the moral of this story, is to be careful what you suck into a mysterious extra-dimensional space within the weird crystal-ball inside of your brainbox, right?” However, when he glanced around a bit, he couldn’t find that truck anywhere. In fact, he couldn’t see anything but ice and snow in every direction.

Michael grimaced, grumbling “No, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me… Ugh~, why?!” He took out his ‘Whisper Booster’ and attempted to inject some mana into it, but failed. Then he finally noticed that his entire body was numb and starting to turn blue from the absurdly cold temperature. After putting it away, he tried to take out one of his many pieces of magical equipment that would have easily remedied the situation. Unfortunately, he couldn’t gather up enough mana to summon them.

Then he glanced up at the sky and saw trillions of beautiful glowing dots, “Oh you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me! I’ve seen this before! No~, why here?! Why the fuck did I have to come here?!” There was something that looked like an enormous dark cloud; it wasn’t in the atmosphere, but behind the distant stars. It was an arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, which was visible from plenty of places around the planet.

He shouted “I’m either in Alaska, Antarctica, Greenland, Siberia, Canada… Actually, now that I think about it, I have no idea where I am?! It’s just goddamn freezing and I don’t know where to go~! Grah!”

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  1. “Suddenly, he felt a horrible pain shooting down his spine and “a” he fell down onto his knees.” Should be “As” right? Since that sentence looks broken AF with a random “A” in there!

    Don’t stuff random enemies inside of your trans-dimensional mana-core based storage! It can have bad effects! Wonder where the fuck he teleported to now… I swear, Arcana controls the teleports and does it on purpose! Probably to put him near a legacy holder, but still! She has to do this on purpose and get a kick outta it! She always enjoys terrorizing him in her own world anyway…

    Thanks for the chapter~

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